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Rainbow Six Siege Cinematic Trailer

With all the rumor going out these days regarding the anticipation of Idris Elba ( Beasts of No Nation , Luther ) becoming the next James Bond actor, we thought we would bring something new to the table. Yes, we are talking about this handsome British actor again but not about the James Bond speculations about him. Idris Elba stars in a brand-new minute long live-action TV spot trailer for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft . Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Feat. Idris Elba Witness as Elba narrates what are the stakes you have to go though to achieve greatness and how to survive the siege. The trailer perfectly matches the mood of Tom Clancy's first-person shooter franchise and Elba in his natural calm and devil may care state, goes through phases of the action. All the guns blazing, explosions going on everywhere and in the middle of the rampage of the special ops combat mission, he walks forward pointing out the obvious, that sometimes improvisat

Horizon Zero Dawn Announced

Developer studio Guerrilla Games has previously created shooter games like Killzone and Shellshock: Nam '67 . So, they were thinking of working on a role-playing video game for the first time and thus, the idea of Horizon Zero Dawn came to play. The game will be set in an open world where mankind have fallen long before and now constantly at war with the machines for survival. Now this is the primary setting for the game we are talking about. Horizon Zero Dawn Announced At Sony 's PlayStation E3 conference, Guerrilla Games has dropped the first ever for Horizon Zero Dawn , offering us a brief glimpse into the world of this upcoming action RPG. Players will be taking the role of a young outsider named Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn , who represents her tribe in this world and is out there to hunt down advanced machines that lurk within the environment around her. Civilization has fallen long ago and humans are no longer the dominant species of the planet. Sometimes