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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

Two new masterminds, Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer are revealed to be added in Resident Evil: Resistance.

Though many players thought Resident Evil: Resistance to be a standalone title at start, it was revealed by developer/publisher Capcom as a replacement for Mercenaries mode of upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Still months away from release, two new Masterminds are being added to its 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience lately. Joining Annette Birkin and Daniel Fabron are returning characters Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer.

resident evil resistance new masterminds alex wesker ozwell spencer capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

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Alex Wesker
Series fans can recognize Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2, who served as its main antagonist. Despite sharing last name with infamous Albert Wesker, these two has less in common and different ways of achieving goals.

Rather than approaching things directly, she would lay out plans for things to go as planned in the end. Often times, she would catch survivors off-guard by putting roadblocks on their way and then enhance nearby zombies.

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Alex is a bit sadistic and likes to play with her prey by subjecting them to horrible experiments and psychological horrors. Therefore, she fits perfectly in role of a cunning Mastermind and her trump card is carnivorous plant Yateveo.

Yateveo is a deadly bio-weapon that takes slight inspiration from other plant-based enemies from Resident Evil series like Ivy and Plant 42. Though its position is fixed at one place, it can still cause great harm and thwart your objectives.

resident evil resistance plant based bio weapon creature yateveo capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Plant-Based Monster Yateveo

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Ozwell Spencer
Umbrella Corporation was founded by Ozwell Spencer to fulfill his insidious dream of achieving immortality. Since he has always remained behind shadows throughout entire RE series, it is very fitting for him to become a Mastermind.

Before his appearance in Resident Evil 5, players have never seen him and his presence was very brief. Upon discovering of recent reports by Alex on a virus mutation, Ozwell has taken a more direct approach with his experiments.

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Unlike Annette Birkin or Daniel Fabron, Spencer cannot summon mutated G-Birkin or mighty Tyrant Mr. X and even though he will not be controlling a bio-weapon to halt his subjects, his use of Disintegration Field will be severely damaging.

Its cooldown period is relatively shorter than other powerful bio-weapons and all of his creatures will still remain unaffected. Any plans laid out to delay survivors in escaping by father of Umbrella are designed to slowly wear them off.

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Whereas Alex's playstyle will be largely focused on setting traps to try and stop any survivors from escaping her grasp, Ozwell would rely more on his company tech to slowly trap everyone and redirect them into his grand scheme.

Although settings and survivors of Project Resistance are from around Raccoon City, Capcom has confirmed its premise to be non-canon, which gave dev team freedom of bringing any series character back into play as a Mastermind.

resident evil resistance abandoned casino map capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Abandoned Casino Map

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Brand-new maps include an abandoned casino that is simply titled Casino and Abandoned Park nearing outskirts of town. During initial wave of an outbreak, these locations were quickly abandoned and swarmed with monsters.

Resident Evil: Resistance will let you play as one of these evil Masterminds or young survivors when it arrives on April 3, 2020 for Resident Evil 3 Remake for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms to serve as multiplayer component.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Daymare: 1998 Comes to PS4 and Xbox One

Invader Studios has finally announced PS4 and Xbox One version of Daymare: 1998 to arrive on April 2020.

Back in September 2019, third-person survival horror title Daymare: 1998 from indie developer Invader Studios was solely released for PC platform via GOG and Steam by publisher All in! Games and Destructive Creations.

Built in veins of 90's horror genre, this hardcore gorefest will make its console debut later this month on PlayStation 4 in Japan, before seeing PS4 and Xbox One launch on April 28, 2020 for Europe and North American regions.

daymare 1998 ps4 xb1 third-person survival horror game invader studios all in games destructive creations
Daymare: 1998 Comes to PS4 and Xbox One

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GS2 Games takes charge of retail distributions for a physical edition of PS4 version in North America and Meridiem Games will be handling European market, while Xbox version is currently planned for a digital release only.

Plot premise for Daymare is set on a small town of Keen Sight, where a dangerous chemical weapon incident within a secret research lab has led to a deadly virus outbreak and turned majority of its populace into mindless monsters.

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Players would experience entire narrative in different perspective of a forest ranger Samuel, elite soldier Liev and helicopter pilot Raven. Aside from survival, gameplay aspects largely focus on inventory management and puzzle solving.

Invader Studios was formed by a group of fans attempting a Resident Evil 2 fan-made remake. Following official announcement of RE2 Remake by Capcom in 2015, its dev team has changed their work into Daymare: 1998, an original IP.

