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Thursday, May 28, 2020

PlayStation Plus Free Games for June 2020

PlayStation Plus free games lineup for June 2020 adds Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Ahead of their regular schedule, Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled one of their free PlayStation Plus games from upcoming June 2020 lineup earlier to celebrate annual Memorial Day and promised to reveal more afterwards.

Sony is adding first-person shooter title Call of Duty: WWII and action shooter game Star Wars Battlefront II of 2017 for members of PS Plus. Starting from June 2, you can download and start playing these two titles until July 6, 2020.

call of duty ww2 star wars battlefront 2 game ps4 plus sony interactive entertainment activision sledgehammer games raven software electronic arts ea dice
PlayStation Plus Free Games for June 2020

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CoD: WWII was announced earlier for its World War II theme to contrast with federal holiday that honors military personnel for their bravery. It features a decent story campaign, engaging multiplayer mode and return of Nazi Zombies.

A sequel to 2015 rebooted series entry, Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the most controversial Star Wars titles in years to come. Though riddled with loot box issues at launch, EA DICE worked hard to overcome their shortcomings eventually.

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There has been rumor of Sony giving away Marvel's Spider-Man to PlayStation Plus members this month, which they already added to PlayStation Now monthly streaming service earlier and will be leaving PS Now library of games in July.

Few days ago, Sony has sent out codes to PS Plus members for two-month of free subscription to FUNimation Premium as compensation for free games of May; Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19, still available until June 1, 2020.

Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris on Xbox Free Play Days

Free Play Days brings Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members this weekend.

Helping out people stuck indoors to pass time and have some decent enjoyment amidst a global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, Xbox Free Play Days weekly event is back again for all members of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate.

Those who are active subscribers can jump on board starting from May 28, 12:01 AM PDT/3:01 AM EDT and visit Microsoft Store to download free games for this weekend on Xbox One consoles until May 31, 11:59 PM PDT/2:59 AM EDT.

hunt showdown jump force stellaris xbox live gold free play days event
Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris on Xbox Free Play Days

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Masterfully blending PvE and PvP genre of gameplay into one, Hunt: Showdown is a bounty hunting shooter that let players assume roles of bounty hunters trying to clear demonic creatures of Louisiana swamps solo or in groups.

As you take out demons lurking around, keep watchful eyes on fellow hunters looking for gold. When your character dies, you lose almost all of your progression but experience, which can then be passed down to another via Bloodline.

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Anime lovers who often fantasize about their favorite heavyweights from to have a chance to duke it out should try out Jump Force from developer Spike Chunsoft and publisher Bandai Namco for a crossover fighting experience.

When you are playing as Goku, Luffy, Naruto or anyone else, you are not stepping into the arena on your own but as a team. Its plot may seem a bit messy but gameplay is still pretty good and fluid in terms of solo or multiplayer.

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A grand strategy game that expands your legacy across cosmos, Stellaris takes a spin on classic genre type for a journey of discovery where you can govern their own populace and employ wondrous tech to establish reign across galaxies.

Xbox Free Play Days lets you continue having fun even when your limited trail is over by simply purchasing those titles at a great member discount. All of your hard earned achievements and gamescores will be carried out to main game as well.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers looter shooter bundle Borderlands: Handsome Collection for PC in free giveaway of this week.

For past two consecutive weeks, Epic Games have offered big-name PC titles on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store in weekly giveaways and those games turn out to be exactly what was suggested in an early leak.

Epic Store is adding a compilation bundle of Borderlands first-person shooter, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for this week, which is currently available to claim for anyone with a free account before June 4, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

borderlands handsome collection free pc game epic games store 2015 first-person shooter game gearbox software 2K games
Borderlands: Handsome Collection Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Handsome Collection features Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in one anthology set, including all additional DLCs. Both of these critically-acclaimed titles are updated with high-definition graphics for a definitive experience.

You can join with up to four players online for co-op gameplay mode on split screen for very first time. Nothing has changed much in terms of story that take place in Pandora to beyond moon but loots have become more frequent.

