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Walking Dead's Clementine Action Figure Announced

Telltale's The Walking Dead video game series has ascended into Season 2 and our little girl next door Clementine has grown up to be her own character with the passage of time. She can look after her own while kicking some serious undead ass for sure. With her success as a character and given her the time stint of two complete seasons, Clementine or just “Clem” is finally getting her own toy figure and we all rejoice at this announcement. Clementine Action Figure Announced Following Lee Everett's demise at the end of The Walking Dead: Season One , the 8-year-old young girl suddenly becomes the primary focus of the series and it's about time that she get her own place in the world of action figures. At New York Comic-Con, Skybound Entertainment (publisher imprint for The Walking Dead comic books) has announced of a Clementine action figure from McFarlane Toys , also incorporating with Telltale Games . The figure will be available in two versions; bloody and cle