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Monday, June 1, 2020

Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

Capcom is likely to release Resident Evil 8 as a cross-gen title next year, according to leaker AestheticGamer.

Within months after developer/publisher Capcom successfully launching 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, rumors of development for its follow-up sequel title started surfacing online from various sources.

Capcom recently revealed their financial report for current fiscal year, which indicates that Resident Evil 8 will be a cross-gen game awaiting on early 2021, a possibility that is further bolstered by a renowned industry leaker.

resident evil 8 cross-gen game ps5 playstation 5 xsx xbox series x capcom tease 2021 survival horror pc steam
Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

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Often revealing leaks regarding Resident Evil video game series on Twitter, renowned leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem is currently speculating for RE8 to launch anytime between late January and March 2021 schedule.

Although no official confirmation has been given by Capcom about potential protagonist, enemy details or even a release window for Resident Evil 8 yet, some details were leaked earlier including a rumored title, "Village".

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AestheticGamer discusses cross-gen status of RE8 and a new Silent Hill game in a recent string of Tweets.

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While discussing for a potential date for new Silent Hill game reveal on August, AestheticGamer also talked about Resident Evil 8 being a cross-gen title currently awaiting showcase on June, most probably on PlayStation 5 reveal event.

Capcom previously revealed Resident Evil 3 Remake on a State of Play broadcast last year before getting leaked on PlayStation Network and therefore, Resident Evil 8 getting revealed on June 4 at a Sony event actually makes sense.

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Dusk Golem claims to have received this information from people who has ties to studios that works closely with both Resident Evil 8 and Silent Hill projects but regardless of trusted source, people should take this with a grain of salt.

Capcom is apparently preparing to launch Resident Evil 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year. There have been reports of Resident Evil 4 Remake being developed by M-Two studio for 2022 release.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Resident Evil 3 Changes Nemesis for Resident Evil 4 Connection

Resident Evil 3 Remake director Kiyohiko Sakata reveals Capcom made changes to Nemesis to relate directly with Resident Evil 4.

Seeing an immense success of Resident Evil 2 Remake last year, developer/publisher Capcom inevitably released its long-anticipated survival horror sequel Resident Evil 3 Remake earlier, which was also lauded by fans and critics.

In a recent interview of developers talking about including Nemesis in Resident Evil: Resistance, game director Kiyohiko Sakata reveals how development team made changes to RE3 to make a connection to Resident Evil 4 or its remake.

resident evil 3 remake game director kiyohiko sakata nemesis connection resident evil 4 plot survival horror jill valentine tentacle head zombie capcom pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Resident Evil 3 Changes Nemesis for Resident Evil 4 Connection

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Sakata talks about a couple of aspects in RE3 Remake that are intentionally redesigned to align perfectly with later series installments. Some of these changes directly link creation of Nemesis to roots of RE3 follow-up title Resident Evil 4.

Instead of changing Nemesis's origin story, Capcom actually expanded on already established lore of its parasite. In original Resident Evil 3, Nemy was a clone of T-002 Tyrant type bonded with NE-α parasite, which explains his tentacles.

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Though Nemesis was just a prototype B.O.W. and not a complete model, he had far greater strength than Mr. X. Moreover, he could use his tentacles to grab targets from distance or even create a new zombie-type called "Tentacle Head".

Just like Ganado enemies from RE4 that are humans infected by Las Plagas parasite, he could simply infect zombies with his tentacles. Umbrella Corporation created NE-α to imitate Plagas, thus differentiating Nemesis from other Tyrants.

resident evil 3 remake nemesis tentacle head zombi t-virus parasite resident evil 4 plot connection survival horror jill valentine tentacle head zombie capcom pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Birth of Tentacle Head

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Capcom maintained a similar aesthetic between Ganados and Nemesis-infected zombies for fans to easily connect the dots. Their ultimate goal was to properly fit him into Resident Evil franchise while paving a way for RE4 narrative.

As until now, Resident Evil 4 had no apparent connection to prior games except for return of Leon S. Kennedy and remained a standalone plot. Nemesis being created by a parasite similar to Las Plagas provides RE4 storyline a new depth.

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Umbrella was simply able to find such an advanced parasite for Nemesis program from their research lab in Europe. It makes perfect sense as they took inspiration from Las Plagas, a parasitic organism that originated from Spain.

