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Red Dead Online Offers 5 Gold Bars for April 2020

Rockstar Games is giving out five free gold bars reward for simply playing Red Dead Online until April 14.

In spite of having a rocky launch back in 2019, developer/publisher Rockstar Games made significant improvements to Red Dead Online, multiplayer component for Western-themed action-adventure title Red Dead Redemption 2 over time.

Rockstar was already hosting daily challenges of three days for special rewards and an ongoing double XP event. Today, they have announced to offer 5 Gold Bars for free to any players who would simply log in before April 14, 2020.

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Red Dead Online Offers 5 Gold Bars for April 2020

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Not only can you earn five of them, you can also receive 10 special health cures, 10 special miracle tonics, 10 special snake oils and 20 incendiary buckshot slugs by taking part in "Daily Challenge Multiplier" for three days in a row.

Right after completion of third RDO multiplier daily challenge, players will be receiving their earned rewards within next forty-eight hours. Then be sure to collect your due gifts from personal Camp Lockbox or in-game Post Office.

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Red Dead Online allows players to buy almost all of its content using in-game money or shiny gold bars. In exchange for this premium currency, you can purchase clothing, horses and weapons to outfit your custom character with.

Right now, RDO in-game catalog is having a great sale on many items like pants, pistols, ponchos, shirts and war horses available until April 13. Therefore, you can go out for a complete makeover as you have a few gold bars to spare.

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Even though all Rockstar employees are currently forced to work remotely from isolation of home due to recent outbreak of Coronavirus, players of Red Dead Online are still receiving regular fixes, updates and continued support.

Rockstar Games is also donating a percentage of profits earned from Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online to COVID-19 relief efforts. Maybe players will be enticed to spend more money on items when they finally ran out of free gold.