Hollow Knight: Silksong to Add RPG Elements and More

Team Cherry looks forward to make Hollow Knight: Silksong more accessible, add RPG elements and more.

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Hollow Knight: Silksong to Add RPG Elements and More

In a surprise announcement, developer/publisher studio Team Cherry has revealed upcoming Metroidvania action-adventure game Hollow Knight: Silksong, sequel to indie super-hit Hollow Knight on Valentine's Day back in 2019.

Ever since then, Team Cherry has remained silent regarding Silksong and its co-directors talked more details about their much-anticipated sequel recently in an interview with UK based video game magazine Edge, for newest issue.

Edge magazine sat down with directors Ari Gibson and William Pellen, discussing how Silksong improves upon its predecessor. Players will notice major changes in terms of enemy behavior, gameplay and level design for HK sequel.

Hollow Knight: Silksong features new playable character Hornet as primary protagonist, who has better speed and different physicality. Keeping her acrobatic prowess and scaling abilities in mind, all levels now have more verticality.

Players can expect some challenges from enemies of Hollow Knight sequel game and they can't be fooled into tripping off platforms. Pellen remarks that characters aren't that simple anymore as they will avoid attacks and give chase.

There are some NPCs that will send you to unforeseen corners of Pharloom to perform various quests tied to main campaign. Dev team is tweaking with original game's difficulty and trying to make Silksong more accessible to players.

Team Cherry originally launched first Hollow Knight game through a Kickstarter campaign and raised more than initial set goals. Following launch, it eventually sold over 3 million copies by December 2020 and self-funded a sequel.

Hollow Knight: Silksong has a lot to live up to original Hollow Knight, which is already a modern classic 2D adventure to many fans. Silksong is set to launch on Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, at some point in near future.
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