Grand Theft Auto 6 Development Build Videos Leaked Online

In a massive leak, over 90 gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto VI development build were shared online recently.

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Grand Theft Auto VI Development Build Videos Leaked Online

A previous report by French journalist Chris Klippel revealed that developer/publisher Rockstar Games will be revealing a brand-new project soon but he never really clarified whether its long-anticipated upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 or not.

Earlier in July, Rockstar announced that development for next entry in Grand Theft Auto series is underway by halting Red Dead Online updates. In a major leak today, some Grand Theft Auto VI development build footage was shared online.

Originally posted in GTA Forums by user tepotuberhacker, alleged GTA VI footage shows open-world gameplay from a testing build. Shortly after sharing on forum, more than 90 videos were leaked on social media like Twitter and YouTube.

Seemingly located in United Arab Emirates, hacker tepotuberhacker claims to own source code for Grand Theft Auto V and VI, including assets. In coming days, they may leak more data online for people to look at it and check their legitimacy.

Newly leaked GTA 6 gameplay looks too good to be fake and confirms several previous reports regarding a Vice City setting. Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier claimed earlier that Rockstar began development in 2014 and may reveal soon.

Schreier also mentioned about a playable female protagonist, corroborating with fellow insider Tom Henderson. She will be a Latina and a pair of lead characters in GTA 6 story mode, inspired by infamous bank robbing duos Bonnie and Clyde.

When reached out, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier hinted at legitimacy of Grand Theft Auto VI leaks.

Leaked alpha build of Grand Theft Auto VI confirms both a playable male and female character, possibly named Jason and Lucia. However, there is a great chance that these models are simply used as placeholder now and not the final version.

In a video, GTA 6 lead female character is shown to steal from a diner place at gunpoint and all surrounding NPCs seem to act a little odd. Her male partner was standing nearby as she moved from one cash register to another, making rounds.

They stay inside for too long for two cops to finally arrive and a brief shootout ensues between them. Jason and Lucia eventually managed to take out a police vehicle before trying to make a run for it, which quickly leads to a chase sequence.

Another footage shows Lucia walking into a strip club full of NPCs, where you can see an advert for PiƟwasser, beer brand for GTA universe. A brief clip shows Jason walking through "Vice City Metro" train, hinting at a Miami-inspired location.

Moreover, shooting mechanics while driving gets a brief overview of how your character moves or change position inside a vehicle. Fans can also take a look at new conversation system similar to beloved Western epic Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive is likely to issue DMCA takedown notices to remove all leaked footage. Grand Theft Auto VI may take another two or three years to finish development before it arrives on major platforms.
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