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Borderlands series is known for its slapstick comedy, a load of goofiness and more guns that you can possibly count at once. Borderlands 2 lets you play as one of four Vault Hunters in a campaign against psychotic villain, Handsome Jack.

Pre-Sequel gives you a peek at Jack's past and how he came to be who he is today by defeating Lost Legion to gain control over Helios space station. It bridges a gap between first two mainline Borderlands game and adds RPG aspects to its genre.

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Though players on PC often receive smaller titles on EGS giveaway, Epic Games is going big lately. Also available today is newly released indie open-world strolling title Sludge Life from Devolver Digital, free-to-claim for another 12 months.

Epic Games Store is heavily promoting their ongoing Epic MEGA Sale with latest lineup of free games. As leaks have revealed earlier, action-adventure survival game Ark: Survival Evolved may arrive as a freebie on Epic Store for next week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

State of Play: The Last of Us Part II Showcase

Naughty Dog offers an extended look at The Last of Us Part II gameplay and story in latest State of Play broadcast.

Arguably one of the most talked-about games of 2020; upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title The Last of Us Part II by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is in less than a month from its anticipated release.

Following recent showcase for Ghost of Tsushima a few weeks back, Sony has revealed a brand-new State of Play episode today featuring in-depth gameplay preview for The Last of Us sequel, which premiered earlier on Twitch and YouTube.

last of us part 2 state of play gameplay showcase combat stealth skill tree ps4 exclusive action adventure survival horror naughty dog sony entertainment interactive
State of Play: The Last of Us Part II Showcase

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TLoU2 game director Neil Druckmann breaks down gameplay details and story experience in an extended video.

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State of Play broadcast begins with a flashback to previous events and then moves to previously shown footage from The Last of Us 2. A couple of years after first game, Ellie have moved with a community of survivors in Jackson, Wyoming.

They were able to find peace and safety behind town walls from horrors of a global pandemic. Ellie has grown up to be on her own and even found love within her community until everything was ruined all of a sudden by a tragic event.

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She begins her latest journey looking for justice and revenge, which takes her to unforeseen parts of outside world, voyaging though various weather conditions and different seasons that were not explored before in 2013 predecessor title.

Part II has added new traversal mechanics that will allow Ellie to climb, jump over gaps and even use ropes to scale or swing over. This way, she can access to new areas for a greater exploration, find resources or avoid threats.

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She can cover a most part of a vast open-world on horseback and sometime she requires riding a boat to go past flooded streets. In her quest to seek retribution, she would come across human enemies, guard dogs and infected creatures.

A huge part of story premise takes place in Seattle, which was formerly a quarantine zone and has now become a warzone for its former residents. Members of two surviving fractions are constantly fighting over control of land and resources.

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One of these groups is a militia force named Washington Liberation Front or simply known as WLF for short. They fought military occupation in early days of pandemic and were able to gain control over Seattle but still wary of trespassers.

Then there is a fanatical religious cult calling themselves Seraphites or Scars, also fighting for territory and living among themselves. These guys are brutal in their ways, prefers to be very stealthy when they go out and roam in groups.

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Alongside these murdering sects, the deadly threat of Cordyceps infected creatures is still out there to take you out if you are not ready. Aside from Clickers, Runners and Stalkers, TLoU2 introduces a new enemy type called Shamblers.

These heavily armored beings are overly mutated threats that will spread out corrosive spores that can burn you. Druckmann mentions of one more lethal enemy class in his narration that has been kept in reserve to discover upon launch.

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More details on various gameplay mechanics such as combat, crafting, listen mode, skill tree development, senses, stealth and other aspects that were discussed in early videos are given a through breakdown by game director himself.

Hiding under tall grasses is an easy cover but enemies can easily find you when they are in close proximity. If you get surrounded, running away is a better way to avoid being mobbed and then slowly establish cover to come up with new plan.

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Otherwise, Ellie can choose to fight back as she is more agile than most enemies and has a number of weapons to defend herself. She can place a perfect shot or use any throwable items to stun them before finally taking them down.

