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Monday, June 1, 2020

Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

Capcom is likely to release Resident Evil 8 as a cross-gen title next year, according to leaker AestheticGamer.

Within months after developer/publisher Capcom successfully launching 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, rumors of development for its follow-up sequel title started surfacing online from various sources.

Capcom recently revealed their financial report for current fiscal year, which indicates that Resident Evil 8 will be a cross-gen game awaiting on early 2021, a possibility that is further bolstered by a renowned industry leaker.

resident evil 8 cross-gen game ps5 playstation 5 xsx xbox series x capcom tease 2021 survival horror pc steam
Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

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Often revealing leaks regarding Resident Evil video game series on Twitter, renowned leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem is currently speculating for RE8 to launch anytime between late January and March 2021 schedule.

Although no official confirmation has been given by Capcom about potential protagonist, enemy details or even a release window for Resident Evil 8 yet, some details were leaked earlier including a rumored title, "Village".

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AestheticGamer discusses cross-gen status of RE8 and a new Silent Hill game in a recent string of Tweets.

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While discussing for a potential date for new Silent Hill game reveal on August, AestheticGamer also talked about Resident Evil 8 being a cross-gen title currently awaiting showcase on June, most probably on PlayStation 5 reveal event.

Capcom previously revealed Resident Evil 3 Remake on a State of Play broadcast last year before getting leaked on PlayStation Network and therefore, Resident Evil 8 getting revealed on June 4 at a Sony event actually makes sense.

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Dusk Golem claims to have received this information from people who has ties to studios that works closely with both Resident Evil 8 and Silent Hill projects but regardless of trusted source, people should take this with a grain of salt.

Capcom is apparently preparing to launch Resident Evil 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year. There have been reports of Resident Evil 4 Remake being developed by M-Two studio for 2022 release.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Duos Mode

Infinity Ward finally adds Duos mode for Call of Duty: Warzone alongside currently available game modes.

From initial period of its launch, players have been requesting developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software on social media and everywhere else online to add a duos mode for free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

Taking all that community feedback into account, Infinity Ward has finally made duos playlist available ahead of Season 4 update of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so everyone can grab a wingman before heading to Verdansk map.

call of duty warzone battle royale duos mode modern warfare operator simon ghost riley pc ps4 xb1 infinity ward raven software activision
Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Duos Mode

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Usually, players are required to join forces in three-player squads with friends or random parties or brave a mission alone. Now that latest playlist for Warzone has been rolled out, everyone can pair up and jump into firefight.

Currently supporting up to 150 players, Verdansk will allow a maximum of 75 duos teams to duke it out among them for victory. You have to watch each others' back before they bleed out and loose loadout to save a trip to Gulag.

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Duos mode will put pairs against an odd challenge of defeating dozens of other squads where success heavily relies on good teamwork. Sticking close to each other at all times is very essential for survival and so is coordinating tactics.

With recent introduction of duos mode, teams of any size from one-to-four players can take part and have fun. Plan out your landing zone in advance, build a Buy Station, call out loot locations and revive each other when needed.

call of duty warzone battle royale duos playlist update modern warfare operator simon ghost riley pc ps4 xb1 infinity ward raven software activision
Outlast Rival Squads

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Warzone is second iteration of battle royale shooter for Call of Duty series following Blackout mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It has managed to get over 50 million players worldwide to get on board within first month of its launch.

Infinity Ward has yet to reveal how upcoming Season 4 will change Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone but they almost confirmed return of fan-favorite series protagonist Captain Price as a new operator.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris on Xbox Free Play Days

Free Play Days brings Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members this weekend.

Helping out people stuck indoors to pass time and have some decent enjoyment amidst a global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, Xbox Free Play Days weekly event is back again for all members of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate.

Those who are active subscribers can jump on board starting from May 28, 12:01 AM PDT/3:01 AM EDT and visit Microsoft Store to download free games for this weekend on Xbox One consoles until May 31, 11:59 PM PDT/2:59 AM EDT.

hunt showdown jump force stellaris xbox live gold free play days event
Hunt: Showdown, Jump Force and Stellaris on Xbox Free Play Days

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Masterfully blending PvE and PvP genre of gameplay into one, Hunt: Showdown is a bounty hunting shooter that let players assume roles of bounty hunters trying to clear demonic creatures of Louisiana swamps solo or in groups.

As you take out demons lurking around, keep watchful eyes on fellow hunters looking for gold. When your character dies, you lose almost all of your progression but experience, which can then be passed down to another via Bloodline.

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Anime lovers who often fantasize about their favorite heavyweights from to have a chance to duke it out should try out Jump Force from developer Spike Chunsoft and publisher Bandai Namco for a crossover fighting experience.

When you are playing as Goku, Luffy, Naruto or anyone else, you are not stepping into the arena on your own but as a team. Its plot may seem a bit messy but gameplay is still pretty good and fluid in terms of solo or multiplayer.

