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Friday, July 20, 2018

Resident Evil 2 Remake Collector’s Edition Announced

Capcom reveals info on a special collector’s edition for Resident Evil 2 Remake and talks more about development.

Ever since we had our first-look at survival horror classic Resident Evil 2 Remake during E3 2018 press conference, it seems to get a lot of attention from fans and press alike. Well, this happens to be pretty normal for a most-anticipating game remake project that goes completely silent about development progress for three years after initial announcement. Recently, developer and publisher Capcom just revealed the news of a collector's edition for the game at San Diego Comic-Con.

resident evil 2 remake collector’s edition
Resident Evil 2 Remake Collector’s Edition Announced

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Fresh out of Resident Evil panel at SDCC, we have news on a special Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition, available at GameStop only for $199.99. RE2 Deluxe Edition contains the full game, a 12" figure of Leon in his RPD uniform, a 32-page Ben’s File art book, voucher code to download 25 track from digital album and an RPD renovation design poster. A DLC pack included in the package offers Arklay Sheriff and Noir costume for Leon while Claire receives Military, Noir and Elza Walker costume from Resident Evil 1.5.

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It's been quite some time that everyone is mostly talking about everyone's favorite rookie cop Leon Kennedy and not about the other most important character of Resident Evil 2; Claire Redfield. She came in Raccoon City looking for her brother Chris and her design is also updated with new look that offer more details of her appearance. The developer team discussed a lot about keeping resemblance to her original design and ultimately came up with something that suits the reinvention.

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A brand-new still image of RE2 female protagonist Claire Redfield entering Raccoon City on her motorcycle was released today at SDCC as well.

resident evil 2 remake claire redfield raccoon city
Claire Redfield Enters Raccoon City

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Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi of RE2 Remake talked about details regarding the features included in this version. Leon Kennedy received a younger looking treatment to make that rookie look convincing enough on him. Using 3D scanning, he was modeled after male model Eduard Badaluta almost three years ago. However, only his face was used to portray Leon in-game. A physical version of costume and movements were created with photorealistic graphics of modern day.

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Remaking a fan-favorite classic after ages and live up to everyone's expectation is no easy task, especially when people are very much emotionally attached to it. However, developers at Capcom have invested their heart and soul for the project and it was all possible because of the overwhelming demand of true fans. Featured characters and their surrounding environment in Raccoon City received a complete visual overhaul using their powerful RE Engine, arriving on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Breath of the Wild Free DLC

Nintendo added Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in a free DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Original kart racing game Mario Kart 8 was released back in 2014 for Wii U by Nintendo and it received an enhanced port for Nintendo Switch as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in 2017. A free update is released today for the game, which adds a fan-favorite character Link; the protagonist from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, wearing his Champion’s Tunic. The iconic hero will be joining the race with various characters from Mario universe while sporting a new, polished look.

mario kart 8 deluxe zelda breath wild dlc
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Breath of the Wild Free DLC

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We offer you a look at the trailer below to witness the action of Breath of the Wild DLC in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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Link will be riding in his motorcycle Master Cycle Zero that was added into Breath of the Wild through the second downloadable content of the game titled Champions’ Ballad, included in the game's Expansion Pass. Equipped with new Ancient Tires and a paraglider, players are in for an improved gameplay experience as well. The champion of Hyrule is now headed to racing tracks on his trusty bike, probably for another record-breaking sales bump for the title with update 1.6.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold more than 9 million copies ad become the second best-selling title on Switch by March 2018. The port received a few more mode than the usual four and retained all DLC packs from original title. Aside from appearing in kart racing, Link is also a playable character in upcoming fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo had teased days earlier about bringing more DLC for their popular kart racing game soon and voilà, we got it right here for FREE!

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Revealed

A brand-new Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle in red and black is coming for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Back in May 2018, we found a leaked promotional image of a stunning Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle in a matching red and black color scheme on Reddit for upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man from developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony. Since there was no strong evidence that it was authentic and not some fan making it up, we couldn't be absolutely sure. However, the PS4 Pro bundle is finally confirmed by Sony to be authentic after all.

spider man ps4 pro bundle limited edition
Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Revealed

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Behold the amazing Red PS4 Pro limited edition bundle with all the features a Spidey fan can dream about in the trailer below.