Even before Umbrella started working on Nemesis, their first parasite based bio-weapon was Lisa Trevor from Spencer Mansion. She successfully bonded to it as a host and research data on her eventually helped create Nemesis-T Type.

resident evil 3 remake nemesis ne-α parasite infected zombie game director kiyohiko sakata resident evil 4 plot connection survival horror jill valentine tentacle head zombie capcom pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
NE-α Parasite Infected

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Capcom is very much likely to include more interesting alteration in upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake project, which is allegedly in works under several third-party and M-Two to help it relate with a larger Resident Evil universe.

Another report suggests that Capcom may reveal Resident Evil 8 very soon and end up releasing in 2021 before RE4, which originally started development as Resident Evil: Revelations 3 for PC and next-gen consoles in veins of Resident Evil 7.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Capcom May be Teasing Next Resident Evil Game for 2021

In latest financial report, Capcom is hinted at major new games coming before March 2021, possibly more Resident Evil.

In an attempt to return to survival horror roots, developer/publisher Capcom released mainline Resident Evil series title Resident Evil 7 before moving on to long-awaited Resident Evil 2 Remake and its successor Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Now that their previously announced projects are done launching, Capcom can move forward with iconic horror franchise and eager fans are curiously wondering if a sequel or another remake will be next Resident Evil game for 2021.

capcom tease next resident evil game 2021 raccoon city re4 remake survival horror pc steam ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Capcom May be Teasing Next Resident Evil Game for 2021

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A recent financial presentation suggests that Capcom plans to launch several titles by end of current fiscal year, which may wrap up in March 2021 and they are likely to make this move to achieve a new sales record in the mean time.

Resident Evil series has been officially announced to be the most successful series in Capcom history by selling over 98 million units worldwide so far, which is 30 million units more than their second biggest franchise, Monster Hunter.

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In one of their growth strategies, Capcom expressed intent of releasing multiple major new titles. It is also pointed out on page 9 of the presentation that there will be 13 new titles (SKU), which most probably stands for stock keeping unit.

With latest release of Resident Evil 3 Remake last month, 3 SKU is already wrapped as it was launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, which leaves 10 more slots left for upcoming future titles that are yet to be revealed.

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Given how next Resident Evil mainline entry is apparently falling into same early year release window like recent remakes from last two years, Capcom may end up launching Resident Evil 8 for PC and next-gen consoles within March 2021.

However, there is another rumor of a Resident Evil 4 Remake being in works by a new studio, M-Two with a set release window of 2022. If that is true, Capcom is almost certainly aiming for releasing Resident Evil titles on annual basis.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Resident Evil 8 to Have Most Disturbing Enemy Designs in Series

Latest rumor from a trusted leaker claims that Resident Evil 8 will feature most disturbing and gruesome enemies in entire series.

After recent release of long-awaited modern-day remake of 1999 survival horror classic Resident Evil 3, fans are waiting for Resident Evil 8, next installment of mainline Resident Evil series from developer/publisher Capcom.

For past few months, rumors for redesign of original series protagonist Chris Redfield and 2021 release window came out. Further report from a renowned leaker claims RE8 will feature the most disturbing enemy designs in entire series.

resident evil 8 disturbing enemy designs re series capcom survival horror pc steam ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Resident Evil 8 to Have Most Disturbing Enemy Designs in Series

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Frequently answering curious fans about upcoming Resident Evil game when he is not busy leaking major details, leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem recently talked some more about yet to be unannounced Resident Evil 8 on Twitter.

While talking about RE games in general, Dusk Golem teased a new Silent Hill title reveal for near future. Although rumors of a franchise reboot were debunked by developer/publisher Konami earlier, hopefully there is still some possibility.

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AestheticGamer took Twitter to announce latest piece of info on RE8 and a rumored return of Silent Hill.

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Without talking about characters, development progress, possible dates or story premise, he dives into RE8 being "darkest and most gruesome", not revealing whether that is a nod to overall setting or a gore-filled gameplay experience.

As he is asked for a definition of his previous line, he simply points out that enemy designs for RE8 is going to be most disturbing among entirety of Resident Evil series, something that nicely matches with a dark and gruesome theme.

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Responding to a fellow Twitter user, AestheticGamer only states the following on RE8 without much detail.

