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Friday, January 5, 2018

HRX 2018 Paladins and SMITE Cosplay

As part of the Hi-Rez Expo, the fourth annual Cosplay Contest just took place at the HRX 2018, Atlanta with the keen partaking of the members from the community. There were many eSports tournaments held as part of the Expo such as the first-ever Paladins World Championship and the SMITE World Championship but the biggest attraction of these huge gathering of fans are often remains on the Cosplay Contest. So, with no exception, there were some truly impressive cosplayers that we noticed at HRX 2018.

hrx 2018 paladins cosplay contest
HRX 2018 Cosplay Contest

Before we dive in for the scoop, let's have a quick look at some of the astounding cosplay images of your favorite characters from hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm and multiplayer online battle arena game SMITE.

bellona smite haiden hazard cosplay
Bellona by Haiden Hazard

midnight dove awilix smite jasmine mackey cosplay
Jasmine Mackey as Midnight Dove Awilix!

raeve maeve paladins hanna kime cosplay
Raeve Maeve by Hanna Kime

skadi dragonkin smite haiden hazard cosplay
Skadi Dragonkin by Haiden Hazard

ying paladins cassi cosplay
Ying by Cassi

For obvious reasons, Hi-Rez Studios hired professional cosplayers for promotional purpose; there were many other participants who just showed up for their love of the games from the developer. Dressed up as the characters from Paladins and SMITE, the enthusiastic contestants were more than happy to take selfies with anyone who would ask them for one. Plus, there were many cosplayers who took part in the contest were actually employees who work for Hi-Rez Studios. This display of free spirit is a bright example of the fact that they truly enjoy what they do.

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While many of the participating cosplayers weren't even expecting to win or anything but there were some very strong contenders for the $15,000 prize money offered by Hi-Rez Studios.

ao kuang smite manlima cosplay
Ao Kuang by Manlima

Spanish cosplayers Manlima won for Best Workmanship and the first place by portraying Dragon-God, Ao Kuang from SMITE. Cosplayer Haiden Hazard came in second by posing as Skadi Dragonkin and Seraph Cosplay came third with Bellona from the same game. @HiRezAmanda and @CassiCreations were at the Cosplay Contest as official model for Hi-Rez. We congratulate all the winners as well as every other participants as we look forward to more cosplay contests like this.