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Telltale’s Walking Dead Collection Announced

Developer studio Telltale Games has successfully mastered the art of episodic graphic adventure narrating through their acclaimed Walking Dead series and that is no news to the fans or the world. Then came two installments, a spin-off and an oncoming season is also in the line for 2018 release. Sometimes, we do wonder what it would be like if there was a collection of all the episodes from Telltale’s The Walking Dead series packed into one? It seems that we are not the one thinking about that. Telltale’s Walking Dead Collection Announced Looks like, Telltale has also entertained the idea of a bundle where all 19 episodes from Season 1-3 and Michonne mini-series will be included along with The Walking Dead: 400 Days . They have taken an initiative of bringing their award-winning Walking Dead series into one place. Check out the trailer Telltale has released recently for The Walking Dead Collection. Now, this is not the only exciting news. Every episode that came o

PlayStation Plus Free Games For November 2017

The month of October 2017 was full of action and horror for the PlayStation Plus members as they were given free access to games like Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain and Amnesia: Collection . Then there were titles like Hue , Hustle Kings , Monster Jam Battlegrounds and Sky Force Anniversary . If you have enough of your fun for October, then it's time we march towards the bundle for November 2017. PlayStation Plus Free Games For November 2017 Needless to say, just like every other month of the year, this month we get to treat ourselves with a little bit of strategy and art, or platform if you prefer. What we meant to say is that you get to play Worms Battlegrounds and Bound on November 2017, for your PlayStation Plus subscription. Before we get to it, let's take a quick glance at the additional lineup for November 2017 free games on PlayStation Plus . Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, Episodes 1 & 2, PlayStation Vita Dungeon Punks (Cross Buy with PlayS

Dota 2 Dueling Fates 7.07 Update

Back in August, during The International 2017 Dota 2 Competition, Valve made an announcement regarding Dota 2 , which was highlighted for them introducing two brand-new heroes. Now, the Dota 2 7.07 Update titled " Dueling Fates " is here and players can download it from Steam , which will take up 1.8 GB of your space. Now, this update also brings some changes to the gameplay and a few other aspects of this free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game as well. Dota 2 Dueling Fates 7.07 Update RELATED: Valve Confirms New Dota 2 Heroes The first character among the two is anthropomorphic pangolin goes by the name Donté Panlin, the Pangolier. This dashing fellow from Nivan Gallants has a resembling appearance of a cat that is stylized in the manner of the feline protagonist from Puss in Boots . In the beginning, some even mistakenly considered him as an armadillo too. This guy is always-on defense, ready to take on any monster and woo any creature that he crosses

Shadow of the Colossus Remake Release Date

Paris Games Week has been bringing much joyous news from their recent events and we are still up for some more. We are about to talk what we came to know about Shadow of the Colossus game that is headed to a PlayStation 4 release soon. Before we dive deep, let's be clear about something. This one is not a high-definition port or a remastered version of the original. This one is completely rebuilt on the original one developed by Team Ico . Shadow of the Colossus Remake Release Date RELATED:  Shadow of the Colossus Remake Announced for PS4 We do have a clip titled "Paris Games Week 2017 Trailer" straight out of the PlayStation press conference at Paris. RELATED:  Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Announced It doesn't feature any action other than the beautiful world of the game from the captivating intro moments. See it for yourself. It's been more than a decade the original Shadow of the Colossus came out in the market and that's twelve years to be accurate.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Announced

Activision and Bungie are on a mission to take over with Destiny 2 and within a very short while of the game's release we also came to know that the first ever expansion pack DLC for the game will be titled ' Curse of Osiris '. All we were unbeknown of was when it is going to come up or how long it would take for us to get a look at the clip they are going to drop for the game pack. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Announced Looks like Paris Games Week 2017 is working like a charm as many hot new announcements are being made and guess this was the perfect arena to announce the release of Curse of Osiris DLC pack at a PlayStation event. Below is the reveal trailer for Destiny 2 's first expansion for you to check out. It appears that even after the guardians have seen their days past the fall of Red Legion, the crisis is far less than over yet. Warlock Ikora Rey calls upon the guardian you are playing with to share a finding. The opening of an ancient g

Marvel’s Spider-Man Teaser Trailer

At 2017 E3, we were surprised by Sony Interactive and Insomniac Games , with their announcement of the new upcoming Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 . There was even a gameplay trailer that gave us a brief idea of how it will turn out and then they left us hanging with so many questions in our mind and neither the developer not the publishers said a word about it. Finally, after a couple of months, maybe we're close to have something on it. Marvel’s Spider-Man Teaser Trailer RELATED: Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 2017 E3 Gameplay Trailer Recently, at Paris Games Week, Sony has dropped a brand-new teaser trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man at their PlayStation presentation. The teaser features few glimpses of the gameplay style but it was more of a peak into the plot the game is based on. So, we better not waste any more time and swing towards the clip. The trailer starts with the footage of Spider-Man swinging into action before we get a sense of what is going