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When Insomniac Games' upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man releases on September 7, the console bundle is also launching alongside. This a fully customized 1TB PS4 Pro console marked with the iconic spider emblem of our titular hero from the game on a red surface. It comes with a DualShock 4 wireless controller in matching color, full game on a Blu-ray disc and exciting digital content. For $399.99 only, this exclusive bundle can be yours and you can reserve one by pre-ordering right now.

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If you happen to own a 4K TV, then you can enjoy this action-adventure title in 2160p dynamic 4K resolution. You will be amazed to see the complex details of New York developers have put through and attention to details for each Marvel characters in it. Built-in super-sampling of the game offers you enhanced clarity of image with incredible details. On the other hand, if your TV supports high-dynamic range then you are in for a ride to experience special effects and lighting in HDR throughout Manhattan.

spider man ps4 pro bundle dualshock 4 controller
Matching DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

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Like Spider-Man’s super-agile persona and impressive combat moves, this special edition bundle is for giving you a unique ride into the world of Marvel Games. The game is looking noting but super-impressive ever since it was announced back in 2016 and currently one of the most anticipating titles of this year. So, it was only fitting that Sony offers a special edition PS4 Pro bundle for everyone's beloved Web-Head!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

World of Warcraft Subscription Includes All Pre-Released Content

Blizzard is giving up all current World of Warcraft expansions in exchange for a monthly Subscription.

Fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment are getting ready for the forthcoming seventh expansion of the game titled Battle for Azeroth on August 14, 2018. Developer/publisher Blizzard already released a pre-expansion patch 8.0 to introduce some changes by removing few contents and updating some classes. Most recently, they have decided to change their price model into a subscription-only system permanently.

world of warcraft subscription expansion content
World of Warcraft Subscription Includes All Content

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Starting from now on, the base WoW game and previously released expansion contents up until Legion are all available under their monthly subscription fee of $14.99 only. With that new regulation under implement, Battle Chest has already been removed from Blizzard’s online shop, which used to provide the same to players before. For better or worse, this change was announced following the pre-patch release for Battle for Azeroth expansion, awaiting release soon on August 14.

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Signing up for a subscription will let you play the original and all six expansions to prep up until the seventh arrives and now that players don't have to buy the base game, the barrier of entrance to world's biggest MMORPG title is lowered to a level where many can participate. Without having to buy anything additional, you can keep playing all the way through level 110 as long as you continue a monthly subscription. Battle for Azeroth however, will cost you only $49.99 as one-time fee.

blizzard world of warcraft expansions
World of Warcraft Pre-Released Expansions

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On hindsight, an ongoing subscription will cost you $179.88 a year and this significant change will essentially makes you spend more bucks than it would cost for you to buy all of those if you keep it up for a few years in a row. Although having no longer needed to pay for each WoW expansions separately is a great idea but removing them overall from online storefront actually forces you to sign up whether you like it or not, because there are no other option for choosing anything individually.

Resident Evil 2 Remake's Hardest Part Was Alligator

Producers of Resident Evil 2 Remake reveal that giant Alligator was a real challenge to recreate.

It has been more than a month that the news of survival horror classic Resident Evil 2 Remake was fully revealed at E3 2018 press conference with an astonishing trailer, followed by a reinvented gameplay demo. However, hype about the game is still too high and players are having a tough time waiting till January 25, 2019 when it will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Producers of the game recently gave an interview to Daily Star talking about the toughest part of this project.

resident evil 2 remake alligator
Resident Evil 2 Remake's Hardest Part Was Alligator

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Aside from facing murderous monsters and fighting zombies, limited resource management and puzzle solving were one of the most important parts of it. The first encounter with a Licker on roof or bumping into Mr. X was quite an experience. However, crossing paths with a giant alligator underneath Raccoon City sewers was one jump-scary moment for sure. Game producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi have recently stated it as one of the toughest part to recreate.

