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Friday, December 1, 2017

Doom VFR Out Now

If you fantasize about fighting against hordes of demons and blasting their brains off then Doom is surely your thing. But how about you take things up a bit with a VR controller in Doom VFR? Things will go boom for sure and you are gonna love it if you're not faint of heart. You will wield the Super Shotgun or the destructive BFG while almost feeling the weight of the weapon and have the most epic experience of Doom!

doom vfr release date
Doom VFR Out Now

We are getting into the details of Doom VFR shortly after you take a quick look at what it offers to the players in this short clip below.

You will find yourself amidst a chaos which started as demons from Hell starts pouring out from a portal on the UAC Martian Research facility. All are dead but only you are left till they put the drop on you. There was a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol which shifts your consciousness into another body in the base. This may seem like a teleportation movement in the base at times.

doom vfr ps4
Massacre Demons in VR

So, the bursting demonic skulls and shooting stuff into a virtual reality hell in Doom VFR is really something that will always bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. Though you are certainly outnumbered by the massive number of your enemies but you will never out of choice for a gun from your arsenal that will not satisfy you by blowing your demonic opponents to bits. The BFG, Heavy Assault Rifle and Plasma Rifle are only a few to name among them.

doom vfr pc
Virtual Reality Hell

It doesn't take for a genius to know that in a first-person shooter game, you always got to keep moving as it is the key-part of your survival. Doom VFR is no different in this case as well. Plus, if you are using your trusty PS VR Aim controller, the accuracy of your aim to kill will give you some great demon-slaying satisfaction. Oh, there are five unique weapon mods to blow up those fiends back to the depth of Hell they came from.

Doom VFR is already out compatible with PlayStation VR and HTC Vive headsets for players to enjoy worldwide. While some might think that the game probably is just a VR version of the 2016's title it is actually much more than that. This one is a carefully crafted version to outfit the strength and weaknesses of VR and it's really worth your interest.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Square Enix Brings Manga To VR

You might know the developer studio Square Enix for popular video games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series but they sure are more than that. They can do a lot more than give you the best role-playing game experiences and they intend to do just that next. For some time now, they have been working with virtual reality and during New York Comic-Con, they have announced their upcoming project.

They are working on "Project Hikari", a completely new project to introduce some popular manga titles into the world of virtual reality and let the fans experience of their interactive adventure. This brand-new venture to bring manga to life through blending stills and animating scenes will thrive to give the cinematic experience to the user which will be completely different than any video game out there.

square enix manga vr
Square Enix Brings Manga To VR

Apparently, Project Hikari is using the Unreal Engine for their purpose and has selected the title "Tales of Weddings Rings" for adaptation. This fantasy romantic comedy manga story is the creation of artist Maybe. The story revolves around a young man falling in love with a girl and discovers that she is moving to a world, where she is a princess. Regardless, the protagonist follows her and then the fun-part begins.

They way Square Enix has worked on the project, it feels like you are looking at a real-time manga world where everything is moving and changing pace in front of your own eyes. From the drawing styles to the sound effects, everything is drawn in manga-style. Even though the demo they displayed was very brief and was only a single chapter of the tale but it was enough to speculate the full-potential the whole project holds.

Project Hikari might give you the vibe of an anime movie and not what you expect from a regular manga, but the studio official ensured that in the final output, we will be given enough options to enjoy it as we see fit. So, you can re-visit the previous chapter or pause at your will.

New chapters of this VR series will be released in an episodic manner but it is yet to reveal that how much each episode will cost approximately. By the looks of it, Square Enix can successfully venture out other manga or popular comic-book series with Project Hikari in the future. A definitive release date for Project Hikari is still not announced but it will come out sometime in 2018 for sure.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Doom, Fallout 4 and Skyrim VR Release Date

Virtual reality is becoming a trend these days and it is also impacting the video game industry. Many studios who realize the potential of riding this tide are releasing VR versions of their popular titles now to give their fans an all-new 3D experience and Bethesda Softworks decides to be wise like that. So, what they did is that they have taken projects of pre-existing games like Doom, Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to produce VR versions for them.

doom fallout 4 skyrim vr
Doom, Fallout 4 and Skyrim VR Release Date

Aside from the superior graphics excellence of modern time, Doom actually hasn't evolved from its core concept of shooting massive hordes of demons from Mars, beside the improved visuals have amplified the intensity of the game even more. We are not saying that's a bad thing but how about getting a bit more up close and personal with the minions of Hell? That wouldn't be so bad and Bethesda already gave us a preview of how it would look like at E3 2017 Showcase. We agree that Doom VFR will blow first person shooter loving gamers mind if not the brains.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 is perhaps the most successful title of the entire Fallout series and probably that is why Bethesda has chosen the title for a VR treatment. As you struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, the virtual reality makes the aspects of the game pretty real to you. The entire game is re-imagined and you will notice that in combat and crafting. It's not just a tour of the Wasteland but the complete in-game world of the original game and t hat includes hundreds of locations. Even if you have played Fallout 4 before, this is a chance to experience the game once more with a new perspective.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The entire open world of action role-playing game Skyrim along with three of its official DLC; Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire are what you are getting in Skyrim VR. The scale and depth of this epic fantasy is re-imagined as you fight to save the world from the menace of the fabled dragon Alduin the World-Eater. Fighting dragons and exploring mountains will be more lifelike now than it was when you played Skyrim previously. Be sure to choose your own way to roam this open world as you play.