Metro Exodus Coming to Steam

Metro Exodus will be returning to Steam very soon after a year of timed exclusivity at Epic Games Store.

Shortly before its worldwide release, first-person shooter Metro Exodus was snagged by Epic Games Store for PC platform, leaving Steam. Though all pre-orders were fulfilled, Epic Games was heavily bashed by series fans for this shady move.

Even developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver faced heavy backlash from PC gaming community. A year later, that timed exclusivity period is finally coming to an end as the game will return to Steam on February 15, 2020.

metro exodus steam release date february 15 4a games deep silver first-person shooter action game pc
Metro Exodus Coming to Steam

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In a divisive move of bait and switch, this title was one of the most-anticipated games that became exclusive to Epic Store. Those games are expected to show up in other storefronts over time once their signed deal expires eventually.

In a query of customers, official Twitter account for Metro Exodus has revealed that Windows PC version will not arrive on GOG anytime soon and many are speculating that it has something to do with their DRM-free policy.

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Both Standard and Gold Edition of the game is currently available at 40% off on Epic Games Store until February 14, 2020. Also don't forget to pick up Expansion Pass or additional DLC pack "The Two Colonels" for 25% discount.

Metro Exodus is third installment of Metro series, continuing from story of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Although Steam has not yet listed its retail price yet, its first DLC and Expansion Pass are available for purchase.

Dead by Daylight, Secret Neighbor and Surviving Mars on Xbox Free Play Days

Members of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate gets to play Dead by Daylight, Secret Neighbor and Surviving Mars on Free Play Days event this weekend.

Another exciting Xbox Free Play Days event has returned with three new great games for members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services to keep busy gaming on their Xbox One consoles for entire weekend.

Subscribers can jump right in to download and play Dead by Daylight, Secret Neighbor and Surviving Mars at Microsoft Store from February 6, 12:01 AM PST/3:01 AM EDT through February 9, 11:59 PM PST/2:59 AM EDT.

dead by daylight secret neighbor surviving mars xbox live gold free play days event
Dead by Daylight, Secret Neighbor and Surviving Mars on Xbox Free Play Days

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Special Edition of asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive brings back a chilling experience of 4v1 multiplayer gameplay mechanics that pits a group of players against each other in two teams.

Breaking into a neighboring house to save your friend from its basement is not so easy when you got a traitor within your group. Suspenseful Horror title Secret Neighbor tasks players to find creepy secrets of a relentless pursuer.

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Sci-fi city builder game Surviving Mars teaches you all essential about colonizing the Red Planet. Choose an ideal location to settle down before getting oxygen, supplies and to deal with calamities like sandstorms on a regular basis.

Nearing end of Xbox Free Play Days event, you might still want to continue playing and you simply can by purchasing these games. Not only your membership gets you an exciting discount, achievements and gamescores will carry over as well.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2 to Feature Nudity & Sexual Content

ESRB rating for The Last of Us Part 2 reveals to feature nudity and explicit sexual content, a first for a Naughty Dog game.

Known as original developer of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series, Naughty Dog studio is largely known for developing family-friendly games but then they started to lean more towards adult themes during PlayStation 3 era.

With 2013 release of acclaimed action-adventure survival horror The Last of Us, a lot of gore and graphic violence was introduced but upcoming The Last of Us Part II will be the first Naughty Dog title to feature nudity and sexual content.

the last of us part 2 sexual content nudity rating ps4 exclusive naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
The Last of Us Part 2 to Feature Nudity & Sexual Content

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According to new age rating given by ESRB on official PlayStation Store page, TLoU2 received "M" for "Mature" mark. Its predecessor title has already displayed intense violence but they never really explored explicit content territory.

Though an early demo of TLoU Part II had some comments and mild overtone at adult themes, they were actually too subtle to be on the nose. It simply shows Ellie and Dina talking about their relationship while sharing a joint together.

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As an adult now, Ellie is romantically involved with a girl named Dina and there may be intimate moments between them that are shown throughout gameplay when she goes on a killing spree after something wrong probably happened to her love.

Adding "nudity" and "sexual content" is a major leap for Naughty Dog since they were mostly suggestive in past when it came to intimate subject. These content warning is a clear hint of studio claim for most mature and adult tale yet.

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Though major studios often make sex scenes between video game characters awkward and cringey, Naughty Dog can be trusted to make an artistic and true-to-life depiction for a story, given their reputation in narrative design.

