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Doom VFR Out Now

If you fantasize about fighting against hordes of demons and blasting their brains off then Doom is surely your thing. But how about you take things up a bit with a VR controller in Doom VFR ? Things will go boom for sure and you are gonna love it if you're not faint of heart. You will wield the Super Shotgun or the destructive BFG while almost feeling the weight of the weapon and have the most epic experience of Doom ! Doom VFR Out Now We are getting into the details of Doom VFR shortly after you take a quick look at what it offers to the players in this short clip below. You will find yourself amidst a chaos which started as demons from Hell starts pouring out from a portal on the UAC Martian Research facility. All are dead but only you are left till they put the drop on you. There was a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol which shifts your consciousness into another body in the base. This may seem like a teleportation movement in the base at times.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For December 2017

Many of the PlayStation Plus members were a bit bored with the previous lineup of November 2017 was a bit dull compared to the past few months of games. We agree too. Perhaps Sony realizes this and planned a series of action-packed games for the free PS Plus games lineup for December to keep you going all month. PlayStation Plus Free Games For December 2017 Since we already told you that December 2017 promises you an action-packed gaming experience it would be only fair if you can get your hands on a game like Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. The next big thing on the list is Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends . Below is a clip to give you guys a good look at what's packing for the upcoming month. Before we go deep with it, let's take a quick glance at the additional lineup for December 2017 free games on PlayStation Plus . Syberia Collection (PlayStation 3) Xblaze Lost: Memories (PlayStation 3) Forma.8, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PlayStation V

Hela Enters Marvel: Contest of Champions

Directed by Taika Waititi ( Hunt for the Wilderpeople , What We Do in the Shadows ), the third movie of Thor series from Marvel Cinematic Universe , Thor: Ragnarok has been released worldwide and is smashing the box-office. After causing death and destruction on the realm of Asgard, film's antagonist, Cate Blanchett 's Hela , the Goddess of Death has set her eyes on the Battlrealm and cutting anything that comes into her ways, she heads there fast. Hela Enters Marvel: Contest of Champions Hela will be a playable character in Kabam 's mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions and check out this video for some of her special move highlights. Since she is the Goddess of Death, you certainly expect her to cause chaos and death wherever she walks and Hela intends to do just that. Good for her that The Contest has a place for both. She has a beef with Thor already and Battlrealm will open up possibilities for a lot of victims for her to pry upon. As

Destiny 2 Free Trial

Not any game is without its flaws and issues. First-person online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 is not above them. Despite those, you can easily rank Destiny 2 as one of the best games of 2017. For that Bungie and Activision surely deserves some credit whether you admit it or not. Now, if you still haven't played the game, how'd you suppose to know how great the game is, right? Don't worry about that. We got something for you here. Destiny 2 Free Trial Starting from November 28, Bungie is releasing a " Free Trail " for the game, so that you can try out and decide if you are willing to pay cold-hard cash for the goods. It's pretty exciting seeing the game is available for a free trial only mere months after its release and we surely aren't complaining. In this trial, players are about to get access to play campaign missions on two of destinations; the European Dead Zone on Earth and the moon Titan. Crucible competitive multiplayer will a

Skybound Will Adapt Summoners War Comics

Turn-based strategy game fans might have heard of the massively multiplayer online game Summoners War , which is going really good to the Android and iOS users these days. Com2us , the South Korean developers of the game has recently decided that they want to create a brand-new comic book series based on the world of Summoners War and who else to do it better other than Skybound Entertainment ? We guess no one at this point. Skybound 's CEO North Catherine Winder seems very excited at this announcement and they are looking forward to build a narrative based foundation of a fictional Universe that is based on Summoners War , partnering with Com2us . There are so much to explore in the magical fantasy themed world of the game and a lot of scope for creative expansion. Skybound Will Adapt Summoners War Comics Skybound 's founder Robert Kirkman ( Battle Pope , Haunt ) is also looking forward to work on the book as well. Even though this acclaimed comic-book creator wi

Destiny 2 XP Scaling System Removed

Have you been feeling like that you are not gaining as much XP as you should earn while playing Destiny 2 ? We feel you there, because you are not the only one facing this problem. A lot of players taking part in the Public Events are among the crowd that felt the same dilemma with gaining XP. Thankfully, the developer team behind this awesome multiplayer first-person shooter has also admitted that they have noticed it recently after pointing it out. Bungie also released an " Official Statement " on their site regarding the issue. Destiny 2 XP Scaling System Removed Seeing people's discomfort over the matter, Bungie has decided to shut down the previous system and now, players will see their XP earning rate as the game progresses all the time on the user interface. This way, they will know how much XP they are gaining against their activities on the go and it will be easy to decide if the procedure was up to mark. As soon as there will be any change or updates

