Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Play Battlefield 1 With EA Access

Modern masters of video games have attempted to portray the realism of war and many titles were released in the process. EA DICE and Electronic Arts has also took their turn and created the Battlefield series. Battlefield 1 is the latest addition to their series that masterfully captures the war era of World War I in a first-person shooter video game experience. Now fans of Battlefield 1 have a reason to cheer up as it will be available from now on in the EA Access Vault and Origin Access Vault.

Experience Battlefield 1 With EA Access

Without any boundaries or limitation, you can now play the entire game as much as you want by just paying only $4.99 per month.

Considering the fact that Battlefield 1 is still fairly new and has a quite positive reception, the game truly deserves its place on EA Vault. You can experience the action-packed multiplayer mode that is mostly focused on team play. It will take you to the line of fire on land, water or sky depending on your combat role. Whether you chose to engage in direct conflict or take out your opponents from distance, it is up to you as you charge in with up to 64 players.

Experience The Dawn of War

Your battle will take you to the French cities to the Italian Alps and to Arabian deserts as you progress onward. You get to experience handling vehicles like tanks, biplanes and the gigantic gargantuan airship to turn the tide of the fight for good.

Though the game has no specific date for hitting the vault but there is several speculations that this could happen on late August. Soon, more than 45 different titles will be headed to EA Access and members will also be treated with early beta access to many of them. Some of them are revealed to be popular sports games like FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, NHL 18 and NBA Live 18. Then there are successful games from series such as FIFA, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Star Wars Battlefront and so on.