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Friday, June 15, 2018

HitRecord on Beyond Good & Evil 2 #nospec Backlash

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaboration organization HitRecord is teaming up with Ubisoft but some people skeptical of the idea.

Just like many other exclusive news from E3 2018 press conference has gotten us excited, developer studio Ubisoft had a couple of them in their fold. Teaming up with an online collaborative production company HitRecord owned by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt for their upcoming action-adventure game Beyond Good & Evil 2 have all the enthusiastic fans thrilled for a rare chance of contributing to this project but this also invokes criticism from many industry professionals.

hitrecord beyond good and evil 2 nospec backlash
HitRecord on Beyond Good & Evil 2 #nospec Backlash

During the discussion, fans are asked to participate creating art assets and making music that will be used in the actual game. This use of fan-made assets has some amateurs and professionals of the art community concerned over the issue of payment. While Gordon and Ubisoft allowed artists and musicians to take part and showcase their talent, people were commenting on whether or not they are getting paid for using their work as it was omitted in the initial announcement.

Seeing everyone making remarks over the matter, Gordon almost immediately took Twitter to clear out things and their intention of paying the patron.

Assuring that each backer would get paid whenever their work used for the game would earn money from it did not really cleared out the frustration that came out from many specialized individuals. He cleared out that his platform is not for industry professionals to earn a living from and they just don't pay in crumbs. Depending on their amount of input for the finished product, some of those benefactors earn in hundreds and some even ends up making tens of thousands for their effort.

HitRecord's partnering up with Ubisoft for Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not just another regular collaboration project. It opens up a new door of opportunity for the contributors to be involved in certain parts of the game and get paid a kind of compensation from a budget sum of $50,000. It will be spread among everyone who has their work included in the completed game. However, for a multibillion-dollar publisher like Ubisoft, that amount is relatively small for a project like this.

joseph gordon levitt e3 hitrecord ubisoft
Joseph Gordon-Levitt at E3

This ridiculous payment sum clearly points out that both companies are not looking to hire anyone but get a work done by the involvement of group of community artists and that is where many professionals have a problem. This program seemingly looks an awful lot like "spec work" or "speculative work", where an artist works on a project which may or may not earn him a payment. A lot of big-name companies try to rip-off artists with this absurd practice and concerned artists are against this initiative.

The following video is a fine example from Canadian design agency Zulu Alpha Kilo on how "spec work" is totally unacceptable and absurd.

It's been quite long that a lot of agencies and individual professionals have taken a stand against this irrationality and some of them are even using the #nospec hashtag on social media as well. Though in most cases, companies don't give you any form of control over your own original work, Gordon-Levitt's HitRecord works on how to monetize it and give you a cut under a non-exclusive license. The content creator reserves the full right to do whatever they please with it or however they use it.

That actually makes things trickier, because despite you owning the rights to your contribution, the end work is a result of many collaborators and produces a unique product which they have the right to sell. The $50,000 esteemed budget is for music and visuals of nine categories for BGE2 has already amassed more than three thousand submissions. So, the above-mentioned prize is a small piece of cake for a selected many to take a bite from and a huge sum of unpaid labor for others not making a cut.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beta to Launch in 2019

Beyond Good & Evil 2 game director Michel Ancel has given a possible date for beta testing recently on social media.

Upcoming action-adventure Ubisoft title Beyond Good & Evil 2 is one of the prime examples of a fan-favorite sequel stuck in development hell for an extensive period on modern day considering the big-name developer/publisher it belongs to. Game director Michel Ancel officially confirmed the title a decade earlier in 2008 and then no one heard anything about the project until E3 2017, when an exclusive reveal was done for all the eagerly anticipating fans worldwide.

beyond good and evil 2 beta launch 2019
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beta to Launch in 2019

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We haven't heard of single news of BGE2 since then and they decided to drop a gameplay reveal clip last month, which was also a work-in-progress video from a “pre-alpha” version of the project. Then during Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference, an exciting cinematic trailer of the game is released and a partnership with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's online collaborative production company HitRECord was announced. The trailer detailed the key-characters involved and the premise it is based on.

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So far, 2018 has been the year when we have learned the most about BGE2 but still a huge part remains unanswered. We don't even know a year of release or any other information that will help to keep track of it. However, Michel Ancel became generous enough recently in one of his Instagram post, where he was asked about the definitive releasing date, he simply said, "We aim for a playable beta for the end of next year", which means by the end of 2019, we can enter for a beta testing.

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A post shared by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on

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There goes another case of fans receiving more information from social media than official updates. You can see the doors to Ganesha City from BGE2 above, which bore the news for beta release date of the game. It's just one of the many aspects that the huge open world of this project brings to the table. There are many other incredible locations to explore in-game for our protagonists to space travel from the moon of Soma and beyond and that make sense as it's about a space pirate.

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Belonging to the Space Monkey Program Ubisoft have in their studio, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There was rumor of it being a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch but that was denied later. Considering their long abandonment in limbo, the development team is working tirelessly and making progress to an advanced level now, we only hope that it doesn't get delayed anymore than it already has and we get a wonderful experience playing when it is ready.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Reveal

Beyond Good & Evil 2 first gameplay footage has been revealed that provides a brief look at how fight in space will be like.

At E3 2017, Ubisoft's upcoming action-adventure title Beyond Good and Evil 2 was teased once again, which is a sequel to original Beyond Good and Evil. Some of the very early stage of gameplay mechanics video of this title is recently released as developers offered up a sneak peak on what the players are getting into when it finally comes out. While they open up for fans of the series after a long break, we got a glimpse at some multiplayer combat action and how a few other stuff works out in-game.

beyond good and evil 2 gameplay video
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Reveal

Here is a work-in-progress video that has the gameplay footage showing some played out combat moves and regular co-op activities.

Though this clip is slightly longer than two minutes length, actual gameplay is there for only about 45 seconds. You can even notice a watermark on the video marking it as a “pre-alpha” version of the project. We see a number of different spaceships flying around and how players can also use jetpacks for transportation. Both your role as a pirate in action and piloting those ships are essentially required for two type of game-playing. You cannot just discount one skill for another.

BGE2 promises to be an overall improvement over its predecessor and deliver an experience which is enormous. One of the prime features that we saw in this clip is that how you are allowed to move between your inner or outer surroundings, just like 2016's No Man's Sky from Hello Games. A tight Afro sporting black female named Shani remains the focus for the entire clip, mostly displaying her skills with staff. The fighting style may reminiscent a bit more like the first game but it is better now.

beyond good and evil 2 ships
New Ships of Beyond Good & Evil 2

Not only there will be collision between massive airships, it promises to bring back melee sword fight from the original BGE. Players are on a solar system named System 3 and aside from being a pirate captain, roles like medic and spy are there to play but whether or not those tasks would be carried out by AI or other participants are yet to be confirmed. Though the presentation above was relatively short, Ubisoft promises to unveil a lot more at E3 2018 with more details.

There was almost an hour long developer live-stream on Twitch, where creative director Michel Ancel talked about what they have been up to with BGE2.

During last year's E3 media showcase, interested players were invited by developers to join Space Monkey Program, which will allow those individuals to first-hand experience of playing it and sharing their different views. This is more like an inbound beta test that also reveals that the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One upon release even though it is not mentioned anywhere else or no confirmed platforms are announced yet. If the game will be ported to Nintendo Switch or not is still unclear.