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Walking Dead's Clementine May Appear In AMC

Even though it's roots are very slightly connected to the original comic books from Image Comics , the hit-television series from AMC TV and other games based on the franchise, Telltale Games ’ exceptional video game adaptation of “ The Walking Dead ” has been running for three seasons now. Most recently, some revealing developments from “ The Walking Dead: New Frontier ” game is now making people think that those days are way past behind. Clementine May Appear In AMC The newly released, issue # 163 of “ The Walking Dead ” letter column was the source of the clue of such estimation among fans. In "Letter Hacks", a guy named Matthew Friesen asked about any chances for the Telltale’s The Walking Dead lead character Clementine to appear on the AMC 's Walking Dead , since Clementine has recently encountered with Paul “Jesus” Monroe; who belongs to both the show and the mainstream comic book series. The Walking Dead Issue #163 "Letter Hacks" In

The Walking Dead: March To War Artwork Released

We all were pretty excited when an upcoming mobile game The Walking Dead: March To War is Announced by indie developer Disruptor Beam , based on creator Robert Kirkman 's acclaimed comic book series The Walking Dead from the banner of Image Comics . Now, some official character designs of Skybound ’s zombie apocalypse survivors have been released. Fan-favorite Rick Grimes, Rosita Espinosa, King Ezekiel, Dwight and Paul “Jesus” Monroe made their debut in the artwork. The Walking Dead: March To War Characters Revealed Here are the promotional art of the game protagonists that Disruptor Beam has recently unveiled. Rick Grimes Paul “Jesus” Monroe Disruptor Beam Art Director, Allen White has shown his utmost dedication and attention to detail towards the character art for The Walking Dead: March To War . The artwork is pretty edgy and crisp, but the raw finishes on the characters we love made each portrait looking more exquisite. Previously worked on projec

Resident Evil 7 Ending Explained

In their tradition of scaring people with survival horror games, Capcom has returned with the seventh and latest installment of their crown jewel Resident Evil series. While this was a most-anticipated piece of the franchise, a reboot of some sort were expected by the fans and make no mistake as it was a reboot. Just not the one that changes the entire landscape of the base plot and then start anew from a fresh point. At the end result, some proclaimed it to be the best of the series and some thought it was a total piece of crap. Moreover, many fans are still wondering what does the plot really means in overall and where does it lead them next. Simply, we cannot blame who are feeling a bit left out because, it is true that the turn they took with this game was a bit too much for many old fans to catch on and some of the newcomers to the series are also trying to figure out where it all takes them. Resident Evil 7 Ending Explained Resident Evil 7 roughly takes 10 hours or s