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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom: New Lands Free on Epic Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away free copy of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom: New Lands this week.
During launch back in December 2018, Epic Games started offering free games on PC platform to promote their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store in a bi-weekly schedule that has since become a weekly ongoing affair.
Epic Store is currently giving away free copies of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom: New Lands this week for anyone to claim before October 22, 8:00 AM PT/11:00 AM EDT and add to their online library of games forever.

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Though a survival horror video game, A Machine for Pigs from developer Chinese Room and publisher Frictional Games fails to live up to the reputation of Amnesia: The Dark Descent as an indirect sequel, yet will scare you anyway.
Set out for an adventure of building your royal legacy in simulation game Kingdom: New Lands by developer Noio and publisher Raw Fury, where you collect coin…

Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away PC version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands for this week.

In an attempt to make their digital distribution platform popular among PC gamers, Epic Games started a free game giveaway initiative back in 2018 at launch of Epic Games Store and has been rolling out loads of free games each month.

This week, Epic Store is offering two freebies that are Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands. Both of these titles are available to grab for anyone with a free account anytime before May 7, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

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For fans of survival horror genre, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a quintessential experience from developer/publisher Frictional Games. This acclaimed title sets you stranded in a deserted castle being haunted by gruesome creatures.

Then move over to top-down 2D adventure in action role-playing game Crashlands by developer/publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans. Player cha…

Amnesia: Rebirth Announced

Frictional Games is returning to cult-classic horror of Amnesia series with upcoming title Amnesia: Rebirth.

In time of a financial crisis, developer/publisher Frictional Games were forced to ditch all efforts for innovative ideas, yet they ended up making Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which considered as a staple in horror genre even after a decade.

Year later, Frictional Games have recently decided to head back to roots and explore world of Amnesia through a brand-new story of survival horror in Amnesia: Rebirth, which will be out on autumn 2020 for PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.

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Official announcement trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth sets up tone for latest installment of an iconic series.

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Above shown trailer suggests that its story premise will be set around a female survivor of a plane crash named Tasi Trianon. Rebirth begins with a new protagonist and setting that will r…

SOMA and Costume Quest Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store is offering PC version of Costume Quest and SOMA for free giveaway.

This year, Halloween came when Epic Games Store was already giving out free PC games to players. One of the two titles from this week belongs to survival horror genre while the other one is an adventure game for young audience.

In spirit of festive season, Epic Games invites you to get both Costume Quest and SOMA for free anytime before November 7, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT. Once you claim these titles to add to your collection, they are yours to keep forever.

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Set in an underwater research facility, SOMA is a psychological horror adventure on a premise of 2104 by developer/publisher Frictional Games with sci-fi undertone and its protagonist wakes up to discover all sorts of weird mysteries.

Hailing from developer/publisher Double Fine Productions, party-based role-playing game Costume Quest sends players trick-or-treating with sibling of thei…

Amnesia: Collection on Xbox One Out Now

Elevating the atmosphere while playing on the element of horror, Amnesia: Collection launches on Xbox One.

For long, survival horror titles of Amnesia from Frictional Games have been scaring the crap out of players on Linux, Mac, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. Now owners of Microsoft consoles can join the parade of running scared as today, the game is released on Xbox One.

Amnesia: Collection consisting The Dark Descent, the Justine expansion and A Machine for Pigs is currently available for only $26.99 for a limited time on store and then will be priced $29.99 for letting you enter the depths of horror.

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You take on the role of protagonist Daniel, who wakes up in a dark castle with a fearful atmosphere around and constantly being chased by shadowy apparitions. To save himself from these monsters he is constantly on run and that is the story of The Dark Descent.

The Justine expansion lets you choose a female character that wakes up in a dungeon…

Amnesia: Collection Free on Steam

What developer Frictional Games have done with their survival horror Amnesia game series is quite commendable. Even YouTube's most popular channel PewDiePie used to post videos of Felix Kjellberg playing Amnesia a lot back in the days! If you are fan of the series, then we got good news for you. Amnesia: Collection containing with two of the titles from the franchise is now absolutely FREE this weekend on Steam for a limited time.

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Collecting Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs as a bundle that is worth $34.99, this offer is something that you cannot afford to miss if horror games are your favorite. Frictional Games have previously offered Amnesia: The Dark Descent for free and that was quite a long ago. It is very much possible for you to miss that opportunity to grab the copy and look now; you can have the entire series at one place.

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To have Amnesia Collection free for …