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Tsuyoshi Kanda pointed out that 20 years back, they could have gotten away with a lot of things but now they cannot, because of today's motion-captured graphics and photo-real environment. It was so hard to convincingly putting it into the game that they actually considered skipping the part at one point but then continued thinking of possible fan backlash. Otherwise, Rookie cop Leon Kennedy being a man of average size with a knife battling an alligator makes no sense.

resident evil 2 alligator
Raccoon City Urban Legend

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Besides, this was one of the fan-favorite moments from the game that players have an emotional attachment to and that nostalgia factor is not easy to give up. So, making things look realistic and making it as convincing was their main goal. Hirabayashi earlier confirmed that Hunk and Tofu are also returning in Resident Evil 2 Remake as well. So, if you have ever heard of any rumor of Alligator, Hunk or Tofu not being a part of the game, you can simply dismiss them now.

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Obviously, RE2 wasn't the first title they tried to remake from their popular survival horror franchise and original Resident Evil were the first one to receive reworking treatment in 2002. After years of fan petition, publisher Capcom finally decided to gave fans what they have been wanting for so long. Then upon initial announcement in 2015, RE2 Remake eventually revealed in a new look this year. Despite many expressing disappoint for changing perspective, hopefully it is for the best.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Overhaul Update

Shadow of War sees a colossal wave of great changes through an update from Monolith Productions.

One of the most controversial issues in gaming industry last year was in-game loot boxes or better known as micro-transaction. This greed-play has made EA Dice pay a dire price when they tried to slide it in a fully priced game and following a huge backlash, were forced to halt back. Another such example of a good game that suffered by this plague is action role-playing game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War from developer Monolith Productions and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive.

middle earth shadow of wars gameplay update
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Overhaul Update

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Other than belonging to massive fan-following movie franchises based on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the game had great potential to stand out in crowd of other AAA titles but trying to force the players use real-money for in-game purchases was what caused it to be a shipwreck. As a successor to Shadow of Mordor, expectation were naturally high from Shadow of War until it turned out to be a sort of scam in disguise of a critically praised title.

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However, after deciding to entirely remove micro-transactions from the game, Warner Bros. have finally announced it back in April 2018 and Monolith has released an update today, which officially removes real-money marketplace. They have also added a few gears, skins, significant change in gameplay and a few more stuff to improve in overall. Hopefully, the Shadow of War community will be appreciative of their effort to try and make things right.

middle earth shadow of wars war crates removed
Shadow of War Micro-Transactions Removed

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Since the market is completely removed and the shadow of micro-transactions is no longer there, it's a free reign for all and no more War Chests to enlist high-level Orc followers to empower your army, thus giving you unfair advantages. Players used to recruit Orcs from Online Vendettas or Ranked Conquests previously, which are all stored in Garrison now. They can still be trained via in-game currency Mirian for the sake of customizing and upgrading them as you see fit.

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The end-campaign is renamed as "Epilogue" and it received heavy polish for smooth-running, including newly added narration from Dark Talion and Shelob, the Witch-king. Epilogue victories come along with the masks of the Nazgûl as a reward, which has the power to resurrect the dead and other abilities like cursing enemies or summoning powerful monsters. Also, even after the final credits roll, you can still continue defending your own fortresses or keep upgrading in an endless mode.

middle earth shadow of wars celebrimbor skin
New Celebrimbor Skin

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New available skins allow you to play as Baranor, Celebrimbor or Dark Eltariel. Greater XP rewards helps you reach to a level cap of 80 in no time. Acclaimed "Nemesis System" has gone through some improvements as you are most likely to encounter more Legendary Orcs and some of them may present you with occasional gifts. In case you are feeling bothered by their overly keen approach towards you or they try to steal your kills, just turn off the savior feature from the menu.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is released on October 2017 from Monolith Productions for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was about time that the creators of this fine game eventually saw through their mistake and even though late, took actions to correct it. It was very fortunate for them that they did not missed sales target by a vast number or lose market share over this like Dice did over their misstep with Star Wars Battlefront II last year. Although loot boxes are not going away soon, we are happy that at least some are moving to right directions.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Release Date

No Man’s Sky from developer Hello Games receives a massive free update that adds full multiplayer support and other improvements.

