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Developer_Direct Showcase Event January 2023 Live Now

Microsoft reveals new gameplay and release detail for highly-anticipated Xbox-exclusives in latest Developer_Direct showcase.

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Developer_Direct Showcase Event January 2023 Live Now

Skipping later parts of last year with any major announcements, Microsoft disappointed a lot of Xbox players by not showing anything at The Game Awards 2022 but then rumor of a showcase was circulating online, earlier this January.

Microsoft eventually confirms hosting Developer_Direct showcase event detailing some of their upcoming games including Minecraft Legends, Redfall and more through a stream, which starts at January 25, 12:00 PM PST/3:00 PM EST.

Developer_Direct livestream reveals brand-new gameplay footage and launch details for Xbox-exclusives.

Minecraft Legends | Gameplay and Release Date
Announced during Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last year, upcoming action-strategy game Minecraft Legends from developer Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive reveals brand-new PvP gameplay footage and set launch date.

Arriving on April 18, 2023, newest Minecraft spin-off will feature classic RTS gameplay elements like base building, raiding and more. Players will collect resources, defend their strongholds and destroy enemy base to win in a PvP match.

Forza Motorsport | Overview and Release Window
A new trailer for eighth Forza Motorsport game offers a deep dive into its gameplay immersion and visual fidelity. Latest series entry includes over 500 cars, 20 environments with a number of track layouts and more than 800 upgrades.

Forza Motorsport will look, sound and feel real on Xbox Series X/S console, running at 60 FPS in 4K resolution. Turn 10 Studios promises to deliver most technically advanced racing game ever using bleeding-edge physics, coming 2023.

Hi-Fi Rush | Out Now
Through a surprise announcement, developer Tango Gameworks revealed their unique rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush, which is available now on PC via Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store and Steam, Series X/S and PC/Xbox Game Pass.

Hi-Fi Rush lets you play as wannabe rockstar protagonist Chai, who fights against an evil robotic mega-corporation alongside his friends. Chai has a supernatural sense of rhythm and his attacks will help create living, synced soundtrack.

Microsoft also unveils their second wave of Xbox Game Pass lineup for ongoing month and few of them are currently available to play. Hopefully, development updates on Avowed, Hellblade II and State of Decay 3 will be shared soon.

Xbox and Bethesda Games will eventually host a dedicated showcase for their long-awaited sci-fi RPG title Starfield on a later date. Also, Microsoft confirms to show up at a physical event and Summer Game Fest digital stream later on.