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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Red Dead Redemption Remake Reportedly Coming in 2021

According to a leak on 4chan, Rockstar Games to announce Red Dead Redemption Remake soon for next year.

In recent years, developer/publisher Rockstar Games has focused majority their efforts to support Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online after 2018 release of Western action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2.

With no upcoming new game release scheduled for anytime soon, a recent 4chan post claims that Rockstar is planning to announce Red Dead Redemption Remake this year, which has an expected release window of Q1 or Q2 2020.

red dead redemption remake 2021 pc ps5 xsx playstation 5 xbox series x report rockstar games
Red Dead Redemption Remake Reportedly Coming in 2021

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Leaked source also states that original RDR will be a complete remake on an improved RAGE engine used for Red Dead Redemption 2. There will be few advanced mechanics for fishing and hunting with inclusion of a few new missions.

Rockstar can also sneak in some reference of protagonist Arthur Morgan by simply mentioning his name in remake of Red Dead Redemption since it is a sequel to RDR2 after all and at this point, his presence is certain in prequel game.

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Voice actors from 2010 release of RDR are brought back, especially Rob Wiethoff, who voiced for John Marston. Rockstar Games is reportedly working on versions for PC as well as next-gen console PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Rockstar may already be working on a Mexico expansion for Red Dead Online to honor RDR Remake. Instead of a 4K remaster, a full remake was planned that includes Undead Nightmare and was developed by Rockstar India.

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Red Dead Redemption originally debuted back in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Although Rockstar never released a PlayStation 4 version, RDR is a backward compatible title on Xbox One that currently runs on 4K resolution.

Rockstar Games will probably charge only $39.99 for Red Dead Redemption Remake when it is finally available for purchase. 4chan leak also reveals that highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI will not be announced until summer 2022.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

Capcom is likely to release Resident Evil 8 as a cross-gen title next year, according to leaker AestheticGamer.

Within months after developer/publisher Capcom successfully launching 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, rumors of development for its follow-up sequel title started surfacing online from various sources.

Capcom recently revealed their financial report for current fiscal year, which indicates that Resident Evil 8 will be a cross-gen game awaiting on early 2021, a possibility that is further bolstered by a renowned industry leaker.

resident evil 8 cross-gen game ps5 playstation 5 xsx xbox series x capcom tease 2021 survival horror pc steam
Resident Evil 8 Will Be Cross-Gen Title

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Often revealing leaks regarding Resident Evil video game series on Twitter, renowned leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem is currently speculating for RE8 to launch anytime between late January and March 2021 schedule.

Although no official confirmation has been given by Capcom about potential protagonist, enemy details or even a release window for Resident Evil 8 yet, some details were leaked earlier including a rumored title, "Village".

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AestheticGamer discusses cross-gen status of RE8 and a new Silent Hill game in a recent string of Tweets.

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While discussing for a potential date for new Silent Hill game reveal on August, AestheticGamer also talked about Resident Evil 8 being a cross-gen title currently awaiting showcase on June, most probably on PlayStation 5 reveal event.

Capcom previously revealed Resident Evil 3 Remake on a State of Play broadcast last year before getting leaked on PlayStation Network and therefore, Resident Evil 8 getting revealed on June 4 at a Sony event actually makes sense.

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Dusk Golem claims to have received this information from people who has ties to studios that works closely with both Resident Evil 8 and Silent Hill projects but regardless of trusted source, people should take this with a grain of salt.

Capcom is apparently preparing to launch Resident Evil 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year. There have been reports of Resident Evil 4 Remake being developed by M-Two studio for 2022 release.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

New Star Wars Game May be Revealed Next Week

EA Motive joins Twitter only to spark rumors of next Star Wars game online, which is likely to reveal next week.

After barely surviving loot box controversy back in 2017 for action shooter title Star Wars Battlefront II, developer Respawn Entertainment has saved face for publisher Electronic Arts with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last year.

A sequel to Fallen Order has already been greenlit and recent Reddit threads full of teases from industry reporters hints that EA is very much likely to reveal their next Star Wars project sooner than you think, probably in June 2020.

star wars project maverick ps5 reveal event playstation network leak electronic arts ea motive studios imperial star destroyer mustafar
New Star Wars Game May be Revealed Next Week

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In early March, an accidental leak at PlayStation Network revealed an image for Star Wars: Project Maverick, which was eventually deleted from PSN shortly afterwards and Electronic Arts neither confirmed nor denied about the game.

Many are speculating that Project Maverick will be showcased at upcoming PlayStation 5 reveal event on June 4, 2020. However, since Disney or EA has not officially confirmed anything yet, fans would be wise to take it with a grain of salt.

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Battlefront II co-developer and Canada based studio EA Motive has joined Twitter lately and journalist Jason Schreier replied to their first Tweet, hinting that they are probably getting ready for a new game announcement soon.

Schreier also stated that Motive will soon be revealing a new Star Wars game in his follow-up Tweet. He linked to an article from February about a cancelled Battlefront spin-off game from last year that they are currently working on.

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Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb goes out of his way to fetch Twitterati some more clues about latest Star Wars game.