Though many fans were disappointed when news of The Last of Us Part II being delayed came out but then game director Neil Druckmann assured everyone that it will make fans proud when it finally arrives on May 29, 2020.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Announced by Original Director

Original Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans will return for new Silent Hill and a Fatal Frame movie.

When director Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Saint Ange) made a live-action adaptation of Silent Hill back in 2006, it got barely noticed by franchise fans, regardless of which a lackluster sequel was made in 2012 anyway.

In a recent interview with French website Allocine, Gans has revealed that he is currently busy working on a film adaption of survival horror game series Fatal Frame AKA Project Zero and returning to direct a new Silent Hill movie as well.

new silent hill film fatal frame movie director christophe gans konami psychological horror reboot 2020
New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Announced by Original Director

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His former project will be set in Japan due to its roots are inspired from many cultural aspects of haunted house setting. Latter film will project atmosphere of a small American town that has been devastated by Puritan movements.

For his latest projects, Gans will be collaborating with executive producer of Resident Evil movies, Victor Hadida. Like his previous film, Gans is very committed to stay faithfully close to source material of these media.

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Gans also revealed in his interview that after his stint on first Silent Hill movie, he stepped away from an offer to direct its 2012 sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation, when he realized that producers wanted to make a film like Resident Evil.

Compared to many other video game movies released over years, 2006 version of Silent Hill was better received by critics and fans alike. Gans was successful in recreating a fog-covered town and recurring themes shown in series titles.

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Konami has kind of abandoned this popular franchise after cancellation of 2014 psychological horror reboot title Silent Hills and is busy making pachinko machines these days, leading many fans to believe that the series has come to an end.

However, it seems like they are finally moving towards a right direction since upcoming Silent Hill movie by Christophe Gans is going to be joined by two new video game titles as well that are reportedly under development now.

Resident Evil Reportedly Redesigned Chris Redfield Again

According to leaks, Capcom has changed appearance of series protagonist Chris Redfield once again for new game.

While majority of Resident Evil survival horror franchise fans are currently waiting to get their hands on Resident Evil 3 Remake just in a few months, rumors on a new installment from developer/publisher Capcom is still flying around.

After breaking a major revelation on Resident Evil 8 and some of its enemy details earlier, reputed leaker AestheticGamer has recently claimed that protagonist Chris Redfield is going through another redesign for next series title.

resident evil chris redfield redesign capcom survivor horror pc ps5 xbox series x
Resident Evil Reportedly Redesigned Chris Redfield Again

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In a recent discussion on social media regarding alleged change of concept for Resident Evil 8 and werewolves, he has affirmed that Chris has been redesigned again and his new look will be revealed in a new release before that title.

Capcom has invited RE Ambassadors within U.S. region last year to test a brand-new untitled Resident Evil game that many initially thought to be Project Resistance but then it turned out to be a multiplayer mode for RE3 Remake.

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During his ongoing conversation, AestheticGamer admits of Chris being redesigned for next RE entry in works.

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There is a chance that Chris would show up in that untitled project that is not RE8 and has a rumored release window on 2021. Whatever they end up doing, this will not be the first time for this former S.T.A.R.S. member to get a new look.

Capcom changed appearance of original Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield after first RE game for Code: Veronica. Then he became a boulder punching buff guy in Resident Evil 5; a look that is also adapted for franchise animated films.

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Following his stint on Resident Evil 6, he was changed into a normal-sized human when he showed up in Not a Hero DLC of Resident Evil 7. A full character model for this version was also found lately in codes of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Seeing how many times he has gone through revamp over all these years, it is not unlikely for Capcom to do it again because a lot of things can happen during development to change course and even totally scrap design concepts of a character.

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Though these stories are not much believable in most cases, they are hard to ignore when they are from reliable sources. This leaker in question is no random one and has a history of accurately predicting major Resident Evil leaks in past.

Regardless of next series release to be a sequel for RE7: Biohazard or a spin-off game, fans can only be confirmed after an official reveal. Some even says that Capcom may end up announcing a new RE game at PlayStation 5 reveal in February.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Resident Evil 8 Leaked Enemy Details

Recent leaked details reveal possible characters, gameplay and monsters we can expect in Resident Evil 8.

Shortly after 2017 release of Resident Evil 7, rumor starts flying that developer/publisher Capcom is already on board for their next entry of their popular survival horror series Resident Evil, which they neither denied nor confirmed.

