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Monster Hunter Movie Teaser Trailer

First teaser trailer for long-anticipated Monster Hunter live-action film gives a glimpse of Black Diablos.

Given its immense popularity, a live-action Monster Hunter Movie based on action role-playing Monster Hunter game series by developer/publisher Capcom was officially announced back in 2016 in association with Constantin Film.

After revealing a first-look image starring actress Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet) earlier and official teaser poster last year, distribution company Screen Gems has released an official teaser today featuring Black Diablos.

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Monster Hunter Movie Teaser Trailer

Sony Pictures has revealed a brief teaser trailer for upcoming Monster Hunter movie at Comic-Con Russia.

A considerably short trailer in length, recent video shows Milla Jovovich's character Lt. Natalie Artemis and her fellow soldiers of United Nations military team come across a hostile wyvern known as Black Diablos in middle of a desert.

Her fellow cast members for Monster Hunter movie include Clifford "T.I." Harris Jr., Diego Boneta, Josh Helman, Meagan Good, Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Pacific Rim) and Tony Jaa (Ong-Bak, Tom-Yum-Goong) in various supporting roles.

Black Diablos are a returning creature type that debuted in Monster Hunter G as a subspecies of Diablos. They are highly aggressive female flying Wyverns that originated from locations like Guiding Lands, Trese Desert and White Lake.

After they are transported to new world via a portal, Lt. Artemis and her crew will encounter a Jawblade sword wielding mysterious Hunter character played by Jaa that is inspired from MH lore with wide knowledge on slaying monsters.

Constantin Film have assigned director Paul W.S. Anderson (Alien Vs. Predator, Death Race) in charge of upcoming fantasy action thriller film that started filming nearing end of 2018 with an expected release window of September 2020.

Sony Pictures decided to release Monster Hunter at movie theaters on April 23, 2021, a few months ago due to ongoing state of COVID-19 pandemic and has moved back to a December 2020 schedule, which is yet to be revealed.