New Tomb Raider Game Will Reportedly Be Open-World and Set in India

Next mainline Tomb Raider game may be fully open-world and set in India, could release in a year if there is no delay.

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New Tomb Raider Game Will Reportedly Be Open-World and Set in India

Two years ago during State of Unreal showcase event, developer Crystal Dynamics announced a new game in Tomb Raider franchise is currently in works using Unreal Engine 5, which will begin a new saga that unites its previous timelines.

Crystal Dynamics remained tight-lipped regarding their upcoming saga and only revealed a first-look at official Lara Croft redesign earlier. A latest insider report suggests that next Tomb Raider title will be fully open-world and set in India.

According to insider V Scooper, new Tomb Raider game will be completely open-world, which is a major departure from established gameplay formula since previous series entries were mostly linear and was always level-based from start.

V Scooper further added that it will be set in India with vast sceneries as players navigate across a big map. Aside from common traversal methods like parkour, motorcycles and parachutes are there as brand-new transportation methods.

V Scooper has shared rumors of new open-world Tomb Raider game set in India on X (formerly Twitter).

Although there is no scheduled launch window yet, V Scooper claims that it could release in less than a year if there is no delay. Crystal Dynamics could possibly reveal new information on their new Tomb Raider series entry in near future.

Tomb Raider series trying to move away from its linear level design to open-world could be very divisive for fans. If rumors are true, then players may take issue with its one set location instead of a globe-trotting adventure in next TR title.
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