Co-founder of developer studio Hello Games, Sean Murray has announced back in May 2018 that action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky is finally getting the long-awaited multiplayer mode through "NEXT" update, which arrives on July 24. This one is free and is coming to all available platforms where you can play the game. Aside from multiplayer, a number of much requested features are added as well to make exploring the universe a lot more fun together.

no mans sky next update release date
No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Release Date

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Considering everyone is pretty exciting to experience all these aspects they were promised before the game launched, developers decided to drop some details on it before the update launches. A brand-new trailer showcasing available features of "NEXT" update and how they would play out in-game is right below for you to check out.

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Now, you can either band together with your group of friends or just tag along with random travelers for some true multiplayer experience. Helping someone to stay alive or sacrifice them for your own survival is entirely your own choice. All players can share small shelters or colonies that you have built in joint effort. Whether you wander around as a pirate or a wingman is up to you and personalizing your appearance through character customization lets you add more personal touch to it.

no mans sky next update multiplayer
True Multiplayer Experience

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A massive makeover on visual makes everything looks more beautiful and planetary rings now look better than they ever did. Clouds, ground and water textures are so improved that the surrounding environment looks more alive. Also, players are allowed to play from a first or third-person perspective regardless of being on-foot or in ship. Also, you can build as many bases as you want to own more than a few on anywhere of any planet. Various new base parts are added while size limits are expanded.

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Commanding ability to assemble and upgrade frigate fleets for commanding over from bridge for effective functions is introduced. Players can send them exploring out the ever-evolving universe around them or take their assist during a voyage they are on. Freighter base building has been improved and offers chance to have a custom capital ship of your own. Your friends can now take part in multiplayer missions alongside you from Galactic Commission Station of your bridge.

no mans sky next update graphics
Dramatic Visual Overhaul

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Originally, No Man’s Sky was released in August 2016, available to play on PC and PlayStation 4 and then came to Xbox One along with an enhanced version for Xbox One X. Everyone who owns the game will be able to get their hands on this free update as it releases. On the game's one year anniversary, the studio released their third major update "The Atlas Rises" and we are only weeks away from having the fourth one. This space exploration adventure was already way broad than any other game in the beginning and after four free updates for enhancement, it has become much broader.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monster Hunter: World Comes to Final Fantasy XIV

Monster Hunter: World's legendary Rathalos is crossing over with Final Fantasy XIV in upcoming event.

Back in February 2018, Capcom's action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World had a crossover with action role-playing Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games and fans had a great time playing it. Another company-wide collaboration event is on the way with publisher Square Enix as the game will enter the massively multiplayer online role-playing world of Final Fantasy XIV. Both worlds from these two games will soon collide on August 7 and the latter will take on in.

monster hunter world final fantasy xiv crossover release date
Monster Hunter: World Comes to Final Fantasy XIV

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A brand-new trailer showcases highlighted features of this exciting collaboration event between two fan-favorite titles and you can check it out right below.

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Each game will have a guest monster appearing from the other for epic confrontation that offers some sweet rewards. Players of Final Fantasy XIV will be taking on legendary beast Rathalos from MHW in a quest called The Great Hunt. Taking down Rathalos will earn you a unique armor set and a mount themed on the monster. There is a standard challenge in The Great Hunt, which allows up to eight players and the extreme one lets only four to take part in facing him.

monster hunter world final fantasy xiv quest
Prepare for The Great Hunt

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Players are to complete Stormblood expansion's main scenario and reach level 70 before they can access this brand-new content of update 4.36. Aside from gear and cosmetics, the patch includes Palico and Poogie minions. Behemoth from FFXIV will invade the world of Monster Hunter on August 1st, for them to try and take him down. This is a great idea for crossover because both of these Japanese RPGs have giant beast boss battles and they even share a similar visual style.

monster hunter world final fantasy xiv loot
New BBQ Spit

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Released in January 26 of this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Monster Hunter: World has been one of the greatest success for publisher so far. Just as they promised to arrange some crossover events with other popular titles, Capcom has already done that by tying-in with first -party games Devil May Cry, Mega Man and Street Fighter as well as Horizon Zero Dawn, which was a third-party release. Also, the game will be making its PC debut on August 9, two days after the update drops.