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Telltale’s Walking Dead Will Follow Comic Timeline

Image Comics ' smash-hit zombie-apocalypse themed comic-book series The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman goes on a few details about its video game adaptation from Telltale . As he opened up about where the Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is going, he disclosed that the upcoming Season 3 from the developer studio will be running on the same parallel with the current timeline of the comic-book. He said, “ Books that are coming out now are roughly in the same timeframe that season three will be in ”. Telltale’s Walking Dead To Follow Comic Timeline With that being teased, chances are, a few character may even show up straight outta comic-book pages at some point to interact with the characters of the game. Since the recent Telltale release, The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series did so by showing up a few familiar faces, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier may do the same. And that is sure a good news for the fans of Walking Dead universe. While explaining a lo