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Bloober Team Responds to Silent Hill Game Rumors

Polish developer Bloober Team addresses recent rumors regarding ongoing development of new Silent Hill game for Konami.

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Bloober Team Responds to Silent Hill Game Rumors

Back in June, Polish developer Bloober Team officially announced a partnership with Japanese video game publisher Konami, which added fuel to an ongoing rumor of a new Silent Hill game being under development by these two studios.

After fans have allegedly found concept and plot premise of next Silent Hill title, Bloober Team has addressed these claims in a recent interview and set all records straight regarding working on iconic survival horror franchise by Konami.

Eagle eyed fans have recently discovered some filings on Creative Europe Programme website by Bloober Team, which includes descriptions and other details of various video game projects that have been applied for EU funding till date.

Bloober Team has submitted three projects under codenames such as "H2O", "Black" and "Dum Spiro". First one was Layers of Fear 2, second one is medieval Europe story of an alien invasion and third one is likely to be new Silent Hill game.

"Black" was set in a medieval Europe that came under an alien invasion and has been shelved already and "Dum Spiro" is World War II-era horror game, taking place in a Jewish-Polish ghetto and significantly changed during its early stages.

Bloober Team CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski states that none of these above mentioned titles are in development now. He also adds that often times, people coming up with weird theories are founded by incomplete or outdated information.

He confirms that in-development titles at Bloober Team are not "based on themes or premises that have been circulating online in the last days". Gawlikowski also didn't outright confirm or even deny working on new Silent Hill game either.

Though they originally scrapped idea for "Black", a different project is in works using that same codename. Bloober Team went through many iterations of "Dum Spiro" before realizing that it won't be appropriate and commercially viable now.

Silent Hill became an iconic name in survival horror genre during late 90's and released multiple numbers of sequels. Its fan-community is still hoping for titular series to be revived by publisher Konami since Silent Hill: Downpour release in 2012.

Konami assembled Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro for Silent Hills project back in 2012. It was cancelled after a playable teaser release while Kojima and del Toro both moved on with Death Stranding.

Despite revealing any details on Konami partnership, Gawlikowski affirms several large projects being in development at this moment. Dev team is currently working on porting The Medium to PlayStation 5 and pre-production of Konami project.

Regardless of its uncertain future, fans are still waiting for Konami to announce a new Silent Hill game in coming years. Meanwhile, series creator Keiichiro Toyama reveals a series of grotesque concept arts that teases a new action-horror game.