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Gears of War May Have a Master Chief Collection-Style Re-Release

A remastered collection of mainline Gears of War franchise in Halo: Master Chief Collection-style bundle may release this year.

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Gears of War May Have a Master Chief Collection-Style Re-Release

One of the biggest Xbox flagships other than Halo would be third-person shooter Gears of War series, which was originally developed by Epic Games and launched exclusively across Xbox 360 consoles before getting acquired by Microsoft.

Following 2019 release of Gears 5, a new series entry is yet to be announced by developer The Coalition in future. However, a report claims that a Master Chief Collection-style re-release for Gears of War games are coming later this year.

During a recent episode of XboxERA podcast, co-founder Shpeshal_Nick reveals that Microsoft is currently working on a re-release for Gears of War franchise in Master Chief Collection-style treatment, which is yet to be revealed for 2022.

Nick says that if you take a look at Microsoft's biggest output from November 2021 to 2022, it will be Halo, Gears and Forza. A rumored Gears of War remastered collection maybe shown at Bethesda Games & Xbox Showcase 2022 event.

He also added that GoW remastered collection could be Xbox's big E3 2022 announcement for rest of the year. There was a rumor earlier in January that Microsoft is reportedly developing a remaster of a different IP to re-release this year.

Gears 6 was found listed in Nvidia GeForce Now database leak and The Coalition is apparently on early stages of development. After launching an Unreal Engine 5 demo last month, rumors begin to surface online about a new Gears game.

Fans have been demanding for Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection for years and seeing the immense success of Halo: Master Chief Collection in recent years, Microsoft may have greenlit The Coalition for similar treatment to GoW titles.

Gears of War 1, 2, 3 and a spin-off prequel, Gears of War: Judgement was released on Xbox 360 consoles. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, a remaster version of original GoW game came out in 2015 for Xbox One, updated for new generation.