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Fanatical All Stars: Build Your Own Bundle 2020

Rack up some classics and indie games now in All Stars: Build Your Own Bundle at Fanatical for only $1 each or less!

If you are someone who enjoys gaming on PC platform and appreciate a good discount deal on your purchased titles like everyone else, then you should keep an eye on online retailer site Fanatical for many of their exclusive deals.

Fanatical assembled a bunch of curated PC games in "All Stars: Build Your Own Bundle", which lets you pick from a mix of AAA classics to fan-favorite Indies and round them up in a personal collection for the cheapest price possible.

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Fanatical All Stars: Build Your Own Bundle 2020

For starters, explore a mysterious world in Hob from developer/publisher Runic Games where action and suspense awaits you in every corner. Bring back Jedi Order from doom in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel.

Racing game fans can jump into 2015 acclaimed rally racing title DiRT Rally from F1 and GRID series creator Codemasters. There are batches of other games that you can look up to including Atari Vault, featuring 100 golden age titles.

All Stars Bundle gets you 10 games for a stealing price of $4.99 only and you can just spend less than ten bucks to grab them all. You can also purchase a quarter of it for $2.99 or single out one title among them for as low as one dollar.

Fanatical will continue All Stars: Build Your Own Bundle deal until October 8, 2020, or until they sold out all available keys. So, you better hurry up and buy what you can before this limited time offer gets expired by early next month.