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The Division 2 Announced

Developer Ubisoft's online-only action role-playing game Tom Clancy's The Division came out in 2016 after three years of revealing the title. The game was based on an outbreak in New York City as a group of Strategic Homeland Division agents called The Division gets into the situation to bring order. Recently, Ubisoft has officially announced that a sequel; The Division 2 is currently under development.

ubisoft division 2 announcement
The Division 2 Announced

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This game got some potential and people loved it when it was a brand-new release but that quickly changed when there were almost no post-game content or frequent updates. Within the next few months, The Division saw a huge drop of player count, which is 93 percent in total. This is considerably tragic for a game that broke the record for first-day sales of Ubisoft and was full of promises. The studio then managed to raise the number a little higher with regular updates.

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Hopefully, their initial obliviousness had taught Ubisoft to not repeat the mistake of neglecting a franchise post-release and they got back at their feet again. Now they can effectively apply those lessons learned from their past mistakes for course correction as they bring the sequel. A single image of The Division 2's logo was first leaked on Twiiter by Jason Schreier of Kotaku and then the developers officially confirmed the leak after a few hours.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is being made by Massive Entertainment and Red Storm Entertainment, collaborating with all the fractions of Ubisoft. Creative director Julian Gerighty of Massive Entertainment states that they always envisioned The Division as part of a larger series and thus comes the sequel. With that being said, we can only guess for a third installment if The Division 2 becomes a successful project.

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The developers are going to use an upgraded version of the Snowdrop engine, which was used to create the first game and was unique to it. This is a very good point for the sequel as the impressive graphics and gameplay of the first game was what made it popular. Besides, they have possibly learned a lot from their mistakes and we only hope that they make better use of that learning, which also means more contents and expected updates.

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Though developer Ubisoft has a habit of announcing games too early, we heard that The Division 2 will be fully revealed at E3 2018. On the plus side, they have decided to continue their support for the first game even after the Year 2 Celebration, which includes major initiatives like arranging global events and Xbox One X enhancements. Let's just hope they don't shelve The Division 2 for three years before release like its predecessor.