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Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay Overview

Ubisoft offers first-look at Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay at recent UbiForward event, coming on October 29.

After being delayed for an indefinite period last year, upcoming open-world hacking adventure game Watch Dogs: Legion from developer/publisher Ubisoft has now been revealed to release on October 29, 2020 as a cross-gen title.

Featured during today's Ubisoft Forward digital event, Ubisoft kicks off with an animated short film, directed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse art director and showcased an overview video detailing gameplay aspects of Legion.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay Overview

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Watch Dogs: Legion short film titled "Tipping Point" is a handiwork of Emmy award winner Alberto Mielgo.

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While a version of a Holocaust quote was being narrated in background, a member of DedSec hacker group was trying to evade authority across a dystopian London and a running sequence ensues, which is a significant trait of Mielgo.

This masked outlaw hops onto a hovering vehicle and even that has crashed but a passerby taxi driver offers a lift. Though helping a fugitive has made him a suspected terrorist to public, he is now gleefully welcomed into family of Legion.

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Following a tragic bombing event shakes of United Kingdom and its citizens, hacktivist collective group DedSec were blamed. Meanwhile, London is completely taken over by a corrupt private military corporation and organized criminal gangs.

Now acting as a resistance, few remaining members of DedSec are trying to clear their name by exposing dark secrets of mysterious Zero-Day by recruiting citizens of London as operatives to protect the city and rebel against its ravagers.

watch dogs legion london has fallen gameplay overview dedsec resistance ubisoft open-world hacking action adventure game pc ps4 ps5 stadia xb1 xsx
London Has Fallen

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Security responsibilities are handed over to a private security company named Albion and its C.E.O. Nigel Cass will stop at nothing to make London a truly safe city and accomplish his goal of forcefully establishing order if necessary.

Then there is a powerful crime syndicate run by ruthless Mary Kelly that would sell people everything and anything via dark web. DedSec is out there to enlist brave citizens of UK to take back control over its modern metropolis.

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Anyone you see walking around on street can become your next recruit be it a construction worker or even a mobster. Some of them may initially uninterested to join you but then you have to work hard to get on their good side.

A maximum of 40 operatives can join your cause at a time and each of them will be equipped with a phone to hack surrounding environment. Every new face is expert in a unique and offers a wide variety of perks for different situations.

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Playing as an expert hacker gives you an edge in stealth via cloaking device and remote-controlled drones. You can also recruit a lawyer to quickly get your operatives out of jail or a paramedic to save lives in critical conditions.

You can complete any given mission with random recruits of your gang with their unique abilities and Ubisoft showed off three different takes of a same task being played out in recent gameplay overview of Watch Dogs: Legion.

watch dogs legion recruit up to 40 operatives gameplay overview dedsec resistance ubisoft open-world hacking action adventure game pc ps4 ps5 stadia xb1 xsx
Recruit on Street

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To make things more interesting, players can try to convince an officer working for Albion to join their fold, which gives a group advantage over security check ups within enemy territories and can move freely using official credentials.

Legion is aiming at a different direction than previous games of Watch Dogs series by adding a new gameplay formula into the mix. From the neighborhood punk kid of to next-door granny, everyone is a potential operative to your cause.

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In an early mission, DedSec crews have to infiltrate Albion headquarters inside Tower of London premises to get some dirt on Nigel Cass and obviously, getting there without raising some suspicion will be quite tricky for any ordinary Joe.

Another task sends you to bust out an organ farming operation ran by Mary Kelly in a fortified location. Definitely some hard-hitting guy is suitable for the job or a professional assassin, who will get it done by any means just like John Wick.

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Latest gameplay overview trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion shows off a host of feature involving in-game NPCs.

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An entire game full of playable characters is a huge task and each of them has to be unique enough to join your cause. Many video games that made such promises have failed in past and how Legion will carry that out is yet to be seen.

Watch Dogs: Legion will debut on Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X later this year. Players who purchase a copy of WDL on current-gen console will receive free upgrade for next-gen version.