Monday, May 21, 2018

Battlefield V Teaser Trailer

Ahead of an official reveal for Battlefield V on May 23, developer EA Dice and Electronic Arts had been keeping or at least trying to keep everything under wraps to intensify the moment. The game is still awaiting release for a later date this year. Yet some of the interesting information regarding the title was revealed when Battlefield's official Twitter account decided to tease their upcoming title from popular multiplayer shooter series. A teaser of the game is now on Twitter and YouTube.

battlefield 5 trailer gameplay details
Battlefield V Teaser Trailer

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This week, the most anticipating live-stream reveal event of Battlefield V is going to be hosted by The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, who has announced of his involvement earlier on Twitter. We have a teaser trailer of the game from Twitter slightly ahead of the big event, which is yet unlisted on YouTube and you can only watch it if you have the link for it as it won't appear in search results or their video section. Even though, this teaser doesn't give away much, eagle-eyed fans are still looking for hidden clues.

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From May 18, the clip has been idly there on Battlefield's official YouTube channel and that means, Dice probably didn't wanted  everyone to find this except for the nosy ones. The trailer above is relatively short in duration but still; you can gather a few details from it. For those who have already played Battlefield 1 may find that HUD screen quite similar. But what we noticed from that screen is that it has a Union Jack on left and German army’s Balkenkreuz emblem on the right side.

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If you are still left wondering what that means, then this is one of the sign that says the game is set on World War II era of somewhat involved in it, just like previous rumors have suggested. Allied and Axis forces flag from WWII period is a strong hint because history says, Balkenkreuz insignia was worn by Germany only during the second World War. Now, it can be either the developer going for an alternate take on history or just ignoring it slightly to serve their purpose of secrecy.

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The scoreboard shown in the video also points out that the game has a four-player mode and from the objectives bar on top, it looks similar to Conquest mode. However, the biggest mystery is the setting of Battlefield V, as Dice has been teasing a "new setting" for their military shooter. Although the teaser suggests a World War II background, it can also be a decoy to distract fans from digging out too much than they want. We can only tell after the big-reveal on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube goes live.