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Tell Me Why Free on PC and Xbox One for Pride Month

Dontnod Entertainment has made Tell Me Why free on PC and Xbox One throughout June to celebrate Pride Month.

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Tell Me Why Free for Pride Month 2021

Making its debut back in August 2020, episodic narrative adventure game Tell Me Why from developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Xbox Game Studios was praised for LGBTQIA+ representation and its story-driven experience.

In celebration for ongoing Pride Month, players on PC and Xbox One platforms can grab a copy of Tell Me Why for free to download and own forever by simply claiming it from June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, granting you a lifetime access.

Tell Me Why story premise revolves around twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan, who reunites after long since their mother died. They decide to uncover truth of their troubled past and go back to their childhood home in Delos Crossing, Alaska.

Players are allowed to make their own choices, which eventually lead you to one of its multiple endings. Alyson Ronan uses her supernatural ability to communicate with her brother and they share experience of their past events in details.

French studio Dontnod worked alongside GLAAD to ensure an authentic representation and has featured a trans character in a leading role. TMW explores other issues like conversion therapy, gun rights, mental health, poverty and reality.

LGBTQIA+ communities over the world are celebrating Pride Month this month and Dontnod is giving away full version of Tell Me Why for free. They also encouraged players to spend money in charity that benefits trans and queer people.