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Schreier pointed out to focus on last paragraph of his article where he wrote about EA Motive handling an unusual project for next generation of consoles that was originally codenamed Viking, now known as Star Wars: Project Maverick.

Jeff Grubb offered another piece of that puzzle by sharing his Summer Game Mess schedule full of upcoming game announcements and digital events on Twitter, where he cryptically lists "Mel Gibson picture" entry for June 2, 2020.

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Jeff Grubb also responded to Motive joining Twitter by posting a GIF of Tom Cruise from Top Gun: Maverick.

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Those who are wondering what connection does actor Mel Gibson has with Top Gun: Maverick film should know that Gibson has starred in a 1994 film called Maverick, which is not only a clever callback but a better decoy as well.

Not much is known about Star Wars: Project Maverick aside from a PlayStation Network leaked image featuring an Imperial Star Destroyer and a few X-Wing fighters, possibly hinting at return of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron-style game.

Elden Ring Rumoredly Coming in 2020

NeoGaf user claims Elden Ring to release in late 2020 with next-gen console versions coming as well.

A new entry into "Soulsborne" genre, upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring from developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment was previously rumored to be showcased at Taipei Game Show 2020.

Due to a worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, many events were cancelled and Taipei Game Show joined that list as well. According to a NeoGAF user, From Software is planning to release Elden Ring in 2020 and much sooner than expected.

elden ring release window 2020 leak action rpg game from software george r r martin hidetaka miyazaki pc ps4 xb1
Elden Ring Rumoredly Coming in 2020

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NeoGAF user Arctos claimed to receive this information directly from a former employee of Bandai Namco that states a possible 2020 release even though no gameplay or story premise is shared of upcoming anticipated ARPG title yet.

According to sources, development process was halted by recent global crisis and a previously planned release window for summer 2020 had to move to Q3 of current fiscal year to let dev team work on Elden Ring next-gen ports.

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Currently looking forward to an October-December 2020 launch window, the game is now in a playable state in terms of content. From Software is busy optimizing and polishing it now while readying PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ports.

Players shouldn't expect anything other than high resolutions and increased frame-rates from updated version on next-gen consoles. Also, Sony has reportedly tried to make a PS5 timed exclusive deal for the game but was unsuccessful.

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It took Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a year and a half to meet its schedule following initial announcement at E3 2018 and therefore, December 2020 seems like a possible fit to match that pattern for next From Software release.

Elden Ring has yet to receive a confirmed release date and is planned to launch on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. An official reveal by From Software may feature on a future episode of Summer Game Fest 2020 very soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier Reportedly in Works

A leaker on Reddit reveals details of alleged The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier by reformed Telltale Games.

Halfway though development of episodic adventure title The Walking Dead: The Final Season, developer/publisher Telltale Games were shut down in 2018 and Skybound Entertainment took over to complete Clementine's journey.

Right after their assets were acquired by LCG Entertainment in August 2019, a leaker with ties to reformed Telltale Games recently claims Season 5 of The Walking Dead series titled The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier is in works.

the walking dead a fatal frontier season 5 rumor survival horror telltale games pc epic games store ps4 xb1
The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier Reportedly in Works

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An alleged Telltale insider on Reddit has posted about Tales from the Borderlands Redux lately that is going to be revealed soon. Same leaker also stated that a tech demo for The Wolf Among Us 2 will be premiered via Summer Game Fest.

The Walking Dead is renewed for a fifth season despite wrapping everything up in its fourth and The Final Season. Its subtitle "A Fatal Frontier" may eventually change, which will take cues from events of Season Three: A New Frontier.

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Although the game will be on same length on past releases, TWD will not continue its episodic format and will move to survival horror genre. There are enough dialogue choices but they won't be focused entirely on narrative direction.

Clementine's former companion and second playable character Javier Garcia from Season Three will make his return. Community of Richmond, Virginia has fallen and almost everything else from "A New Frontier" is scrapped except for Javier.

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Every survivor that has somehow managed to live until this point since Season Three will all die when falls. Kenny is joining as a returning character, implying developers will force retconning him into story regardless of past choices.

Given how he was shot earlier in one choice and never put down to prevent reanimation, his return is not completely impossible. Kenny and Javier will even cross paths at some point when both of them are out looking for Clementine.

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Former members of New Frontier group were apparently behind the fall of Richmond are now after Javier and Kenny. In terms of gameplay, A Fatal Frontier took primary inspiration from games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within 2.

IP for The Walking Dead currently belongs to Skybound following a sudden closure of Telltale Games back in 2018. LCG Entertainment bought all company assets of Telltale and maybe preparing to make a comeback through "A Fatal Frontier".

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Whether or not Skybound Entertainment is interested to explore further into TWD universe is still unclear. Since there is no concrete evidence of any of these alleged leaks to be true, fans would be wise to take everything with a grain of salt.

If information from this leak turns out to be true then Skybound is probably breaking usual episodic nature of Telltale Games titles. The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier is rumored to debut at PC Game Show as Epic Games Store-exclusive.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Release Date Leaked on Amazon

A recent leak from Amazon Italy listing revealed Assassin's Creed Valhalla release date is set for October 2020.