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For past RE titles, Capcom always introduced new and dreadful enemy creatures each time including boss character Marguerite Baker and legion of insects from Resident Evil 7, most recent release in their long-running horror franchise.

Following groundbreaking success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake, series fans are now eagerly waiting for an official reveal of Resident Evil 8 from Capcom, which is much likely to get announced by for next-generation consoles and PC.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020

Microsoft is offering up to 85% discount for Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020 on games to celebrate Japanese national holiday.

To celebrate Golden Week; a series of Japanese national holidays, a curated list of popular titles from Japanese developers are up for a major sale in Xbox Golden Week Sale that kick-started on April 29 and will conclude in May 5, 2020.

A wide array of games from action-adventure to action RPG, fighting, survival horror and more have become a part of a big discount deal. You can start shopping from $1.99 only and are very much likely to find a few good ones for a few bucks.

xbox golden week sale 2020 dragon ball z kakarot final fantasy 12 the zodiac age monster hunter world iceborne phoenix wright ace attorney trilogy xb1 microsoft studios
Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020

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Dedicated fans of Dragon Ball anime TV series can save up to 75% on 2D fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ: FighterZ Edition. Then add 2015 role-playing game Dragon Ball Xenoverse to your collection for an even reduced rate of 85% off.

If none of them interests you then check out more recently released action RPG title Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Deluxe Edition, collecting Cooking Item, HP Stat boosts, Ki-ATK and Season Pass alongside main game for 33% markdown.

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Become part of an adventure with renowned photo journalist Frank West amidst a zombie apocalypse in Dead Rising and then as former motocross rider in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for a solid 70% slashed rate.

Majority of Final Fantasy action role-playing series is for sale at 50% off including Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD.

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A breakout success of 2018 from developer/publisher Capcom and latest installment of action role-playing game Monster Hunter franchise, base game of Monster Hunter: World is currently available for half of its original retail price.

You can save up another 25% discount on either of Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition of its follow-up DLC expansion pack Iceborne. Or better yet, grab onto Iceborne Master Edition at 33%, which is bundled with MHW main game.

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Capcom has reinvented visual novel Phoenix Wright game series last year in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which brings back iconic courtroom drama adventure of all 14 episodes to modern platforms and is now up for sale at 50%.

One of Capcom's long-running series and pioneer to survival horror genre, almost entire mainline Resident Evil games are on a great sale. Get a 60% off on purchase for both Resident Evil 0 and remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

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A modern day revival of 1998 classic, Resident Evil 2 Remake Standard and Deluxe Edition are available for 50% less. Then save some more on second RE trilogy consisting of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 at 60% discount.

With rumor of Resident Evil 8 being in development for a 2021 release, now is a good time as any to try out Resident Evil 7 since there is a 25% price off, or grab onto Gold Edition for getting RE7 base game and Season Pass content half cost.

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Both Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are ready to be yours for half of their asking price. Dead or Alive 6, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience will go down at 60%.

Aside from Golden Week, Microsoft is also hosting Activision Publisher Sale and Spring Add-On with select Xbox One titles. If you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then be sure to check out your extensive catalog of games as well

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Resident Evil 3 Remake Mod Turns Every Enemy Into T-Rex from Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis fan mod for Resident Evil 3 Remake gets Jill Valentine a Regina skin and turns all zombies into T-Rex.

Although fans are asking for a Dino Crisis remake, developer/publisher Capcom is seemingly busy reimagining classic survival horror franchise of Resident Evil and their most recent releases from the series being Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Despite continuous pleading to Capcom for reviving one of their beloved licenses, modder community on PC platform has taken it up on themselves to bring back nostalgia of rampaging dinosaurs in a latest RE3 mod titled "Dino Evil 3".

resident evil 3 remake mod t-rex dino crisis jill valentine regina survival horror capcom pc
Resident Evil 3 Remake Mod Turns Every Enemy Into T-Rex from Dino Crisis

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Available at Nexus Mods, players can download this fan mod by maliwei777 that is still in early testing phase and might have some issues. Hopefully, those minor issues of Version 0.1 will eventually be worked out and updated very soon.

Dino Crisis plays around some elements of survival horror and is helmed by Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami. However, instead of being forced to fend off against horde of zombies players are primarily chased by dinosaurs.

