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Netflix’s Castlevania Gets Retro International Poster

Castlevania is best known as the long-running fan-favorite computer game series of fantasy horror genre that initially started in 1986 and then new installments keep popping up from since. Now this is no news that Netflix is working on a Castlevania anime adaptation for TV and they already dropped a teaser trailer a while ago. RELATED: Netflix’s Castlevania Teaser Trailer Recently, in preparation for this upcoming TV show, Netflix have just dropped a retro-styled international poster for the series, which might give you some nostalgia from the game's early days on consoles. Netflix’s Castlevania International Poster In this first-ever international poster of Netflix ’s Castlevania series, we see a whip-wielding protagonist of Belmont standing tall opposite to the haunted castle and the primary antagonist looming over in the dark red sky of the background. The name of the hero is still to be revealed and as this is Castlevania series, it is safe to assume that Drac

Netflix’s Castlevania Teaser Trailer

Earlier this year on February, without formalities streaming service Netflix simply declared that they are taking a shot at Konami 's action-adventure horror game Castlevania , adapting it into an animated TV series. Recently, they have just released the teaser trailer for Castlevania series that bears a retro vibe. Castlevania – Vengeance Teaser While the trailer itself is only under a minute, it draws a decent image of what we are about to get from the series, which will give fans a feeling of what truly matters to the show. On the off chance that the trailer is any sign, there will be blood, gore and epic confrontation all that you'd expect from an anime that is based on the theme of vampire legends. The teaser starts with a person inserting a Castlevania cartridge into an old NES console and then the Netflix logo shows up on screen in a simple 8-bit style. In a very quick montage, the clip shows us Dracula's reign of terror, blood-spilling, Trevor Be

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Trailer

The last game of the Middle-Earth series was Shadow of Mordor from developer Monolith Productions and that was three years ago. Now the studio brings us an action role-playing sequel that follows the previous game of the series. Back in February, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was announced and it is quite an improvement on its predecessor. Whereas Shadow of Mordor was more of a hack and slash, Shadow of War focuses on the role-playing aspects. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Trailer A brand-new trailer of Shadow of War from Warner Bros. is released recently that offers us brief glimpse at the open world gameplay system of the game. The clip above from Shadow of War shows protagonist Talion, merged with the spirit of elf lord Celebrimbor, exploring places like Cirith Ungol and Seregost as part of the gameplay. Also there are locations that we have never seen before in any of the Lord of the Rings franchise. The game improvises on the "Nemesis System"

The Witcher Is Coming to Netflix

Ever since online streaming-service Netflix has ventured into television production and started working with big leagues like Marvel Studios , they gave the fans popular shows like Daredevil , Defenders , Iron Fist , Jessica Jones and Luke Cage . Beside those, Netflix have also produced a couple of other hit originals like House of Cards , Narcos and Orange is the New Black . A while ago, they have announced debuting Castlevania series as one of their upcoming projects. Looks like fan-favorite action role-playing video game The Witcher is next on their list. The Witcher Is Coming to Netflix Yes, this is no rumor that Netflix has really begun developing a television series based on The Witcher . Since, Netflix is quite a big-deal on entertainment media these days, it is only natural that this massively popular video game adaptation should be on their fold. The series will be mostly based on the fictional books of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, rather than the works o

Play The Division For Free This Weekend

If you are a good ol' fan of Tom Clancy 's espionage style of video games, then you know by now that, what we are talking about. Even if you are not his fan, you still might have heard of The Division , right? Anyways, developer studio Ubisoft has been feeling pretty generous this week and so, they are offering a free weekend from May 4, Thursday to May 7, Sunday for you to try out the standard edition version of Tom Clancy's The Division . The Division Is Free This Weekend Whether you were thinking of getting the game for yourself previously or were dubious about how it would turn out to be, here is your chance to decide after having the free trial. You could play until you reach to level 8 or 6 hours of game time, which was the past stretch of their free trial offer but current offer gives you access to the whole game and it will be available on platforms like Windows PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . However, the beginning and the end of the trial time period

Darksiders 3 Announcement Trailer

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have finally announced Darksiders III a day after it was leaked via Amazon listing. After many gaming sites have started digging for a day on Darksiders III  leak news according to an Amazon Listing , publisher studio THQ Nordic has finally decided to let the cat out officially and BANG! Now, here comes the Darksiders III  announcement trailer for the eagerly anticipating fans all over the world. So, with that scoop turning out to be true, it is safe to say that the third installment of THQ 's one of the most popular franchise of hack and slash action-adventure game  Darksiders  is officially on the horizon. Darksiders III Announcement Trailer RELATED: Darksiders III Leaked Have you seen the trailer yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? Christmas? Let's have a quick look at it before we try to discuss what little we actually know about the upcoming Darksiders III game. RELATED:  Darksiders Remastered Still On for Wii U

Darksiders 3 Leaked

A  product listing on  Amazon have accidentally leaked the reveal of Darksiders III from THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games. The ever so keen-eyes of the geeky fans of the franchises and scoop hunting online journalists barely let anything pass from their sight. As a result, we get leaked news of upcoming games and news related to them in advance. After the Marketing Material Leak for Call of Duty: WW2 a while ago, the third and latest installment of a THQ Nordic video game series is next. Following the insane popularity of Darksiders and Darksiders II , here comes the Darksiders III . Darksiders III Leaked RELATED: Darksiders III Gameplay Reveal Through an Amazon Listing  of PS 4 platform for the third game of an action role-playing hack and slash genre, it is leaked to us that Darksiders III in fact is a reality and will be upon us in 2018 according to the same listing on  Windows PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . After playing with War and Death of the Four Horsemen of