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Dragon's Dogma Anime Coming to Netflix

Anime adaptation for cult classic video game Dragon's Dogma is arriving on Netflix on September 17, 2020.

Although adaptation of a popular video game franchise in other media is always a risky venture, online streaming service Netflix has seen a decent success with shows like Castlevania anime and live-action The Witcher series in recent years.

In a surprise announcement today, Netflix has confirmed an anime TV show based on popular video game Dragon's Dogma, an action fantasy classic from developer/publisher Capcom which is scheduled to premiere on September 17, 2020.

dragon's dogma anime series netflix september 17 capcom action fantasy cult classic
Dragon's Dogma Anime Coming to Netflix

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Dragon's Dogma takes place in a world that has not been attacked by a Dragon for more than a century and one day, it suddenly appears and starts attacking a small village, where lived a man named Ethan, who tries to protect his family.

However, things didn't work out for him but he ended up becoming an Arisen instead of getting killed in action. Ethan embarks on an epic journey to kill the Dragon and he enlists help from a Pawn, a being that only exists is to hunt Dragon.

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Netflix took their official NX Twitter account to heralding arrival of Dragon's Dogma anime later this year.

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Dragon's Dogma originally debuted on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012, which received an enhanced version later, tilled Dark Arisen. Fans are repeatedly pleading for a sequel and yet, Capcom seemingly has no interest in a series revival.

Netflix had a fairly successful run with Castlevania anime that started in 2017 and won over critical acclaim but Dragon's Dogma is not a well-known IP for them to consider an anime adaptation, despite having a devoted following.