Although she can take care of herself, Ellie will be backed up by her lover Dina or friend Jesse in few of her missions. In presence of multiple types of enemies, you need to come up with new strategy of approach or pit them against each other.

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In an extended gameplay sequence, Ellie explores around Seattle by swimming and ends up in a WLF territory. She sneaks up on a girl from enemy camp playing on her PlayStation Vita and kills her shortly afterwards by stabbing in her throat.

On her way to entering a nearby compound she kills a bunch of more guards, displaying almost all of the previously discussed features. She even drops a on an unsuspecting WLF member and her guard dog, potentially buring them both alive.

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It appears that previous 4Chan leak claiming The Last of Us sequel would be a "Revenge Story" against a cult was accurate on a few things about Seraphites and WLF but fans will have to wait till its release to see if all those rumors were true.

Throughout 23-minutes long State of Play episode for The Last of Us Part II deep-dives into many gameplay elements that largely emphasize on a unique playthrough experience that can still interest of many players despite early leaks.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Announced

SNK announces to launch Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection bundle for PC, PS4 and Switch very soon.

Returning to sword-based fighting genre after a decade of absence, developer/publisher SNK Corporation launched latest installment of Samurai Shodown game series for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, awaiting release on Nintendo Switch.

Last year, a compilation of Samurai Shodown series was officially announced by SNK during PAX East 2019. Fast-forward to 2020, Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection has finally been revealed recently to release soon for Switch, PC and PS4.

samurai shodown neo geo collection release date pc egs steam nintendo switch ps4 sword-based fighting game snk digital eclipse
Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Announced

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SNK is teaming up with Digital Eclipse to port mainline Samurai Shodown games to modern gaming platforms.

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SamSho NeoGeo Collection adds all six games from original franchise including a never-before released seventh title. An updated version of fifth series entry, Samurai Shodown V Perfect will be making its debut with brand-new content.

Each of these titles features online versus battle mode to play Ranked Match with someone of your skill level or enjoy Casual Match. You can also invite someone you know online to engage in Challenge Friend mode for a friendly fight.

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There is a museum section with concept arts, design documents and video interviews from development phase. Its impressive collection of over 200 soundtracks played via in-game music player ensures to deliver a definitive experience.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection is set to launch on PC via Epic Games Store on June 11 as a weekly free giveaway. Steam release is scheduled for June 18, followed by Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store launch on July 28, 2020.

Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

Xbox Game Pass to add No Man's Sky next month for Game Pass Ultimate members on PC and consoles.

Though initially failed to live up to hype at launch, multiplayer action-adventure survival game No Man's Sky from developer/publisher Hello Games has eventually made a significant progress over past few years and lived up to its promises.

Ahead of June 2020, game director Sean Murray announces to add NMS to Xbox Game Pass for upcoming lineup of next month. Members on PC and Xbox One platform can jump on board very soon for some exciting planetary exploration.

xbox game pass no man's sky game pc xb1 2020 hello games
Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

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NMS allows players to explore a procedurally generated massive open-world and venture through several quintillions of planets. You can join many interstellar voyagers during your journey and join together to survive or trade.

In terms of content, No Man's Sky saw a complete overhaul following launch of NEXT update, which coincided with its Xbox One release. After adding multiplayer feature, Hello Games improved the experience with Beyond update.

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There has been a steady supply of free content update that included further adjustments, bug-fixes and much more on a regular basis. Most recently, Living Ship update arrived in February and Exo Mech update was rolled in during April.

Now that Xbox Game Pass has amassed over 10 million active members, indie studio Hello Games wants them to explore an infinite universe of No Man's Sky across both platforms while they prepare more updates to release in future.

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Last of Us 2 Banned in Middle East

Shortly ahead of launch, The Last of Us Part II has been banned from release in several Middle Eastern countries.

Only less than a month away from release on June 19, 2020, developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment are still facing trouble regarding launch of upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title The Last of Us Part II.

