Friday, October 25, 2019

WWE Games to Release Patch for Broken State of WWE 2K20

Following major backlash from fans over major issues, WWE Games announces to release patch for WWE 2K20.

Latest installment of professional wrestling video game WWE 2K20 has debuted to harsh criticism of fans over digital outlets and social media due to its annoying glitches, poor graphics and many other performance issues at launch.

Whereas it is fairly common for sports games to have some bugs to begin with, 2K20 took it to another level where it is considered a stinky mess and eventually game publisher had to come out promising a patch to resolve those issues.

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WWE Games to Release Patch for Broken State of WWE 2K20

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Within next two weeks, developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports will roll out a patch that will resolve some major issues. However, this promise means almost nothing to day-one customers or those who pre-ordered.

2K Games simply couldn't delay WWE 2K20 for two weeks probably because of their contractual obligations but that still is no excuse to sell a full-priced game in a beta state and some has paid even more for special editions.

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WWE Games have acknowledged current broken state of 2K20 and promised a patch in a latest statement on Twitter.

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A significant drop of graphics quality was noticed in early preview footage after departure of longtime Japanese developer Yuke’s, who has been working on WWE game series since 2000 and Visual Concepts took over development this year.

Their work in 2K20 has met with brutal reviews for delivering a product full of bugs and in a broken state. There are so many problems with almost every feature that it would require more than a single patch to deal with them all.

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People are also concerned whether publisher is willing to put that much effort to bring 2K20 in a working state since the game is part of WWE 2K annual series and 2K Games is most likely to start focusing on their next title by now.

Considering how developer Visual Concepts has already messed up twice in a year with NBA 2K20 first and WWE 2K20, it is really time for 2K to reconsider whether they should trust the studio with more of their sports titles in future.