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Tell Me Why Free for Pride Month 2022

In celebration of Pride Month, Dontnod Entertainment makes Tell Me Why free on PC and Xbox One throughout June 2022.

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Tell Me Why Free for Pride Month 2022

After teasing fans for a new announcement earlier, developer Dontnod Entertainment reveals to giveaway 2020 episodic narrative adventure game Tell Me Why for whole month across PC via Microsoft Store and Steam as well as Xbox.

In celebration for ongoing Pride Month this year, Tell Me Why will be free to claim for anyone throughout June 2022. Once you get a free copy, it will remain in your online library of games forever and lets you to play anytime you want.

Tell Me Why story centers on twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan, as they reunite after quite a long time since their mother died. Together they visit to their childhood home to get answers of a deeply troubled past at Delos Crossing, Alaska.

Players can make their own choice and that eventually leads them to one of multiple endings depending on in-game actions. Dontnod has worked along with GLAAD to ensure an authentic representation and avoid many general tropes.

All episodes of Tell Me Why were free on PC and Xbox last year for same reason and typically, its first episode is free for all seasons. Xbox Game Pass members can also play it right now for no extra charge while still grab a copy for later.

Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed working on six projects and they all are scheduled for 2025 release right now. Following their initial social media tease, many fans were hoping for several announcements but nothing happened.