The Last of Us Part 2 Premiere Trailer

A PlayStation 3 exclusive by developer Naughty Dog 's creative director Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us literally took over the hive minds of the fans, who didn't only loved this new dig at action-adventure survival horror but also sort of developed a bond with Joel and Ellie. Needless to say that this masterpiece truly deserved a sequel and we got confirmation from the creators of the game for one too. But even that was almost a year ago. The Last of Us Part II Paris Games Week 2017 Premiere Trailer Now, what we're here to tell you about is that, The Last of Us Part II has kept you in the dark enough with any details of the game up until this point and now that wait is over as Naughty Dog has just released a premiere trailer for The Last of Us Part II . The trailer is down below for you to take a good look on what you are about to get into. The footage that we see is derived from the Naughty Dog engine, running the game on PlayStation 4 Pro . Yeah, you c

Assassin’s Creed Origins Out Now

One of Ubisoft 's most popular and bankable franchise Assassin’s Creed releases its tenth main title Assassin’s Creed Origins and today sees the release of this action-adventure saga. You will play the game as the protagonist and the very first assassin of their sacred brotherhood named Bayek, who decided to take up the mantle of a protector of Egypt and the predecessor of the long heritage this secret band of warriors will follow. Assassin’s Creed Origins Out Now Assassin’s Creed Origins is set in a crucial time of Ancient Egypt’s history, when Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy were in a struggle for power and it was gradually reaching towards a bitter end. Unfortunately, the peril doesn't end here. The malevolent Order of the Ancients was trying to manipulate the situation from behind the curtains and a Roman army was just awaiting the borders of the country. RELATED: Assassin’s Creed Origins Launch Trailer Your assassin Bayek can develop his skill tree to beco

Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Hellboy

The immensely popular sequel to NetherRealm ’s fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us from 2013 has already taken over the minds of the fans worldwide. The storyline and the gameplay of the series are what keeping them on their toes. Plus, there is an ever-expanding roster of fan-favorite characters from DC Universe. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment decided to introduce one more star to the lot. Injustice 2 – Introducing Hellboy! If you are not reading this wrong, then Hellboy is making his way to fight the players of Injustice 2 and a gameplay trailer showing his insanely raging moves against the opponents is right below for you to check out before we dive deep into the scoop. Though comic-book creator Mike Mignola ( Abe Sapien , Lobster Johnson )’s Hellboy character is a property of Dark Horse Comics , he found his place among the heavy hitters of DC Comics -based fighting game Injustice 2 . Since Raiden's character from Mortal Kom

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Out Now

America needs saving right now from the Nazi forces that has taken over the great country of the brave and who else to do it better than BJ Blazkowicz? He is the last hope of bringing freedom to his people and the one who can overthrow the Nazi Empire by set another American Revolution in motion in one of the most awaited and anticipated sequel of the Wolfenstein series, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus . Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Out Now After the previous adventures, Kreisau Circle found Blazkowicz in a coma-induced state and retrieved him from there to revive. Now, Blazkowicz is back in his boots to jump into the heart of action against the hordes of Nazi enemies that has taken over his land for long. But enough is enough and now's BJ's time to roll with those machine guns against the enemy and re-liberate the United States of America to make it great again. BJ's old nemesis, the sadistic Nazi commander Frau Engel is back to stop him from being victorio

Bungie on Destiny 2 PC Bans

Bungie 's heavily expected online-only multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 has launched on PC this October 24 and fans were pretty hyped about it. The game eventually released on that day to everyone's delight and what the internet saw the next day is many players are complaining that many of them has been banned from the game for apparent no good reason. Some of them even came to speculate that the ban might be a result of them using many third party softwares like Discord and Open Broadcaster Software. Bungie Explains Destiny 2 PC Bans The developer team at Bungie decided to shade some light on it and they did so by releasing a Blog Post on their official website. Addressing the ban issue, they claimed that so far, Bungie has banned over 400 players and it was not because of using any third party softwares. At this point, the ban might seem quite unjust and irrational to the players who were a victim of this. So, being the developer responsible for thi

Assassin’s Creed Origins Launch Trailer

The tenth major title of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Origins is about to be launched within a very few days and everyone is just waiting to jump onto the game as soon as it comes out. Ubisoft decided to delight the eagerly waiting fans with a little treat and so they dropped the launch trailer for the game to give us some more visual spectacle as well as more insight into the game. Assassin’s Creed Origins: Launch Trailer | Legend of the Assassin We want to talk about what the Assassin’s Creed Origins launch trailer is all about but be sure to check out the trailer titled "Legend of The Assassin" below before that. By now, almost all of us know that the brotherhood of Assassin’s Creed was originated in ancient Egypt and Bayek is the first in the line of warriors who would start this crusade against the system all by himself. Bayek was simply a revolutionary who wanted to become the aid of the oppressed against the wicked and corrupt fo

