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Guerrilla Games May Have Teased Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

A deleted Tweet seemingly confirms that Guerrilla Games is working on PS5-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

A possible sequel for 2017 open-world action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn from developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment being in works has been teased earlier by a voice actor and a job listing.

A now-deleted post (image posted on Reddit) for a job listing from official Twitter account of Guerrilla Games clearly suggests that a sequel to Horizon is currently in development, which is likely to launch as a PlayStation 5-exclusive title.

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Guerrilla Games May Have Teased Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

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After posting for a Senior AI Programmer job opening on Twitter with link to their site, Guerrilla Games were quick to delete it. That said Tweet having a #PS5 hashtag probably hints to a possible next-gen release, Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

HZD is one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games that have sold over 10 million copies by February 2019. It was praised by critics and fans for story premise of single-player campaign, gameplay mechanics and impressive visuals.

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A screenshot for deleted Tweet of Guerrilla Games has been posted afterwards on Reddit by user Justlava.

[Screenshot] Guerrilla Games tweeted out a job post with the #PS5 hashtag before deleting and re-tweeting anew, suggesting again that Horizon 2 will be a next-gen only game from r/PS5

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Sony has already announced to release their next-gen console this holiday season that has yet to reveal its launch titles. Guerrilla Games being one of their first-party studios, everyone was looking up to them following their recent success.

Whatever recent evidence may suggest to, Guerrilla Games has yet to confirm if they are working on a new game that will be an exclusive for upcoming PS5 after all and whether a sequel to HZD is truly titled Horizon Zero Dawn 2.