PUBG Will Be Changed in China

South Korean publisher Bluehole realized that they have hit the big-one when their multiplayer online battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have taken the video gamers all over the world and become the top game on Steam . Bluehole 's subsidiary PUBG Corp . is trying to expand their global outreach by introducing the game into the Chinese market and was in talks with Tencent ; the largest gaming publisher in China. Turns out, Tencent have already signed an official agreement to make way for PUBG in China but not until changes are made to it. Now without a doubt, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game that primarily focuses on fight for survival of the players and can be a bit-too violent for some people. All Tencent wants is that the game should make modifications so that it better represents their “socialist core values” and will work with PUBG to achieve that. PUBG Will Be Changed in China The whole world is aware that China is kind of a control frea

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite DLC 2 Announced

As we all know that Capcom 's crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is doing very well and winning hearts, it's time we are about to get new brawlers in the mix. Three of Marvel 's fan-favorite characters; Black Widow , Venom and Winter Soldier are joining the epic battle between the heroes of two worlds as the upcoming DLC characters. The characters will be available to all December 5, 2017 and if you have the 2017 Character Pass then these three will automatically unlocked on that day. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite DLC 2 Release Date RELATED: Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite New Gameplay Trailer Now, here goes the brand-new gameplay trailer for the upcoming DLC characters Winter Soldier , Black Widow  and Venom for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite . You can also buy either of  Black Widow ,  Venom  and  Winter Soldier  individually only for the price of $7.99. Previously, the characters  Black Panther , Monster Hunter and Sigma were released for 

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 DLC Announced

The developer team behind tactical shooter video game Rainbow Six Siege ; Ubisoft wants to start off Year Three a little differently. So, they have just announced more content and additional support for the third year of the game's release. What we've been able to gather is that we are getting two new maps and one of the existing gets a makeover as well as eight new Operators. Moreover, the first-ever co-op event of the game will be launched. Are you feeling excited yet? We know, you are. Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 DLC Announced "Operation Chimera" will be the highlight of Year Three, where two new operators will be introduced from France and Russia. There will also be a four weeks limited-time co-op event named Outbreak during Season 1 of Year Three, which will be accessible for those who own Rainbow Six Siege . This event is basically all about quarantine and biohazard. This event will also allow players the chance to win exclusive cosmetics collection. In

Fallout: New Vegas Mod Negan and Lucille Out Now

Negan from The Walking Dead arrives on the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas in a new mod. Despite being a spin-off and not belonging to the mainline Fallout series of post-apocalyptic action role-playing games, Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian Entertainment is still popular when the world is eagerly waiting to enter Vault 76 in upcoming prequel, Fallout 76 . One of the reasons for the charm behind this nearly a decade-old title is that talented game designers and independent programmers are constantly creating new modifications and a recent fan-made mod introduces Negan from The Walking Dead . Fallout: New Vegas Mod Negan and Lucille Out Now RELATED: Player Beats Fallout: New Vegas on Max Difficulty, Non-Lethal Run Players can now step into the boots of the lunatic Negan, who is a survivor of apocalypse and leader of the Saviors from the horror drama television series. He is weirdly obsessed with his barb wire wrapped baseball bat and loves to bash thin

Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy Hurts EA Stock Price

Following the recent backlash from the dedicated fans over the micro-transaction system in the Star Wars Battlefront II game to unlock prominent characters of the series like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader , Electronic Arts experiences drop on their stock price. It was EA DICE 's attempt to reboot the Star Wars Battlefront franchise with the second title of the series but enraged players worldwide has bashed them over the social media platform of Reddit for their shady practices and progression system. Battlefront II Controversy Hurts EA Stock Price RELATED: Reddit Bashed EA Over Battlefront II Loot Boxes Plus, one of their insensitive response regarding “ pride and accomplishment ” toward the issue has set the whole fan-base ablaze, leading many people cancelling their pre-orders for Battlefront II and many sending refund requests to EA . Aside from that, where millions of people were eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game are now bashing the game and its p

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for Xbox One X

Since Xbox One X is the new craze and most powerful console on the market, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios has been working on enhancing the third installment of the Dishonored series; Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for some time to be compatible with Microsoft ’s newest console and may players can enjoy all the excitement of the game at the comfort of their own favorable platform. The wait is finally over and the game is already updated. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for Xbox One X RELATED: Ghost Recon Wildlands for Xbox One X The update is exclusive to Xbox One X and it includes 4K Ultra HD support, shadows quality of the characters has been improved, shadows quality has been worked on as well as anti-aliasing. Because of the superior GPU power of the Xbox One X , graphics quality is now on high definition and the game looks a lot better than it ever did. Level details and texture definition are at their best and that is not exaggerating at all. To give

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Three Trailer

The success of Batman: The Telltale Series have spawned the second season of the series and we are currently on the third chapter. Those who are already done playing the second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within has been waiting for anything on the next part. The third episode the game of titled "Fractured Mask" is about to release within a few days and Telltale Games have released a trailer for that as well. Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Three Trailer RELATED: Batman: The Enemy Within Episode Two Trailer Containing details, plot hints and the villains involved, the two-minute long trailer from Telltale is mostly focused on Bruce Wayne. Since  The Enemy Within  is a continuation of the Season One of  Batman: The Telltale Series , players would get a better hold of the game if they complete the previous installment first. The clip opens up with a shot where Bruce Wayne is along with Bane and Mister Freeze as Catwoman joins them in the Pact. Then Har

