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Warzone Removes Armored Royale Mode to Fix Invisibility Glitch

Raven Software has removed Armored Royale game mode from Call of Duty: Warzone to fix invisibility glitch.

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Warzone Removes Armored Royale Mode to Fix Invisibility Glitch

Shortly after its debut last year, free-to-play battle royale shooter Call of Duty: Warzone from developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software has became increasingly popular among players but is also suffering from issues and glitches.

Call of Duty players are being troubled with a new invisible glitch in Armored Royale multiplayer mode that emerged lately after most recent weekly update to playlist and Raven Software had to remove it earlier today almost right away.

Raven Software attempted to address infinite stim glitch through a brand-new patch this week and accidentally ended up introducing another invisible glitch to Warzone that has been largely affecting Armored Royale limited time mode.

Players are theorizing that may be these anomalies are caused by mounted turrets on vehicles. Warzone dev team was very quick to get rid of Armored Royale mode altogether from weekly playlist while they investigate the exploit issue.

Raven Software announces their latest decision regarding Armored Royale in a brief Tweet on social media.

Warzone invisible glitches have plagued battle royale experience for everyone since December 2020 when players took notice of a problem that would let people drive a helicopter to become invisible to others by taking advantage of it.

Call of Duty: Warzone have dealt with invisible glitch by removing Armored Royale mode from playlist for now. However, there are various other issues like hit markers and reticles that Raven Software need to fix soon in a future update.