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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Axiom Verge Free on Epic Games Store Now

Offered free for a limited time on Epic Games Store, metroidvania hit Axiom Verge arrives as their recent giveaway.

Following their launch back in December 2018, digital distribution platform Epic Games Store is giving Steam a run for their money and offered to give a free game on a biweekly cycle for entirety of 2019 and they are keeping true to their word.

On their way to fifth giveaway title, Epic Games is offering Metroidvania game Axiom Verge from developer/publisher Thomas Happ Games for free this week and players are encouraged to claim it while it lasts.

axiom verge epic games store free pc
Axiom Verge Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Already available to Epic Games' digital storefront, PC version of this critically acclaimed title is currently priced $8.19 only up for grabs till 7:59 PM PT/10:59 PM EST of February 21, 2019. It will be a part of your collection forever then once you claim it right away.

The game explores a cyberpunk plot of an Earth scientist named Trace who apparently gets knocked out in an accident and wakes up in a mysterious alien world. There he takes a stand with the locals to stop mad scientist Athetos.

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However, players have met with an issue of the title constantly crashes once you enter a certain area and it turns out to be caused by a missing file called "Steam.xnb". Turns out, removal of any game files including the word "Steam" was what caused this crash.

Funnily enough, people initially head to Steam forums looking for answers on how to solve the problem with game crashes, which clearly is a reminder of Epic Games Store immediately needing a community forum for its members.

axiom verge metroidvania epic games store free pc
Mysterious Alien World

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The error is eventually fixed and developer Tom Happ took Twitter to inform everyone to fix the problem with an update.

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Axiom Verge promises an experience of solid retro side-scrolling adventure and it offers a lot of blasting aliens as part of the gameplay, which is actually a fun thing to do. Since the game is good and free for the moment, why not give it a try for once?

For their next giveaway, Epic Games have listed point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park out from developer/publisher Terrible Toybox and it will become available for all from February 21 and will remain there until March 7, 2019.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Xbox Pixel Art Perfection Sale

Rev up your appetite for pixelated games in Pixel Art Perfection Sale for Xbox One and enjoy up to 60% discount on them.

There is a nostalgic factor of playing any 8 or 16-bit game, which automatically takes you to the days of your childhood. This is probably the reason why developers still risks creating them to compete with modern day triple-A titles with way superior graphics.

We don't have any shortage of these pixelated games that has a fantastic track record from players all around. Recently, around 50 of them are put on sale for Xbox One and you can use this opportunity to save up to 60% in the Pixel Art Perfection Sale until October 8.

pixel art perfection sale xbox hero
Xbox Pixel Art Perfection Sale

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Whether you are a sucker for platformer or simulation games in pixel art, the selection covers a wide range of title to make sure you find the right one within it.

dead cells xbox pixel art sale
Dead Cells is 20% Off

Dead Cells (20% off)
This roguelike-metroidvania hybrid title from indie developer/publisher Motion Twin has been in all sorts of news upon release. Though there is not much back-story to begin with, the player takes control of a character known only as the Prisoner.

He is a product of a failed alchemic experiment and now is trapped within a cursed Island, which actually is an ever-changing living organism. As it follows permadeath mechanics, there are no respawns but the combat is fair enough despite the game being a bit tough.

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moonlighter xbox pixel art sale
Moonlighter is 25% Off

Moonlighter (25%)
Another indie production from developer Digital Sun studio, which belongs to the action-RPG category and follows the story of a shopkeeper who spends his daytime managing his shop and go out venturing at night to pursue his dreams of becoming a hero.

The player takes the role of Will, who earns money by selling goods to spend it for upgrading the town. He raids dungeons full of enemies at night to collects loot from them after defeating. Receiving mostly favorable feedback from both players and critics, Moonlighter probably is the best indie game of this year.

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owlboy xbox pixel art sale
Owlboy is 40% Off

Owlboy (40%)
The game drives on a simple path of story-driven platform adventure style where players go on board as a mute hero Otus, who struggles to be better in the eyes of his brethren of Owls in the land of the sky and things were not as good as one could hope for.

However, his situation worsens when sky pirates came raiding and he bravely flies into the clouds to either rescue his friends or face-off menacing enemies. D-Pad Studio has clearly made a great game that was in the development stage from 2007 to 2016 but ended up creating an acclaimed game.

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hyper light drifter xbox pixel art sale
Hyper Light Drifter is 50% Off

Hyper Light Drifter (50%)
Some more dosage of action adventure RPG waits in this 16-bit classic game from developer Heart Machine. They initially started a successful Kickstarter funding campaign to create a hybrid of The Legend of Zelda and Diablo in pixelated format.

The titular character Drifter wields an energy sword as his primary weapon alongside long-range guns and tactics against his enemies. While he is ridden by a ravenous illness, he is challenged by powerful monstrosities in his way through and through.

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axiom verge xbox pixel art sale
Axiom Verge is 50% Off

Axiom Verge (50%)
If you are getting a repetitive vibe of platformer and roguelike elements, then switch into some side-scroller action-adventure in Axiom Verge. Wear your lab coat as a scientist called Trace who discovers himself in the alien world of Sudra after a lab accident.

There, he is approached by a giant Rusalki war machine Elsenova to help save the planet from a mad scientist named Athetos. Roaming into a large, labyrinth-like world, you will face-off with horrible nightmares and many puzzles to get going forward.

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Aside from these highlighted games mentioned above, you are getting titles like Amazing Princess Sarah, Dandara, Don't Sink, Elliot Quest, Iron Crypticle, Phantom Trigger, Serial Cleaner, Wizard of Legend and Xenon Valkyrie+ from the deal.

Majority of these games are available for less than 10 bucks while the sale is open and that is quite a good offer for anyone who loves the genre. We suggest you make your mind to pick the ones you would love to add in your library before the time expires on October 8.