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Patapon Remastered Is Out On PlayStation 4

A PSP original that conquered countless hearts and came out nearly a decade ago, rhythm-based action game Patapon is headed towards PlayStation 4 today. After gaining a tremendous fan-following and two sequels along with a few flash games based on the franchise, it was about time, Patapon sees the light on popular platforms like PS4. So, the tiny-little Patapon tribe has gotten the 4K graphical treatment and is now officially remastered.

patapon remastered ps4
Patapon Remastered On PlayStation 4

Watch Shuhei Yoshida talks about Patapon Remastered on PS4 with some demo gameplay footage at E3 2017.

In an Interview with the game's producer Hiroyuki Kotani and sound designer Kemmei Adachi gave an exploring experience into the world of Patapon's musical territory.

It all begins when Hiroyuki Kotani saw a character design by French artist Rolito at the office of Interlink Planning that immediately stuck into his mind. The simplicity of the design and their characteristics instantly had Kotani convinced that these little fellows have the potential for something big! So, he proposed for a proposed a war strategy game to development house Pyramid, who were making some truly outstanding games back then at the time of PSP launch. They liked his idea and they all got on board for the game.

hiroyuki kotani and kemmei adachi
Hiroyuki Kotani (left) and Kemmei Adachi (right)

As he was always a fan of picture books, he wanted to create something fairy tale-esque for a long time and Patapon was his first ever project that was conceived by him from scratch. The development crews will make drafts for the characters that were finalized right after Rolito green lit them. The name “Patapon” for the little eyeball guys were also suggested by the artist in a list that he sent to Kotani.

patapon™remastered gameplay
Pata, Pata, Pata, Pon!

Fortunately Kemmei Adachi was involved in the project with Kotani almost from the beginning, who played a vital role in the game development as sound was one of the essential aspect of the game. Adachi tried a lot of sounds and noises matching with button pressing and the entire experience was quite fun. They had a lot of ideas and inputs from the entire team that finally made the game into what it is today.

hiroyuki kotani patapon ps4
Kotani and Adachi with Patapon Remastered

Patapon almost became one of the nearly forgotten games on PSP and it was seriously a high-time for Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the remastered edition on PS4 to make it see the light again as a rhythm RPG of its own rights. In case if you were thinking of buying Patapon Remastered, you can get the game at PlayStation Store for $19.60 only and if you prefer a hard copy, then you will have to wait until 21st September, 2017 and get it for $28.90 only. Hopefully, the game will be able to retain its throne and reclaim a new province into the minds of today's new fan-base.