Emperor Palpatine Joins Star Wars Battlefront II

The release date of Star Wars Battlefront II is looming over the heads of the Star Wars fans all over the world. Battlefront II is about to connect the expanded universe together and for those who have been following up the news, already knows that EA and DICE have arranged for the fans to play with the menacing Darth Maul from The Phantom Menace to Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens . Yes, the unthinkable is happening. Most recently, the developers blew everyone's mind by introducing the most beloved villain of the saga; Darth Vader for Battlefront II . Like the powerful Sith Lord he is, his mentor and master of the Dark Side, Emperor Palpatine has joined the fight with his sinister plans in motion. RELATED: Star Wars Battlefront II Features Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine Joins Star Wars Battlefront II Since his cunningness wields unlimited raw dark power, the former Senator from Naboo will surely be displaying some of his impressive force-tricks. Palpatine has his a

Resident Evil 7 Hits 4 Million Sales

The attempt to re-define the genre of survival horror video game by Capcom was quite successful and we can tell that by the response of fans and critics over the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard . Another news on the horizon is that the game has just sold over 4 million copies recently. Despite being a great number, it fails to please the developer and publisher studio. Now this landmark of reaching 4 million unit sales of Resident Evil 7 was set by Capcom earlier this year and looks like they have just reached their target already. Resident Evil 7 Sells 4 Million Copies However, they expected to cross the mark a bit earlier than it has. Because, they made assumption before launch that the game will sell an estimate of 4 million copies within a very short time after its release and it actually took nearly seven months for Resident Evil 7 to do that. When Resident Evil 7 shipped 3.5 million copies on release, they took this as a sign of a solid start and then it kind o

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

The rebel players are waiting to jump into the battlefield as soon as Star Wars Battlefront II comes out. We all know that we are only a month away from the game and meanwhile, EA and DICE are enticing us with new trailers and revealing new characters that we will be able to assume the role of. Today, we are here to witness the new single player trailer that has just been dropped. Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer Starting right after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983) , Battlefront II showcases a unique viewpoint of the Galactic Empire and below is the trailer for you to watch before we go deep into it. The trailer opens with Commander Iden Versio of the Inferno Squad bound and captive in a rebel base of operation. Now, this is a bit odd and seems out of place as most of the Star Wars typically begins with a raging battle in progress on the vastness of space but not this one. However, battle and all the action do follow her story but the narrative

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Launch Trailer

The return of the Wolfenstein franchise with the latest title Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has kept fans and everyone else on their eager tippy toes since it had made its presence known at E3 2017. It's been a hot topic of discussion for gamers all around the world since then. Specially, hardcore action game lovers are speculating the game to become one of the best action titles of this year, when it will finally comes out. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Launch Trailer Bethesda Softworks has recently dropped the launch trailer for The New Colossus and filled with some awesome action sequences, it is right below for you to check out right now. Set in the alternate take of the history, the trailer opens with a host welcoming the audience to America's number one game show " German . . . or Else! ". Then it cuts back to a distress message where leader of the American Resistance, Grace Walker invites her fellow Americans to join the rebellion again

Overwatch Update Changes Mercy

Blizzard Entertainment has been working on updates and releasing them time to time for their award-winning multiplayer online first-person shooter video game Overwatch . As we all know that they are always busy with updating the hero roster as well as bug-fixing, Blizzard has recently released a new update for the game which already went live. By the looks of it, they were primarily focusing on support character Mercy. They have also updated the social tools so that the players can show when they are online, away, busy or appear offline as their status on PC. The last one won't hide you from your friends if you are all in a same match though. Overwatch Update Changes Mercy A recent bug fix has cost Lúcio’s wall ride ability, slowing him down a bit. Now, developers are saying that his wall ride speed has been boosted up to 65% but then again, it just compensates for the reduced speed Lúcio got previously for the update. The adventurer monk Zenyatta received a few new lin

Doom's Nintendo Switch Release Date

Bethesda Softworks have previously announced to bring The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch in June, 2017 and Switch owners were jumping with joy to have this great title on their port. Then, after a few days, it becomes clear that the developer studio is actually up to port a lot of their fan-favorite titles to Switch eventually. Major game titles like Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was included in that list. Hopefully other popular titles like Dishonored and The Evil Within will join the race in the future too. Doom's Nintendo Switch Release Date RELATED: Doom and Wolfenstein II Comes to Nintendo Switch We promised that if there was any further development regarding this matter, we will update you and here we are with an interview clip that features executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin from id Software talking about Doom 's Nintendo Switch debut. Recently, Bethesda has officially confirmed Doom &

The Evil Within 2 Ending Explained

Being famous for being created by Resident Evil game creator Shinji Mikami, which despite being a survival horror is not- Resident Evil . Tango Gameworks brilliantly picked up many elements of its spiritual mentor and yet managed to be a unique series of its own, teaming up with Bethesda Softworks . Players got to go into a world that is completely other-worldly and was built with elements of horrors. The Evil Within 2 Ending Explained The game is just out now and it's been only a few days after. So, out best guess is that, many of you who have stumbled onto this post have not probably finished the entire game yet. It will take you over 16 hours more or less to finish The Evil Within 2 and as we are about to do a lot of spoiler, you might as well finish the game first and read this article if you don't want to be spoiled in advance. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR THE EVIL WITHIN 2. The game revolves around police detective Sebastian Castel