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Job Listing Suggests Superman Game in Development?

Recent job postings by Rocksteady Studios drops hint for a long-rumored Superman title as upcoming project.

After a very successful run with their critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham series, British video game developer Rocksteady Studios didn't come out with any releases for the past few years.

That changed back in May, when a brand-new poster for one of the most popular DC Comics superhero, Superman suddenly showed up on image-based online bulletin board 4chan. The company however, remained silent on the matter but a recent job posting strongly indicates what they are up to.

superman game rocksteady jobs listing rumor
Job Listing Suggests Superman Game in Development?

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On their official website, Rocksteady posted a bunch of new job listings this week for animation, arts, audio, dialogue writing and game design departments. Without dropping any major clues that makes everything too obvious, they revealed that the applicants will be working on a "highly-anticipated AAA title".

They are also looking for a community manager, who will also end up doing live gameplay presentations, presumably to announce the developer's next project in-works.

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At this point a new game on Dark Knight would not probably excite players that much of a title on Superman, because the former had so many and the latter had next to zero. The leaked poster from May actually made many to believe that an official reveal will eventually take place at E3 2018 but unfortunately, there was nothing.

Last year, Rocksteady game manager Gaz Deaves even stated on Twitter that people are going to "lose their minds" hearing about their next project.

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Based on the evidence present to us, if Rocksteady Studios have really decided to move a new flight with Man of Steel then they are probably going to the right direction.

Because, alongside WB Games, they have already proved their worth in making fan-favorite video games on superhero genre by delivering games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight. It is time that they focus their attempts on a Superman title that truly depicts his heroism.