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Friday, October 19, 2018

Days Gone Delayed Again

Upcoming zombie-apocalypse adventure Days Gone from Bend Studio has been delayed again for two months now.

Upcoming action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone from developer Bend Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment was previously delayed to 2019 and then came up with an official release date of February 22, 2019.

However, according to a recent official Blog post, this PlayStation 4-exclusive title has now been pushed back for two more months and newly revealed launch date is set for April 26, 2019. The developer studio wants to take this extra time to further polish the game.

days gone ps4 release date delayed
Days Gone Delayed Again

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Though these setbacks can be annoying for this highly anticipated title, it may actually be for good because the February 2019 lineup is pretty crowded with games like Anthem, Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus from Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Deep Silver respectively.

Moving up to April makes the game one of the biggest console launch for that month as well as less competition at that time. Plus, those couple of extra months in development can really makes a difference to the game that is already looking pretty awesome.

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic motorbike adventure in a world which has been ravaged by zombie-like creatures called Freakers and players take the role of a bounty hunter and drifter named Deacon St. John, who scavenges for supplies in order to survive.

The game was originally revealed back at E3 2016 and then went on to release a few videos showcasing some extended gameplay walkthroughs. Initially, the creators wanted to release the game on 2018 but due to circumstances, it is delayed this long.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Days Gone Release Date

Sony has finally declared a release date for Bend Studio’s upcoming biker zombie adventure Days Gone, coming to PS4 on February 2019.

When we learned back in March that Sony's action-adventure zombie survival game Days Gone has been delayed to 2019, we really were taken aback considering it was one of the most anticipating games on console for this year. For the past few months, developers at Bend Studio has been releasing many new gameplay videos detailing more about the game but we were getting nowhere with a definitive release date for this PlayStation 4-exclusive. That changes now.

bend studio days gone ps4
Days Gone Release Date

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To answer the most asked question about Days Gone, Bend Studio has released a brand-new trailer for this upcoming third-person shooter.

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Aside from the release date for the game, the trailer is all about open-world of Days Gone and the various hazards it throws at you. Two brand-new animal threats are introduced. One of them being mountain lions that chase after the protagonist and then there are infected ravens called Criers. The untold dangers posed by Marauders is not any less as they tries to block your path and throw you off your vehicle to plan on doing god knows what horrors to you once they succeed.

days gone ps4
Middle of Nowhere

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Also, the game reveals about a new human enemy faction who goes by the name Rest In Peace or simply R.I.P. They are a cult of fanatic worshipers of the infected Freakers and call themselves Rippers, who dresses just like those flesh-eating monsters. Anyone who is not among them is a prey to them and these folks are quite interesting to the story. Although they act like those freaks and imitate almost everything they do, Rippers will never kill Freakers under any circumstances.

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If you happen to lure a Freaker swarm to take down a Ripper camp, you will be amazed to see what happens next. Besides, you will learn very quickly that getting attacked by ravenous horde of those monsters is not the worst in-game experience that you can come across. Think about a scenario, where you are going to somewhere as Deacon and everything was fine until you ran out of gas in the middle of the road and that leaves you open for a deadly ambush, which you may not survive.

days gone ps4 gameplay
Deacon and William “Boozer” Gray

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Three new characters have appeared in the trailer above and one of these guys, William “Boozer” Gray made his debut on the first reveal trailer from 2016. He shares his past of being a mercenary with Deacon St. John; both belonging from Mongrels MC and that makes them more than just friends. Alkai Turner and Ada Tucker are two new faces we have not seen before. The former is an arms dealer and the latter runs the Hotsprings camp. More interesting characters will come by as you progress throughout the entire game.

days gone ps4 multiplayer
This World Comes For You

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Days Gone is a journey to survive the threats around you in a post-apocalyptic world, releases on February 22, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The very first gameplay demo of the game was showcased at E3 2016 and then another trailer was dropped at E3 2017. Formerly, the developers have worked on games like Syphon Filter and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which should give you an idea of their work. Bend Studio will be showcasing more new gameplay footage during E3 2018, so you should keep an eye on our news updates for that.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Days Gone Delayed to 2019

Upcoming action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone from SIE Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment has been delayed. Although the game didn't have any solid release date officially set except for talks of launching it this year, the info of the game on PlayStation's site now shows the release date to be 2019. The sudden delay of this PlayStation 4-exclusive is shocking for the fans that were waiting eagerly for the game.

days gone ps4 release date delay 2019
Days Gone Delayed to 2019

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Neither Bend Studio nor Sony Entertainment has said anything regarding this delay except for res-stating that it will come out in 2019 and we will be informed of any updates. It was Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studio, who formerly said the game to be expected on 2018 but now after declaring about the delay, no one is disclosing the reasons for it. We can only hope that some industry insider gives us the details for this sudden mishap.

Aside from the gameplay demo showcased at E3 2016 and another trailer at E3 2017, Days Gone hasn't revealed much. There was a fraction of the game demo at the day and at night to demonstrate how the game turns out different based on the time it's being played. Now, all we can do is to wait for another trailer for the game to drop at this year's E3 event like the past two years. The glimpse of content that we saw till date on the game is enough to keep us waiting on the edge of our seats.

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The developers of Days Gone have previously worked on Syphon Filter and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Unless any further announcement, we don't know for sure that how long we have to wait to take the role of mercenary Deacon St. John in the post-apocalyptic zombie infested world on his motorcycle. As the aforementioned game is now delayed, PlayStation 4 owners are now only left with Detroit: Become Human, another exclusive to the console scheduled for May 25.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Days Gone Alternate Gameplay Trailer

Upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game Days Gone is still awaiting a release date and yet making all sort of crazy buzz. When we first learn about it, it showed us some peaks at some of the gaming experience that awaits us in the game but as days are passing, it is unveiling more awesome stuffs. At the E3 2017, Sony has showcased an alternate demo of Days Gone, which is now made public.

days gone alternate playthrough trailer
Days Gone Alternate Playthrough

If you by any chance have missed it, then here is your chance to take a look at the trailer of Days Gone. Don't you dare missing it.

This 11 minute long video of the game actually presents a very different gameplay than we saw before. While playing Deacon St. John, creative director John Garvin and Sam Witwer emphasizes on various different aspects of the game. Of course, finding trouble in each and every corner of this post-apocalyptic open world is no biggie but what we did not know before is that every path and course of Days Gone can turn different based on the players' choice.

Even change of the surrounding environments will present a different experience each time. For example, during the cold snowing weather, you might not see the wolves wandering around but do not take that as a good sign. As the world is mostly ravaged by the freakers, who are primarily nocturnal, the cold brings them out and they are stronger in the freezing temperature. Also, you are able to ride the Drifter Bike during snow fall. Late evening and raining weather is also demonstrated in the trailer though.

days gone e3 2017
Days Gone Alternate Approaches

There is another thing that is going to affect the game to the player and that is the game-playing style. Whether or not a person chooses to be stealthy or takes a more straight-up attacking mode, their approach will matter to the gameplay in overall. Also, keeping your keen eye to your surrounding will probably pay off. There will be many things to pick up to craft useful tools or deadly traps. Hopefully, developer Bend Studio will announce a release date for Days Gone very soon and we all are eagerly waiting for that.