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Left 4 Dead 2 Free-to-Play This Weekend

Valve announces free weekend for Left 4 Dead 2 to celebrate release of massive community update "The Last Stand". A follow-up sequel to 2009 first-person shooter Left 4 Dead and pioneer to co-op shooter genre of games, Left 4 Dead 2 from developer/publisher Valve Corporation has received its first major content patch " The Last Stand " in years. Celebrating release of a massive update made by L4D community, Valve has made Left 4 Dead 2 free-to-play on Steam for this weekend and offering a whopping 80% off for next three days, so anyone can jump into action right now. Left 4 Dead 2 Free-to-Play This Weekend RELATED: Doom Eternal Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon The Last Stand introduces a host of changes, extended campaign, improvements and necessary tweaks to L4D2 . Players can explore 26 new Survival Maps while look into four newly added Scavenge Areas to experience more action. It has been more than two decades since L4D2 is launched and despite lack of new

Destiny 2 Fixes Beaver Network Errors

Bungie dev team and Valve fixes "Beaver" network errors that plagued Destiny 2 players since launch of Shadowkeep. Last month, developer/publisher Bungie announced upcoming Year 4 Season 2 content for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter title Destiny 2  and its next major expansion Beyond Light is currently set to release on November 10, 2020. Ever since Windows PC version of Destiny 2 has moved from to Steam last year, players are facing connection errors regularly. Bungie recently took actions to fix these errors codenamed "Beaver" and make D2 more stable. Destiny 2 Fixes Beaver Network Errors RELATED: Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Gameplay Trailer Bungie has found reasons behind recent network issues that have been causing disruption to all in-game activities. Last week, Destiny dev team alongside Valve has identified hardware issues in data center of certain locations worldwide. Bungie recently reveals that primary erro

Left 4 Dead 3 Was Going to Be an Open-World Game

Geoff Keighley reveals in Half-Life: Alyx documentary that Valve had plans for Left 4 Dead 3 to be an open-world game. Over past few years or so, acclaimed video game developer/publisher Valve Corporation has cancelled more ongoing projects than they released so far and for any old-school fans of their games, it is extremely frustrating to realize that. Development for awaited sequels like Half-Life 2 , Left 4 Dead 2 and more were closed down mysteriously. Recently, details behind cancellation of highly-anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 are being talked about in a documentary by Geoff Keighley. Left 4 Dead 3 Was Going to Be an Open-World Game RELATED: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Box Art Revealed for Next-Gen Renowned video game journalist and The Game Awards host, Keighley made a documentary on development of Valve 's newest VR project Half-Life: Alyx , where he revealed vital information about now-cancelled Left 4 Dead 3 game. Keighley says, Valve wanted to move a

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Reveal

Valve releases new gameplay footage of upcoming VR game Half-Life: Alyx, showing off control and movements. In less than a few weeks, developer/publisher Valve Corporation will be releasing their upcoming flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx on March 23, 2020 to mark their return in game development after more than 12 years. Most recently, Valve has released three videos featuring nearly 10 minutes of gameplay footage from HL: Alyx , each showcasing lead character Alyx Vance playing on different environments and implementing various in-game features. Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Reveal RELATED: Half-Life: Alyx Release Date Following gameplay videos from Half-Life: Alyx focuses on and demonstrates three unique locomotion styles. RELATED: Half-Life: Alyx Finished Development Three different movement styles are highlighted in these videos and one is teleport, which lets you move from one place to another. Continuous is traditional first-person style and shift

Half-Life: Alyx Release Date

Valve has announced official release date of Half-Life: Alyx, currently set to arrive on March 23, 2020. In anticipation of release for their upcoming flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx and to celebrate 21st anniversary of the franchise, developer/publisher Valve Corporation has made Half-Life series of games free-to-play on Steam . During its official reveal back in November 2019, HL: A only had a set release window of March 2020. Last month, Valve has confirmed finishing development on Reddit and today, a launch date of March 23, 2020 is finally announced. Half-Life: Alyx Release Date RELATED: Half-Life: Alyx Finished Development Although HL: A will not have to compete with a lot of major AAA-titles that has now been delayed from March 2020 launch period to later dates, it will arrive shortly after Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal . HL: Alyx is spared from struggling against games like Cyberpunk 2077 ,  Final Fantasy VII Remake  and Vampire: The M

Half-Life: Alyx Finished Development

In a latest AMA session on Reddit, Half-Life: Alyx developers revealed the game is finished developing. After a decade-long hiatus, Valve Corporation has returned to game developing but not essentially with Half-Life 3 . Instead, they are offering players a brand-new VR experience though Half-Life 2 prequel game, Half-Life: Alyx . During a recent AMA session on Reddit , dev team has revealed new information on HL: A , including the game is already pretty much complete and was worked on by largest development team in Valve history on board. Half-Life: Alyx Finished Development RELATED: Valve Rumored to Develop VR Headset for Half-Life Prequel On previously set time, Alyx team joined fans for an AMA sharing many key-moments and promised that the game will absolutely not be delayed for launch in two months as they are done aside from some tweaking to its final scene. Hearing that from developers themselves is a huge relief considering New Year of 2020 has seen a serie

Half-Life Games Will Be Free-to-Play Through March 2020

Valve made announcement of making Half-Life series of games free-to-play for next two months on Steam. On 21st anniversary celebration of original Half-Life series of games, developer/publisher Valve Corporation made announcement of their upcoming flagship VR game titled Half-Life: Alyx that is set to arrive soon on March 2020. Keeping that in mind, Valve has recently made Half-Life games free-to-play on Steam for next two months, until Alyx launches. This is a huge opportunity for all newcomers and veteran players to catch up to this iconic franchise once again. Half-Life Games Will Be Free-to-Play Through March 2020 RELATED: Valve Rumored to Develop VR Headset for Half-Life Prequel From original Half-Life of 1998 to its latter addition of DLC missions like Blue Shift and Opposing Force are included. Also joining this free lineup is Half-Life 2 with its add-on episodes; Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two . Valve has made it so that player

Steam Top-Selling & Most-Played Games 2019

Valve has revealed the best-seller games and the ones that are played most throughout 2019 on Steam. Nearing end of 2019, Valve Corporation has proudly unveiled their top list of best-selling and most played PC games on digital distribution storefront Steam throughout whole year with impressive number of concurrent players. Majority of these titles are also part of ongoing Steam Winter Sale , offering some really good titles for a greatly discounted price. So, be sure to check that out as well if you are interested in saving some bucks on annual good deals. Steam Top-Selling & Most-Played Games 2019 RELATED: Steam Top-Selling & Most Played Games 2018 Top 100 games from each list are parted into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories based on sales number and total revenue earned. Some of these ground-breaking titles are from last year and some are new releases of early 2019. Platinum set of top sellers include Total War: Three Kingdoms , Sekiro: Shadows