Dungeons & Dragons Faces Backlash Over OGL 1.1 Changes

Wizards of the Coast is facing major backlash for proposed change of Dungeons & Dragons' public license agreement.

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Dungeons & Dragons Faces Backlash Over OGL 1.1 Changes

As widely known fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons has been a massive influence on pop-culture and video games since its debut, which is published by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary company of Hasbro, Inc.

D&D usually allow content creators and other publishers to borrow or use content under Open Game License outlined by Wizards of the Coast but following a leak of a planned change to OGL has lead to major backlash and controversy.

Since early 2000s, users were able to create new characters and spin-off storylines of D&D due to OGL. It would even allow creators to sell products based on the game under public copyright license agreement but its possibly changing.

According to a newly leaked agreement draft, Wizards of the Coast will be able to make money without having to pay its original creators. Any company making over $750,000 will have to pay 25% of their earnings to Hasbro, with rights.

Fans weren't clearly expecting such changes from Dungeons & Dragons and creators have now started penning open letters to WotC, outlining many of its harmful changes and are shared on OpenDnD website for D&D community fans.

Creators and fans are urged not to sign new OGL 1.1 agreement in a unified demand that WotC must withdraw these changes. Tabletop game community is asked to sign the open letter using #OpenDnD hashtag to support original OGL.

OGL 1.1 changes that require creators to report their projects and revenues to WotC are major issue for D&D community. Wizards of the Coast reserves rights to reproduce and resell content without any payment or creator permission.

If these changes are put into practice, they will hold back independent DnD creators and things will only get worse. OGL 1.1 rules will no longer allow fans to host virtual tabletops and playing experience will be completely ruined for all.

Wizards of the Coast are planning changes that seem a lot like predatory micro-transactions in gaming industry. Once they are implemented, tabletop market will change forever as financial restraints will lead to less product variation.

Dungeons & Dragons community coming together can eventually push Wizards of the Coast to reverse OGL changes. Otherwise, WotC will be creating a market monopoly and products using D&D features will have to close production.
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