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Metroid Dread Becomes Fastest-Selling Metroid Game in UK History

Shortly after release, Metroid Dread has been listed as fastest-selling Metroid game in boxed sales history of UK.

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Metroid Dread Becomes Fastest-Selling Metroid Game in UK History

Despite having a cult-following among fans, 2D side-scrolling adventure series Metroid have a very poor record for sales throughout history and Metroid Dread is newest mainline entry that has just been launched for Nintendo Switch.

Only a few days after release, Metroid Dread has reportedly become third highest-selling game for this week in United Kingdom sales chart. However, this launch week sales only accounts for boxed game alone and excluding digital sale.

Even without digital download numbers at hand, Dread has managed to beat Metroid Prime 3: Corruption sales on Wii. It even outsold last 2D Metroid game Samus Returns, which came out in 2017 for Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

Compared to other Nintendo franchises, Metroid is a smaller IP but currently it is fifth biggest Switch launch of ongoing year behind Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Monster Hunter Rise, New Pokémon Snap and Skyward Sword HD.

Regardless of a strong debut week, Dread is still toppled by FIFA 22 and Far Cry 6 respectively, both having a multi-platform release earlier. Although digital sales number is not revealed yet, Dread is No. 1 at eShop across many regions.

A huge player-base on Nintendo Switch and rave reviews of newly released Metroid Dread may have pushed it to be a fastest-selling game. However, Metroid Prime (2002) for GameCube and Wii is still the best-seller among entire series.