Justice League Movie Skins For Injustice 2

Justice League perhaps was one of the most anticipated superhero-film of the year 2017 and it is out on theaters already. Warner Bros . has decided to celebrate the release of the movie by dropping Justice League skins to latest installment of Injustice ; one of the most popular fighting game series DC has ever made. Yes, Injustice 2 now features costumes and gears from the new Justice League movie. Justice League Comes To Injustice 2! RELATED: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Joins Injustice 2 Players of Injustice 2 can now access the costumes of Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash , Aquaman and Cyborg , based on the looks of their movie counterparts. Check out the following clip to get a good glimpse of how cool it would make your heroes look like in the game. These amazing gears and skins will not just be handed to you when you run the game. You have to earn them through some playing and then you can have the costumes of your favorite Justice League characters fro

Ghost Recon: Wildlands for Xbox One X

Xbox One X provides the best experience for Ghost Recon: Wildlands with HDR enhanced graphics and other improvements. A brand-new Xbox One X enhancements update for Ubisoft ' s tactical shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands is released to improve your experience. Biggest perk of the platforms' graphical superiority and bunch of fixes are going to make it better than it already is. With this newest update, loading time will be significantly quicker than it was before, Ghost War's progression and UI gets fixed as well while Ghost War menu will let you directly hit the store anytime you want from now on. Ghost Recon: Wildlands for Xbox One X RELATED: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for Xbox One X Development team behind this update did not just enhance  GRW for Xbox One X , if improvement of anything would've made it better in-game, they did it. You will see that for yourself when you notice draw distances and better terrain representation. Anisotropic filte

Batman: The Telltale Series on Nintendo Switch Out Now

The episodic structure and narrative-driven adventure is considered as the winning point for the Season One of Batman: The Telltale Series when it came out. The series saw its release back in 2016 and it simultaneously conquered Android , iOS , PC , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One . The only platform left for the game to win over was Nintendo and today is the day when it drops on Switch . Batman: The Telltale Series on Nintendo Switch Out Now Announcing the release of the game for Nintendo Switch , Telltale Games already released a trailer earlier with the glimpse of awesomeness that won over fans before the game even came out in the first place. Batman: The Telltale Series Season One happens to be the first mature-rated title from Telltale on Nintendo Switch . With more intense games for adult audiences like Skyrim and Wolfenstein 2 are awaiting their release on Switch system, Batman: Season One was a good start for sure. However, there i

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise and Free Weekend

Ubisoft has been updating their tactical shooter video game Rainbow Six Siege for two years now through expansions and a lot of in-game tweaks. So, the game is definitely better now than it ever was. If you are among one of the eager players who wanted to try out the game for long then Ubisoft has an offer for you that you cannot refuse. An announcement has been made for a limited time Rainbow Six Siege free weekend. Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise Coming Soon The free to play weekend is open for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , starting from November 16 and will end on November 19. You can access the free weekend through Steam and Uplay on PC , PlayStation 4 owners will need their PlayStation Plus subscription and Xbox Live Gold membership is required to play it on Xbox One . For the period of this limited time free weekend on Rainbow Six Siege , you can get your hands on every maps and modes that the standard edition of the game will let you. Then j

Reddit Bashed EA Over Battlefront II Loot Boxes

We are only a few days away from Electronic Arts ' upcoming action shooter release of Star Wars Battlefront II on this Friday, November 17. However, instead of being awfully hyped for the game, the entire gaming community is raging over EA 's sneaky attempt of promoting in-game micro-transactions for unlocking popular characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker of the franchise. RELATED: Star Wars Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Outrage These days, anyone would hate to pay extra for gaining access to loot boxes through micro-transactions after purchasing the full game against their money. So, when a player discovers after getting his hands on the game that Luke and Vader are unlockable characters, he urged people to cancel their pre-orders. Reddit Bashed EA Over Battlefront II Loot Boxes One of the estimate by another player shows that one should spend 40 hours of playtime on Battlefront II to unlock Luke or Vader, in exchange for credits needed to get th

Star Wars Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Outrage

EA 's upcoming first person shooter Star Wars Battlefront II is about to release within a few more days but controversies have already started to hit the fan. Battlefront II Beta went public a few weeks back, players discovered there are locked weapons and player upgrades for money in the game’s multiplayer mode, which led them to criticize Battlefront II 's progression system. Star Wars Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Outrage RELATED: Emperor Palpatine Joins Star Wars Battlefront II As this wasn't enough, a player who pre-ordered the game has discovered that classic Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker aren't unlocked at the beginning. It is no news that among all the characters from the Star Wars saga, Luke and Vader are the most popular and many of the players who pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront II or was looking forward for this one expected to have them already unlocked as playable characters. RELATED: Star Wars Battlefron