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A grand strategy game that expands your legacy across cosmos, Stellaris takes a spin on classic genre type for a journey of discovery where you can govern their own populace and employ wondrous tech to establish reign across galaxies.

Xbox Free Play Days lets you continue having fun even when your limited trail is over by simply purchasing those titles at a great member discount. All of your hard earned achievements and gamescores will be carried out to main game as well.

Elden Ring Rumoredly Coming in 2020

NeoGaf user claims Elden Ring to release in late 2020 with next-gen console versions coming as well.

A new entry into "Soulsborne" genre, upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring from developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment was previously rumored to be showcased at Taipei Game Show 2020.

Due to a worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, many events were cancelled and Taipei Game Show joined that list as well. According to a NeoGAF user, From Software is planning to release Elden Ring in 2020 and much sooner than expected.

elden ring release window 2020 leak action rpg game from software george r r martin hidetaka miyazaki pc ps4 xb1
Elden Ring Rumoredly Coming in 2020

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NeoGAF user Arctos claimed to receive this information directly from a former employee of Bandai Namco that states a possible 2020 release even though no gameplay or story premise is shared of upcoming anticipated ARPG title yet.

According to sources, development process was halted by recent global crisis and a previously planned release window for summer 2020 had to move to Q3 of current fiscal year to let dev team work on Elden Ring next-gen ports.

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Currently looking forward to an October-December 2020 launch window, the game is now in a playable state in terms of content. From Software is busy optimizing and polishing it now while readying PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ports.

Players shouldn't expect anything other than high resolutions and increased frame-rates from updated version on next-gen consoles. Also, Sony has reportedly tried to make a PS5 timed exclusive deal for the game but was unsuccessful.

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It took Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a year and a half to meet its schedule following initial announcement at E3 2018 and therefore, December 2020 seems like a possible fit to match that pattern for next From Software release.

Elden Ring has yet to receive a confirmed release date and is planned to launch on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. An official reveal by From Software may feature on a future episode of Summer Game Fest 2020 very soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sea of Thieves: Lost Treasures Update Live Now

Lost Treasures free update goes live for Sea of Thieves with more limited time events, Pirate Emporium stock and more.

Coming soon to popular PC gaming platform Steam, open-world pirate simulator title Sea of Thieves from developer Rare Studio and publisher Xbox Game Studios readying up to receive its latest monthly content update for free.

Though a bit late, free monthly update for May titled Lost Treasures are live now on Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One. Players will be busy picking new challenges, taking part in events and enjoy more activities of Tall Tales.

sea of thieves lost treasures free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 rare studio xbox game studios
Sea of Thieves: Lost Treasures Update Live Now

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A brand-new trailer released by Rare Studio highlights on key-features of recent Lost Treasures update.

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Those who love some narrative-driven adventures can explore all nine Tales to complete entire series about legendary pirates in Shores of Gold story cycle, which has recently included two more; The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire.

There will be helpful tooltips to guide you through map and every Tall Tales chapter has added checkpoints now, so you can play and leave when you please only to return back later without having to start over everything from scratch.

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Every new and old pirate can jump onto currently ongoing limited time event Tall Tales Retold and earn precious loot. Also, look out for new challenges each day and receive Daily Bounties to get showered with Doubloons and gold.

If you are looking for more activities, Lost Treasures got you covered up with weekly Fort Night events inbound for every Friday. Reaper's Rewards event on the other hand is offering rewards in new Reaper emotes for putting double duties.

sea of thieves lost treasures reaper's rewards event free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 rare studio xbox game studios
Reaper's Rewards Event

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Work on behalf of Trading Company for having a chance to earn Blighted Ship set, inspired by State of Decay. Pirates surely would love to acquire undead themed figurehead, flag, hull and sails in Blighted Bonus to decorate their ship.

Lost Treasures update brings back Hunter's Haul fishing event to try out your rod-handling skills by catching fishes and earn Ancient Coins. Ruby Splashtail Ship Set and Splashtail Monarch items are on sale at Pirate Emporium this month.

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Meanwhile, take a moment to capitalize your earnings and cash them in daily during Gold Rush hours for some extra booty. So, be more mindful of picking spoils form Daily Bounties, Fort Night or in Tall Tales to ensure a hefty payday.

PC players on Steam can join on board Sea of Thieves for a definitive experience from June 3, 2020. Xbox Game Studios have included cross-play support to play together online with players on Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

Xbox Game Pass to add No Man's Sky next month for Game Pass Ultimate members on PC and consoles.

Though initially failed to live up to hype at launch, multiplayer action-adventure survival game No Man's Sky from developer/publisher Hello Games has eventually made a significant progress over past few years and lived up to its promises.

Ahead of June 2020, game director Sean Murray announces to add NMS to Xbox Game Pass for upcoming lineup of next month. Members on PC and Xbox One platform can jump on board very soon for some exciting planetary exploration.

xbox game pass no man's sky game pc xb1 2020 hello games
Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

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NMS allows players to explore a procedurally generated massive open-world and venture through several quintillions of planets. You can join many interstellar voyagers during your journey and join together to survive or trade.

