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Sunday, September 8, 2019

NBA 2K20 Review-Bombed on Metacritic and Steam

Riddled with micro-transactions and other issues, NBA 2K20 is getting review-bombed on Metacritic and Steam.

Same game wrapped in new package each year, basically that's how most of the sports genre titles operate in general. These games are annually put out in stores with noting more than a few minor updates and a full-priced tag.

Aside from these common criticisms, latest release form this year's basketball simulation video game series came under fire by upset fans and NBA 2K20 starts getting review-bombed on Metacritic and Steam within weeks of launch.

nba 2k20 review bomb metacritic steam pc version visual concepts 2k games
NBA 2K20 Review-Bombed on Metacritic and Steam

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This outrage from fans is largely due to aggressive micro-transactions used in the game and reports of crashes that has currently sunk its Metacritic user score to 0.5 and similarly, reviews on Steam has been overwhelmingly negative so far.

Players are highlighting methods used in NBA 2K20 as a gambling scheme for publisher and they were fed up with its long loading times. Its glitches are so weird that people started a hashtag #Fix2K20, which started trending on Twitter.

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If carelessness of developers about actually adding new content to their game was not obvious enough until now, it became more evident than ever when PC version of NBA 2K20 shows you a logo of NBA 2K19 on Windows taskbar.

Whenever big-name developers and publishers do something that irks their fan-base, they often lean towards review-bombing to get their attention on particular issue since most of these companies do not listen to their customers at all.

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Even though heavily panned by fans, sports-title selling companies like developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Games will shamelessly put out new NBA 2K installments each year that is just few roster updates and some slight changes.

Considering how sports titles are one of the most money generating machines in video game industry, developers should get back to fixing these major issues of NBA 2K20 that are angering fans on all platforms as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Madden NFL 20 Superstar KO Mode Live Now

Play as NFL superstars in fast-paced Superstar KO co-op mode live now for Madden NFL 20.

This year's football season has already been kicked-off for fans when Madden NFL 20 by developer EA Tiburon and publisher Electronic Arts was officially released earlier on August 2, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While most players are probably busy with Super Bowl or building their Madden Ultimate Team to take the fun to another level, EA decided to add Superstar KO co-op mode to its roster through a free update and it's live now.

madden nfl 20 superstar ko mode live pc ps4 xbox ea
Madden NFL 20 Superstar KO Mode Live Now

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Take a brief look at what gameplay features newly added Superstar KO mode will offer you in Madden NFL 20.

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This is an attempt to let you team up with your friends to play a 3v3 Madden game after choosing a Superstar KO team that features a unique celebrity coach and each of them will bring their own strategies to win over.

Usually, a regular game in any sports simulator title would require nearly an hour to complete and not everyone has that much time. Instead of stretching for 45-60 minutes, this new co-op mode will let you finish within 5-8 minutes.

madden nfl 20 superstar ko mode squad up pc ps4 xbox ea
Squad Up Your Superstars

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These games are quite competitive and have great replay value for its intensity for lasting over a brief period of time. Aside from ringing your squad mates to join up, you can also draft X-Factor players to lift up their spirits.

There are about 50 of NFL's most elite athletes that have made it to X-Factor for Madden 20. These superstars will enter the field with more than their start status and their actions will reflect their real-life skill set for game.

madden 20 ko mode live pc ps4 xbox ea nfl superstar
Feel Like an NFL Superstar

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All of these amazing abilities are enrolled into latest Superstar KO mode for players to make good use of them to win your rivals over. This is your way of showing who the champ is and you can earn some Ultimate Team rewards as well.

Aside from emphasize on squad play and each Superstar KO team has their own playbook in Madden NFL 20. Depending on what playstyle suits you most, browse for one from eight premade teams that works best for you.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Rocket League Adds Knight Rider Car Pack DLC

Iconic futuristic car K.I.T.T. from '80s blockbuster TV show Knight Rider speeds into vehicular soccer game Rocket League.

With 1980's themed seasonal event "Radical Summer" currently in full swing for vehicular soccer game Rocket League, celebration focused on '80s popular blockbusters are currently ongoing by developer/publisher Psyonix.

Before closing out, one last ode to a classic television show from that decade seemed like a long overdue and thus came the idea of adding advanced, self-aware futuristic car K.I.T.T. into newest Knight Rider Car Pack DLC.

rocket league knight rider car pack dlc psyonix pc ps4 xb1
Rocket League Adds Knight Rider Car Pack DLC

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Already available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, it includes K.I.T.T. Battle-Car, K.I.T.T. Wheels and K.I.T.T. Gullwing steering wheel Topper but unfortunately, self-driving capabilities will not be a part of it.

Although late, K.I.T.T. has eventually come to leave its mark on pitch as from a very early phase of Rocket League, Psyonix always wanted to add the car to their assembly and that goal is finally fulfilled with Knight Rider Car Pack.

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However, they didn't have enough resources or enough turnaround time back then to bring K.I.T.T. into tracks. Until the game becomes a hit in recent years, developers were not sure whether a licensed DLC pack would be successful.

Rocket League currently features more than a dozen of licensed vehicles that were taken from a renowned movie or TV show. Following its inclusion, K.I.T.T. has now become a center of appeal for Radical Summer event.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for June 2019

Members of Xbox Live Gold service will get free games like Earth Defense Force 2017, NHL 19 and Portal: Still Alive in June 2019.

Players of Xbox community and valued members of Xbox Live Gold monthly subscription service are getting a reveal for upcoming lineup of June 2019 free games and there are four titles from different categories to appease them all.