A recent post on Reddit by user Ghostechful reveals that The Last of Us 2 has apparently been banned by and will not be officially released on a few select countries in Middle East, most notably in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

last of us part 2 ps4 exclusive middle east ban saudi arabia united arab emirates ps store naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
The Last of Us 2 Banned in Middle East

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PS4 players can still purchase avatars and dynamic themes for TLoU2 on regional PlayStation Store but looking up for The Last of Us Part II only shows original PlayStation 3 version of The Last of Us and its 2014 PS4 remaster in search result.

PlayStation Support stated, any game not appearing in a regional store means it is banned by authorities of the country. However, Twitter account for PlayStation Arabia is still promoting upcoming State of Play episode focused on TLoU2.

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Regions in Middle East are known for being less tolerant LGBT themes compared to Western countries and many works of art often gets banned. Recently, Disney/Pixar fantasy-adventure film Onward got banned for a gay relationship reference.

Although no apparent reason for banning was revealed by authority yet, many are assuming that TLoU protagonist Ellie being openly a gay character, her relationship with Dina and having some LGBT themes overall could be a major reason.

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The Last of Us II is rated by ESRB for having "Nudity and Sexual" content but so does upcoming long-anticipated action RPG title Cyberpunk 2077, which is still available on stores for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates right now.

Given both of these titles features adult elements that are somewhat similar in themes; nudity was never an issue for this ban. The Last of Us heavily centers on LGBT representation, whereas CP 2077 lets players to choose their orientation.

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Ever since gameplay reveal trailer for The Last of Us II came out during E3 2018 event, people in KSA and UAE were shocked seeing the lesbian kissing scene between Ellie and Dina as many of them were not aware of Left Behind follow-up DLC.

Players in Middle East were expecting a ban from Saudi Arabia authority GCAM (General Commission for Audiovisual Media) but it will not have any effect to many since they can simply import copies of the game from other countries.

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Only affected parties are those who rely on digital purchase from local PSN stores and major official retail outlets. Small shops can still import enough stock from nearby gulf countries though or even from Europe and United States.

Naughty Dog and Sony is taking enough fire from fans already for ruining their experience of The Last of Us Part II following a disastrous story leak, which may hurt sales to a greater degree and now they are slammed with a regional ban.

PS Plus Reveals Call of Duty: WWII Free Games for June 2020

Sony reveals Call of Duty: WWII joining PlayStation Plus free games on June 2020 for Memorial Day.

Though full official lineup of PlayStation Plus free games for June 2020 is yet to be revealed, Sony Interactive Entertainment has taken the liberty of announcing one of them earlier this month to celebrate Memorial Day this year.

Starting from May 26, members of PS Plus can download 2017 first-person shooter title Call of Duty: WWII. Additional details on whether or not people can start playing right away or should wait until June are to be revealed very soon.

call of duty ww2 first-person shooter sledgehammer games activision ps4 plus free game sony interactive entertainment
PS Plus Reveals Call of Duty: WWII Free Games for June 2020

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Call of Duty franchsie has its deep roots in World War II related themes that started in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War. In 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare brought the series in present day and Infinite Warfare took to future.

When developer Sledgehammer Games and publisher Activision decided to return back to second World War era in CoD: WWII, it became highest-selling console game of that year and earned over $1 billion in revenue the same year.

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Call of Duty: WWII offers an engaging experience through its campaign story mode and beloved multiplayer. It features classic Nazi Zombies mode that follows a narrative-driven approach in four-player co-op mode against hordes of undead.

WWII is a very unique entry in entire Call of Duty series that both casual and seasoned players can enjoy due to its balancing aspects. PS Plus members who never got to play the game before can get their shot at it now on annual Memorial Day.

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Following a heavy backlash from PS Plus subscribers last month for adding two niche titles, Sony is most likely adding a big title like Call of Duty: WWII to have a better response from all of their active customers and avoid another mishap.

Sony usually announces their upcoming slate of PlayStation Plus free games for members on last Wednesday of each month. If you are a member, you can still pick up Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 before June 1, 2020.