What we learn about the release dates for these VR projects are that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will see release for PlayStation VR on November 17 and then on HTC Vive at some point in 2018. Doom VFR will come out next on December 1 for PlayStation VR and Vive. Fallout 4 VR will be released on PC for the HTC Vive and the release date is December 12. So, we can be pretty thankful to Bethesda Softworks for bringing us all these virtual reality games throughout the year and expect them to create some original VR games as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Expansion Announced

From the banner of CCP Games, multiplayer dogfighting shooter game EVE: Valkyrie came out in March 2016. It's been more than a year that players have heard anything new regarding the title from the creators and now, they have decided to finally release major expansion pack titled "Warzone" for the first time.

eve valkyre warzone
EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Announced

An announcement trailer was also released along with the news but the trailer is mostly cinematic and doesn't give much peek into the actual content. Nevertheless, check it out now.

The Warzone expansion pack will feature major game-changing elements available for standard and VR gameplay. That means, PS4 and PS VR gamers will now be able to fly along and join a fight at the same time whether or not they are in or out of virtual reality. This is definitely a huge game changer as more players are now allowed to the multiplayer and there will be more action packed space-dogfighting every now and then.

eve valkyrie oculus
First-Person Spaceship Shooter

Warzone will take you to New Eden for a lifetime of first-person spaceship shooting as leader of the Valkyrie, a cloned pilot named Rán Kavik. The character is voiced by pop-culture's one of the most renowned actress Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Longmire).

katee sackhoff eve valkyrie rán kavik
Katee Sackhoff as Rán Kavik

There are four classes of ships to choose from before you dive into the wave of heroic battles of outer space and they are; Assault, Heavy, Support and the covert class ship, the Shadow, which is the new addition to the class. You should choose your spacecraft wisely as it not only represents your image but also the unique firepower and other abilities of the ship will determine your fate in the battle.

With Warzone, EVE: Valkyrie has enhanced the game and re-defined the playing style entirely. Pilots will be able to find the ships that matched their gameplaying style and each ship have their unique ultra abilities, to turn the table. There will be two new maps to explore; Fleet and Outpost. Plus, the previous complex in-game reward system is also simplified, so that you can get modification for you ship a lot easily.

eve valkyrie online
Next-Generation Fleet

If you think you've heard enough then we have more in stock for you. The expansion is not just some extension of EVE: Valkyrie gaming but instead, it is a complete re-invention to offer the players a brand-new experience. If you already got a copy then the Warzone expansion pack is free for you and if you are not then you can have the whole package for only $29.99. EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone will be out on September 26, 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oculus Rift Presents Marvel Powers United VR

Fans and true-believers rejoice as Marvel Entertainment, Sanzaru and Oculus Studios join forces to unleash Marvel Powers United VR, the new virtual reality project that allows players to become their favorite Marvel heroes. With this, anyone can now step into the personas of their various Marvel Super Heroes like Hulk, Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon. They can do whatever they want with their super heroes and, unleash your inner super hero.

Oculus Rift Presents Marvel Powers United VR

The Marvel Powers United breaks free with an announcement trailer that illustrates the game’s multiplayer co-op play style.

Every moment of this amazing VR game is just another fascinating experience with the popular heroes of Marvel. This intriguing game can bound you to it for many long hours into this virtual reality, taking you beyond the usual to transcend the supernatural. Each of the character makes you feel as they should, like the Hulk will make you feel huge, the omniscient eyes of the Rocket Raccoon is just unimaginable and isn’t that fun? Judging with the demo, each character has interdependent relationship as it’s is more of a team work than individual.

The Marvel Powers Unlimited VR promises to have a playable demo at comic-con international in San Diego, next week. The official release of the game will, however, be sometimes in 2018. Albeit, before then, fans, players and all super heroes in the making can enjoy the holistic protection of Captain Marvel as she has got us covered. Rocket Raccoon’s blasters and scatter rifle can, also, not be overlooked because you simply cannot get enough of taking out the bad guys. Also, each character will give you a unique and different perspective depending on their stature and personality.

Finally, this will definitely not be complete if we should omit Hulk’s seismic punch, thunder clap and much more to be discovered in the epic battles of the game. With the Marvel Powers United VR, your journey into releasing your inner super hero has just started.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Walking Dead VR Game In Works

One thing that the fans of The Walking Dead will admit for sure, which is the franchise created by writer Robert Kirkman is about to conquer all. First it has proven to be a successful monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, then the live-action TV series on AMC created history on cable television and afterwards, a series of hit-games on various platforms. Now, what we are about to get next is virtual reality treatment and if everything goes according to plan, then there will be a series of games under that project.

the walking dead virtual reality
Walking Dead VR Game In Development

For the past few years, Hollywood has made an unwritten tradition of getting Virtual Reality tie-ins for popular media. Since The Walking Dead is a pretty successful name worldwide, it was about time that it gets a VR treatment too. Recently at VRTL Summit, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and executive producer David Alpert has revealed that Skybound Entertainment is now in a partnership with Skydance Interactive to develop a series of virtual reality games based on Kirkman's source material.

Later, they have also confirmed this in a Tweet from the official Twitter handle of The Walking Dead.

The multi-year deal among the companies will be responsible for original video games that will have a very different setting and characters from the TV show or the super-hit games from Telltale Games. Skybound's President of Interactive Dan Murray explains, As the world of The Walking Dead is all about moral choices and survival decisions, people love to read that in comics, watch in the show and play in the games. So, what better way there is to experience all that in the environment?

Skydance Interactive is already working on an upcoming video game Archangel, featuring first-person virtual reality experience and was also involved in Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Although, the official announcement for the partnership is now announced, none of them have hinted of a possible release date yet.