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Playing as former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine wearing a skin of U.S. Special Forces operative Regina surely is exciting but having every zombies of Raccoon City swapped with a deadly T-Rex is stuff of nightmare for sure.

What it seems that these dinosaur enemies don't have much movements or actions at this point as they need to do more work but you can get a pretty good idea of how well a potential Dino Crisis remake may look like in RE Engine.

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Those who are curious can take a look at a video showcase of Resident Evil 3 Remake mod "Dino Evil 3".

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In a recent frenzy of reviving many of their old IPs, Capcom has attempted to restore long-running Mega Man action platform franchise through recent re-releases of Legacy Collections and brand-new release of Mega Man 11 in 2018.

There were reports of Capcom filing a new trademark for Dino Crisis last year but no official announcement was made. Most recent rumor suggests that a Resident Evil 4 Remake is currently at works for a cross-gen release in 2022.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Resident Evil 4 Remake Reportedly in Works

According to reports, Capcom is currently working on a Resident Evil 4 Remake with M-Two for a 2022 release.

Shortly after releasing anticipated survival horror title Resident Evil 3 Remake earlier this month, developer/publisher Capcom asked fans through an online survey that which Resident Evil game they would like to see up next.

Fans were wondering which title should be considered by Capcom for reimagining up next and reportedly, Resident Evil 4 Remake is now under full development with a planned release window of 2022, according to website VGC.

resident evil 4 remake development capcom m-two survival horror third person shooter pc steam ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Resident Evil 4 Remake Reportedly in Works

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Capcom has handed over this project to M-Two, a new studio founded by former Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami and this Osaka-based developer was apparently prepping to handle RE4 Remake project from 2018.

Internal dev teams and third-party studios will lend support as they did for Resident Evil 3 Remake. Original game director Shinji Mikami was approached to helm RE4 Remake, which he denied but gave advice on its direction.

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Though M-Two contributed to development of RE3 Remake but their primary focus has always been Resident Evil 4 since 2018. However, there is no word on whether any original Resident Evil 4 team members will be involved at all.

2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 already added new zombie-type called "Tentacle Head" that are a variant of regular undead created by Nemesis, as a nod to Las Plagas parasite infused Ganado enemies from RE4, which followed a religious cult.

resident evil 3 remake nod resident evil 4 enemies survival horror capcom las plagas parasite ganado
Nod to Resident Evil 4 Enemies

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Making debut in 2005 for GameCube console, Resident Evil 4 is re-released and remastered by Capcom for almost every other console system and gaming platforms out there but it never received a full remake treatment until now.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is reportedly in development now and given its scheduled launch window of 2022, Capcom would likely to release it for current-gen consoles as well as next-gen hardware like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Capcom Surveys if Fans Want More Resident Evil Remake

Days after Resident Evil 3 Remake release, Capcom asks fans if they want more remake or new Resident Evil games.

Only days after launching anticipated remake of 1999 survivor horror classic Resident Evil 3,  developer/publisher Capcom were quick to surveying fans if they would like to get more Resident Evil Remake games for near future.

Although this survey doesn't shed light on which title Capcom is considering to remake next, there are more options than remakes. They are also interested to know if players are interested to purchase games from mainline series next.

capcom online survey resident evil remake survivor horror resident evil code veronica las plagas
Capcom Surveys if Fans Want More Resident Evil Remake

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A large part of fan-community is eager to see a remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica, which is a follow up to Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 story wise; spawning a narrative for another new conspiracy of evil Umbrella Corporation.

Shortly after officially revealing Resident Evil 2 Remake at E3 2018 event, game director Kazunori Kadoi has even teased the idea of remaking Resident Evil: HD Remaster, which itself is a remake of original Resident Evil title of 1996.

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Capcom has already re-released ports of Resident Evil 4 over almost every available modern gaming platform so far with added improvements and yet, there are many who believe that RE4 should be remade to meet true perfection.

There are no hints of either they will start pursuing another reimagining project or release a numbered Resident Evil game though. Code: Veronica is a two-decade old game now, which has massive popularity and demand for among fans.

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One particular answer choice "I will purchase the game even if I had to buy a new console" suggests that Capcom is trying to decide if a new Resident Evil game for next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would be a good idea.

For participating in latest online survey, Capcom is offering you some bonus wallpapers of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Though their inquiry is primarily focused on Asian-based countries, players from other countries can take part as well.