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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Pinball Game Announced

The rate at which the popularity of The Walking Dead franchise is growing is quite impressive. From its adaptation into graphic novels, TV series, video games and cars, it’s been interesting so far. Now, the game is set to transcend its last achievement into yet another new platform. The Walking Dead comes on pinball, later this year; kudos to Telltale Games . Zen Studio has teamed up with the mastermind behind The Walking Dead video game series, Telltale and the series co-creator Robert Kirkman into adapting the first season of The Walking Dead to a pinball table, which will be a lot of fun. Telltale’s The Walking Dead Pinball Game However, it won’t appear as a normal physical pinball table but rather as a new table for pinball video game, will be made available on various platforms. Check out the teaser trailer clip for The Walking Dead Pinball below. Apart from the fact that The Walking Dead won the game of the year award from different outlets, the plot of