Afterwards, fans were mostly busy hyping for remake of classic games and were less worried about Resident Evil 8. However, some most recent leaks have people talking once again regarding possible future direction of RE franchise.

resident evil 8 leaked enemy details capcom survival horror ps5 xbox series x snow castle
Resident Evil 8 Leaked Enemy Details

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Newest details uncovered by Biohazard Declassified from leaker @AsetheticGamer1 via an email primarily claims that RE8 has been under development since 2016 but then Capcom had it scrapped nearly seven months ago to start over.

Reason for this apparent action was not explained nor is this claim confirmed by an official source yet though. This also debunks a current rumor of Capcom planning to announce next RE game at launch event for PlayStation 5.

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Sources states that RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters will be returning as a playable character for next chapter and will be played in first-person, which are pretty common for a follow-up sequel to carry on key-traits of its predecessor title.

Playing through a certain perspective can cause a swirl among series fans considering some really appreciated first-person viewpoint of Resident Evil 7, whereas many fans would prefer to enjoy an over-the-shoulder camera angle.

ethan winters resident evil 8 biohazard survival horror game capcom pc ps5 xbox series x
Ethan Winters Will Return

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Instead of naming it Resident Evil 8, Capcom will put a "clever title" and that really doesn't make much sense at all. Not clear if fungus-like humanoid enemies Molded will be replaced but classic zombies are making a comeback.

Players will start from a small village, which will lead up to a castle and we had something similar like that in Resident Evil 4. This rural location will likely be covered in snow and will have a mountainous surrounding, may be from Europe.

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Apparently, players will be hounded by a shadowy "female" enemy but will disappear if you shot at them. This sounds a lot like a variant of Eveline but she would only show up near you at times and only vanish when you look away.

Previously, another industry leaker known as EVIL VR has claimed that RE8 will explore origin of Eveline in an abandoned island. They were supposedly too brink back Hook Man from Resident Evil 3.5 and concept of hallucinations.

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This leak also mentions of wolf-like creatures to attack player character at certain areas and they may serve as Cerberus-like enemies. Capcom simply could bring a pack of large wolves, instead of introducing any werewolf-like beings.

Lastly, fan-favorite monster hunter Chris Redfield would make an appearance at some point. Whether that is to punch boulder or to hunt down enemies in a story expansion is still not clear but there is a high probability for the latter.

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AestheticGamer adds that following release of Resident Evil 3 Remake, developers are not planning any remakes anytime soon. After scrapping their previous work, everyone is probably going back to concept board to start from scratch.

With all that crazy rumors flying around, Resident Evil 8 has never been officially announced being in development by Capcom so far. It appears that they are currently attempting to reboot Dino Crisis franchise after two decades.

Dying Light: Bad Blood Free for Original Game Players

Techland offers free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood on Steam for owners of Dying Light, to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Much to dismay of many fans of open-world survival horror game franchise Dying Light; developer Techland has recently announced an unfortunate delay for an indefinite period of time to release upcoming Dying Light 2.

Today is marking fifth year anniversary of its series debut and therefore, Techland is celebrating this occasion by offering a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood on Steam to everyone who owns a copy of the original game on any version.

dying light bad blood free pc steam 5 year anniversary techland battle royale multiplayer survival horror
Dying Light: Bad Blood Free for Original Game Players

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With a purchased copy of Dying Light on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One platforms, eligible players can go visit docket site of Techland to claim a limited time free Steam code for a copy on PC now and extend their experience.

Bad Blood is an Early Access game for PC, launched by same studio on September 2018 and is typically sold for $19.99 only. Its gameplay mechanics is a mix of PvP and PvE elements for Survivors to fight alone or make some friends.

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You will only require creating an account to register or just log into an existing one to link your Microsoft, PS4 or Steam account. Before you do, make sure that you have played the game for a while for a banner to show up with instructions.

Bad Blood features core mechanics of brutal melee combat and parkour movements in a competitive multiplayer. Other than engaging your rival in direct conflict, you can always try to avoid them by outrunning or outsmarting them.

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Set within same dystopian universe of Dying Light, it adopts a very early concept of battle royale genre of games where you would compete for a last man standing competition between 12 players in a perilous zombie-infested area.

Moving away from Dead Island survival horror series, Techland saw an immense support from dedicated player community of Dying Light over years and they wanted to show their appreciation with giveaway of Dying Light: Bad Blood.