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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Sonic Mania and Yakuza 0 on Xbox Free Play Days

Free Play Days offers Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Sonic Mania and Yakuza 0 for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members this week.

Another weekend of Xbox Free Play Days event returns with exciting new free games for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to enjoy on their Xbox One consoles while staying at home, practicing social distancing.

Starting right away from April 30, 12:01 AM PDT, get instant access to enjoy Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Sonic Mania and Yakuza 0 at Microsoft Store using your Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate membership until May 3, 11:59 PM PDT.

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Story of action role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is focused on Henry, son of a blacksmith. Following a massacre of his parents, he becomes a warrior seeking revenge by joining a resistance against King Sigismund.

In a classic revival of long-running Sonic the Hedgehog series, titular blue hedgehog, Tails and Knuckles returns for another exhilarating…

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store offers PC version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez for free giveaway.

Not only has Epic Games been back in business of handing out free PC games on weekly basis but lately at Epic Games Store, players are getting more than one titles in average and are likely to continue throughout entirety of 2020.

In their current giveaway, Epic Store has added action role-playing title Kingdom Come: Deliverance and 2D beat 'em up game Aztez for anyone to claim with a free account anytime before February 20, 7:00 PM PT/10:00 PM EDT.

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KC: Deliverance explores a story-driven adventure set in Holy Roman Empire, where protagonist character Henry is set to avenge his parent's death, fight forces of enemy, complete quests in open-world and lead up to example doing so.

Then move over to side-scrolling brawler Aztez that is wrapped around in layer of strategy elements. You play as king of the Aztecs who …

Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Humble Monthly Bundle

Medieval action RPG title Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been added to Humble Monthly Bundle for August.

Fans of action role-playing experience can sure appreciate a game like Kingdom Come: Deliverance that came out last year from developer/publisher Warhorse Studios after it was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and become a Steam top-seller.

Deliverance is chosen to become an Early Unlock game alongside city building simulation title Surviving Mars from developer Haemimont Games and publisher Paradox Interactive in Humble Monthly Bundle ahead of August 2019.

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By spending a relatively small amount of only $12 per month for your subscription, members are getting access to a number of AAA or indie games each month for PC platform, which are eventually revealed on first Friday of each month.

Except for recent debut of Xbox Game Pass for PC, there were no comparable monthly services on the platform but Humble Monthly offers to redeem a bunch of …