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Netflix’s Castlevania Poster Reveals Dracula’s Castle

Castlevania has been a well-known franchise to the video gamers of the world for many decades, which has more sequels than any other games out there as well as a handful of tie-in games and gambling machines based on its theme. A few days ago, news of a new drama series adaptation of Castlevania on Netflix was announced and now, the executive producer of the show, Adi Shankar has revealed a new poster for the series.

The poster showcases Dracula’s legendary castle on blood moon night with bats; the creature of the night that foreshadows the lord of vampire. The castle that depicts and symbolizes Dracula's lair was also a recurring theme of the Castlevania games. Throughout the years of the game's run, fans have become quite familiar with the castle where they have slain Dracula a number of times as he comes back resurrected each time anew.

castlevania netflix poster
Castlevania Poster Debuts Dracula’s Castle

The primary setup of Castlevania revolves around the Belmont clan, a family of hunters who slays Vampires for a living. They antagonized the race of blood sucking undeads and their dark lord for all their lives, to eradicate them from existence forever. So far, this was the base line for the main game plot that first came out in September 26, 1986 from developer studio Konami. But how much the source material is connected to Shankar’s Castlevania Netflix Series is still unclear since he teased of his association with this Netflix project.

Adi Shankar has previously worked on a couple of shorts on the re-imagining origin stories of The Punisher, Venom and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for his Bootleg Universe. Shankar will be aided in the upcoming Castlevania Netflix Series by writer Warren Ellis, whose work on Transmetropolitan, Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis and Iron Man: Extremis story work is insanely popular among the fan base.

We are still nowhere close to a possible release date but according to Shankar, the show will drop its first season in 2017. The last game of the Castlevania series titled Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, was released back in 2014.