Through a livestream, developer/publisher Ubisoft has revealed latest installment of Assassin's Creed action-adventure stealth game series, Assassin's Creed Valhalla in April but other than a holiday 2020 window, there is no launch date.

Recently, a release date accidentally added to product listing page of Amazon Italy was spotted by Reddit user AssassinsCrypt and managed to take a screenshot as well where it shows that AC Valhalla is set to arrive on October 15, 2020.

assassin's creed valhalla release date leaked amazon italy pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx viking warrior eivor action-adventure stealth game ubisoft
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Release Date Leaked on Amazon

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However, Ubisoft were quick to make a move as soon as word got out and change that date to December 31, which is the last day of 2020. AssassinsCrypt has posted it on Facebook to let everyone see aside from posting on Reddit.

Details on gameplay mechanics (without any actual footage) and plot setting of ACV on how Viking leader Eivor to lead his clan of Nordic warriors to find a new home in ninth century England are coming out frequently these days.

assassin's creed valhalla leaked release date amazon ubisoft pc ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx viking warrior eivor action-adventure stealth game
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Leaked Release Date

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Since Valhalla is slated to come out in holiday 2020, an October release date on Amazon placeholder seems very plausible. Given current global situation with COVID-19 pandemic, Ubisoft can always move that date up if they have to.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is currently set to launch on alleged release date of October 15, 2020 for Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, supporting Smart Delivery feature for Microsoft consoles.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Capcom May be Teasing Next Resident Evil Game for 2021

In latest financial report, Capcom is hinted at major new games coming before March 2021, possibly more Resident Evil.

In an attempt to return to survival horror roots, developer/publisher Capcom released mainline Resident Evil series title Resident Evil 7 before moving on to long-awaited Resident Evil 2 Remake and its successor Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Now that their previously announced projects are done launching, Capcom can move forward with iconic horror franchise and eager fans are curiously wondering if a sequel or another remake will be next Resident Evil game for 2021.

capcom tease next resident evil game 2021 raccoon city re4 remake survival horror pc steam ps4 ps5 xb1 xsx
Capcom May be Teasing Next Resident Evil Game for 2021

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A recent financial presentation suggests that Capcom plans to launch several titles by end of current fiscal year, which may wrap up in March 2021 and they are likely to make this move to achieve a new sales record in the mean time.

Resident Evil series has been officially announced to be the most successful series in Capcom history by selling over 98 million units worldwide so far, which is 30 million units more than their second biggest franchise, Monster Hunter.

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In one of their growth strategies, Capcom expressed intent of releasing multiple major new titles. It is also pointed out on page 9 of the presentation that there will be 13 new titles (SKU), which most probably stands for stock keeping unit.

With latest release of Resident Evil 3 Remake last month, 3 SKU is already wrapped as it was launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, which leaves 10 more slots left for upcoming future titles that are yet to be revealed.

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Given how next Resident Evil mainline entry is apparently falling into same early year release window like recent remakes from last two years, Capcom may end up launching Resident Evil 8 for PC and next-gen consoles within March 2021.

However, there is another rumor of a Resident Evil 4 Remake being in works by a new studio, M-Two with a set release window of 2022. If that is true, Capcom is almost certainly aiming for releasing Resident Evil titles on annual basis.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Batman: Court of the Owls game Rumored to Be Revealed Soon

WB Montréal could finally be revealing Batman: Court of the Owls game this week at Summer Game Fest.

Rumor mill for a new Batman game has been running for some time since December 2018 and even Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montréal started teasing on annual Batman Day 2019, adding further fuel to flame.

According to an early report, a reveal was all set for E3 2020 event which was cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak and now an alleged leak on Reddit by user BloomMilk claims for an upcoming announcement of new Batman game.

batman court of the owls game rumor leak open world rpg summer game fest wb games montréal
Batman: Court of the Owls game Rumored to Be Revealed Soon

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This leak apparently originated from 4chan imageboard and therefore, should be taken with a grain of salt. This leaker claims that WB Montréal will be revealing their long-awaited Batman game at Summer Game Fest event on May 12, 2020.

When a Twitter user asked video game industry influencer Geoff Keighley about possibility of a Batman game reveal event recently, he simply advises to manage expectations without directly confirming or denying anything at all.

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Keighley being coy about what to expect from Summer Game Fest, assures that the game will be "cool and fun".

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Latest source of leak also claims that there will be general story reboot without "Arkham" in title, yet character looks and gameplay mechanics are to remain similar, which sounds a lot like previous report of Batman: Arkham series reboot.

Players will be exploring to a massive open-world Gotham City, exclusively on next-gen console systems and PC. Renowned voice actor Mark Hamill will not be reprising his iconic role as The Joker, which is a huge let down for series fans.

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Since there are no way to verify credibility for any of these sources, players can simply wait for Geoff Keighley to officially unveil highly anticipated reboot of acclaimed Arkham series at Summer Game Fest showcase on this Tuesday.

WB Games Montréal teased working on a Batman game set within Arkhamverse and is loosely based on 2011 DC Comics storyline Batman: Court of Owls several times already, showing logos of various criminal factions of Gotham.