As usual, two of these titles belong from Xbox 360 platform that are made available to play on Xbox One via backward compatibility. Be prepared to indulge yourself within excitement of ice hockey simulation or in an acclaimed third-person shooter.

xbox live gold free games june 2019 ea sports nhl 19 portal
Xbox Live Gold Free Games for June 2019

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EA Sports NHL 19
An elite among its franchise and a recent release, NHL 19 improves on exiting features while adds new game modes to play outdoors. Gameplay mechanics like action, responsiveness and speed have been improved for better experience.

Received mostly in positive light by fans because of its extensive customization options to add more personalized touch, NHL 19 also allows your custom player to go up skating against more than 200 hockey legends to become a real winner.

ea sports nhl 19 xbox live gold free game
NHL 19 on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Rivals of Aether
Despite being a fighting game, Rivals of Aether has a Story mode that pits you in combat against opponents from a character roster full of various mutant animals, each representing natural elements like Air, Earth, Fire, Water and more.

Although it was inspired by Super Smash Bros., this platform fighter sets itself apart in many aspects of gameplay. Also, Ori and Sein joins as guest characters from indie games Ori and the Blind Forest and Shovel Knight respectively.

rivals of aether xbox live gold free game
Rivals of Aether on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Portal: Still Alive
Though not an original release, Portal: Still Alive is an Xbox 360 port for 2007 Portal game from The Orange Box game compilation and is now even made available to modern Xbox consoles to experience it, thanks to backward compatibility.

A puzzle-based gameplay tests you to escape from a laboratory where you are stuck by breaking the laws of physics. There are newly added 14 bonus test chambers for players to wisely use full advantage of their surroundings to get out.

portal still alive xbox live gold free game
Portal: Still Alive on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Earth Defense Force 2017
In anticipation of an upcoming alien invasion, Earth Defense Force was formed and now that they are here, it's time to mow them down. However, things are proven harder than what everyone expected but fractions of EDF still prevailed.

Player takes role of an unnamed Captain from a Japanese unit, Storm 1 to repel attacks from ant-like race of Ravagers. Soon, giant mechs and spiders have joined to make things worse by forcing EDF adapt a guerrilla tactics of combat.

earth defense force 2017 xbox live gold free game
Earth Defense Force 2017 on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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All members with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription can exclusively access these titles above for free throughout the entirety of June 2019 and can purchase them for adding them to library from Microsoft Store with special discount offer.

Games With Gold is giving away a total worth of $104.96 of games for free this month and you can sign up right now by spending only $1 for first month to enjoy free games and exclusive cut rate each month as well as an advanced multiplayer service.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Epic Games Acquires Psyonix

Revealed in a surprise announcement, Epic Games will be acquiring Rocket League developer studio Psyonix very soon.

After scoring surprising success with vehicular soccer game Rocket League on all major platforms, indie developer/publisher Psyonix has made quite a reputation and now they are being acquired by industry giant Epic Games.

Obviously this transaction will take time as each party would negotiate their conditions, which will probably take another month or two and the game will eventually come to their digital distribution platform Epic Games Store.

epic games buys rocket league psyonix
Epic Games Acquires Psyonix

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Epic has managed to amass a fortune by taking the world by storm with their free-to-play online Battle Royale game Fortnite and now they even have their own online marketplace to feature exclusive titles from various publishers.

Although Psyonix claimed to provide continued support for PC version of Rocket League through releasing frequent updates but from what it looks like, it will become another exclusive game when it comes to Epic Store in late 2019.

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It is stated in their official announcement that the title will stay on every other available platform for sale and cleared their intent to support all existing purchase on Steam, tactfully avoid mentioning whether they are completely removing it from Valve's storefront.

Of course, that is just a speculation at this point but a very obvious one given Epic's recent history of bagging exclusives from Steam. However, moving over to Epic Games would give Psyonix some long-term advantage like getting more eSports coverage.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pyre is Enhanced for PS4 Pro

I truly hope you will have an opportunity to play the soon to be released action role-playing game Pyre from Supergiant Games when it makes its debut. You really will be looking forward to Pyre if you had enjoyed Bastion or Transistor from the same developers. Pyre is party-based RPG featuring Supergiant's biggest campaign ever and is embedded with unique characters. Trust me when I say, I cannot wait for you to play this game.

pyre game ps4 4k
Pyre; Enhanced for PS4 Pro

You can get the tip of an ice-berg on how much fun and captivating experience the game is offering in the launch trailer below.

Though the trailer doesn't give away much, it is longer than what Supergiant Games had done for two of their previous installments. To add credit to that, they also managed to not reveal much of the inside details of the game. You will realize this for yourself when you will play the game and discover first hand that how much more there is to explore yet as you move forward.

With a large imaginative world for the band of outlaws to roam over, Pyre features a sports-style "versus" mode aside their regular campaign mode. There are more than 50 PlayStation network trophies and a platinum one in Pyre for you to hunt down in for a more rewarding experience.

pyre game rpg ps4
Join Your Fellow Exiles

Pyre will be running smoothly on PlayStation 4 Pro in 4K at 60 frames per second, which is the very first time for any of the game the developers have worked on before and it looks simply amazing. Even on a standard PlayStation 4, Pyre will run in 1080p and 60 FPS, except for unfortunate rare occasions when the frame rates might slightly fluctuate. Game designer Greg Kasavin explains that it doesn't really matter if you do not have a PS4 Pro, as the game will run fine regarding of your console.

As per their previous announcement from May, Pyre will be out on July 25th, 2017 on Linux, Mac, PC and PlayStation 4 for all. You can get your hands on the game for $19.99 only but only if you pre-order now, you might have a 10% discount and get it for $17.99 only.