In terms of content, No Man's Sky saw a complete overhaul following launch of NEXT update, which coincided with its Xbox One release. After adding multiplayer feature, Hello Games improved the experience with Beyond update.

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There has been a steady supply of free content update that included further adjustments, bug-fixes and much more on a regular basis. Most recently, Living Ship update arrived in February and Exo Mech update was rolled in during April.

Now that Xbox Game Pass has amassed over 10 million active members, indie studio Hello Games wants them to explore an infinite universe of No Man's Sky across both platforms while they prepare more updates to release in future.

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for June 2020

Xbox Live Gold members will get free games like Shantae and the Pirate's Curse and Destroy All Humans! on June 2020.

Before heading into next month, latest lineup of titles joining Games with Gold for members of Xbox Live Gold service are revealed. These new games are coming soon on June 1 and will be available to play throughout entire month.

One of classic Xbox title alongside three indie favorite will arrive soon for players on Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Live Gold membership. Meanwhile, you can still download and play both V-Rally 4 and Overlord II up until May 31, 2020.

xbox live gold free games june 2020 shantae and the pirate's curse coffee talk destroy all humans sine mora xb1
Xbox Live Gold Free Games for June 2020

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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
A third entry into Shantae platform game series, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse takes place right after Risky's Revenge and shortly before Half-Genie Hero, that sees return of everyone's favorite belly-dancing, hair-whipping genie.

Pirate's Curse by developer/publisher WayForward Technologies changes up its common gameplay mechanics in terms of exploration and uses pirate-themed gears for traversing but doesn't move far away from core elements.

shantae and the pirate's curse xbox live gold free game wayForward technologies xb1
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Coffee Talk
A pixel art visual novel from developer/publisher Toge Productions that is set on 90's styled alternate reality Seattle , Washington, Coffee Talk puts you in charge of a coffee shop where you listen to your patrons as you serve them drinks.

Your small outlet gets regular visitors like Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Warewolves and such to enjoy a variety of hot beverage. Being a sincere barista owner, you lend them an ear to hear their stories and make progress through serving drinks.

coffee talk xbox live gold free game toge productions xb1
Coffee Talk on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Destroy All Humans!
Although a moder-day remake is already on its way, players who already enjoyed 2005 classic action-adventure Xbox 360 title Destroy All Humans! from developer Pandemic Studios and publisher THQ can't surely resist its appeal.

When on a brink of extinction from continued cloning process, an alien race came to Earth and starts blasting humans to collect their DNA. There is not much of a story premise other than black comedy, inspired from alien invasion films.

destroy all humans 2005 xbox live gold free game pandemic studios thq xb1
Destroy All Humans! on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Sine Mora
An uncommon horizontal shoot 'em up game wrapped around in two parallel stories, Sine Mora is a single-player experience from developer/publisher Digital Reality that lets you control an aircraft to raise hell against an evil Empire.

Instead of relying on a health bar or limited lives like many regular arcade shooters, you have to keep an eye on time. Whenever you take any hit, your time reduces and you only increase them by frequently taking down enemy threats.

sine mora xbox live gold free game digital reality xb1
Sine Mora on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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When it comes to backward compatible titles, Destroy All Humans! and Sine Mora has pretty impressive track records on Xbox 360 consoles. Players with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription can enjoy all perks of Games with Gold and more.

Xbox Live Gold has been failing to connect with its members when it comes to Games with Gold selection of titles for some time. With only one heavy hitter game this month, there is really not much to look forward to for many out there.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Teasing Return of Captain Price

Newest Operator to join Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for upcoming fourth season may be Captain Price.

Despite their many shortcomings, developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software in association with publisher Activision are dominating online multiplayer sphere lately with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Activision has seemingly teased a surprise return of beloved Captain Price from Modern Warfare sub-series recently for upcoming Season 4 update of CoD: MW and most likely a new operator for Warzone with bunch of new content.

call of duty modern warfare return of captain price tease new operator infinity ward activision pc ps4 xb1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Teasing Return of Captain Price

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Earlier, a notification sent to Call of Duty app revealed a set schedule date of May 21, leading to a cryptic video.

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A secret transmission between terrorist groups was intercepted by global spec-ops units, where they observe these guys talks about a senior Operator joining to help his brothers and refers to him as an old friend by showing a still image.

This mystery person wearing a signature boonie hat is considered to be a major threat to their agenda. Although his face was never shown clearly, Call of Duty series protagonist Captain Price is easily recognizable from his iconic hat.

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Operator Alex and a reworked version of Ghost were both teased before joining in Season Two and Three. Season Four of Modern Warfare is expected to release on June 2 and Infinity Ward is teasing Price ahead of an official announcement.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become the highest-selling game in CoD franchise, earning over $1 billion in revenue so far. Even though halted by COVID-19 outbreak, Activision is reportedly releasing Call of Duty 2020 later this year.