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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

PlayStation Now Adds LittleBigPlanet 3, Gravity Rush 2 and More

Latest lineup for PS Now game-streaming service includes LittleBigPlanet 3, Gravity Rush 2 and more for September 2019.

Now that summer is almost over, a brand-new lineup of games are about to join an ever-expanding library of PlayStation Now game-streaming service by Sony Entertainment for September that already has more than 800 games.

PS Now subscribes are going to get their hands on newest additions while also being able to download over 300 games for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 consoles and stream any of the game from overall collection to PC or PS4.

playstation now little big planet 3 gravity rush 2 ps4 lineup sony
PlayStation Now Adds LittleBigPlanet 3, Gravity Rush 2 and More

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September 2019 kicks-off with puzzle-platformer title LittleBigPlanet 3 by developer/publisher Sumo Digital, which sees the anticipated return of Sackboy and his friends to explore never-ending surprises of Imagisphere together.

Then action-adventure title Gravity Rush 2 from SIE Japan Studio and Sony Entertainment lets player step into the shoes of protagonist character Kat who can manipulate gravity and is AI-assisted by fellow gravity shifter Raven.

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Other exciting titles included in latest lineup alongside the ones mentioned above are De Blob, Farming Simulator 19, Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-MARS-tered, RIDE 3, Spintires: MudRunner, The Surge, Titan Quest and relatively new game, Vampyr.

Sci-fi action RPG title The Surge was already offered for PlayStation Plus members earlier this year though. People will be playing a lot of Farming Simulator 19 and ARPG game Vampyr by Dontnod Entertainment in coming months.

playstation now doom fallout 4 for honor hit ps4 games august 2019
PlayStation Now Hit Games in August 2019

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After post-apocalyptic adventure title Fallout 4 was added to PS Now last month, it has been picking up some steam among players along with Batman: Arkham Knight, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, DOOM and Rocket League.

Other most playing games in August 2019 remains For Honor, Mafia III, Mortal Kombat X, NBA 2K18, Sniper Elite IV, Wolfenstein: The New Order and WWE 2K18. Hopefully, we will be seeing Gravity Rush 2 to take top spot on the list next month.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gravity Rush 2 Online Server Shutdown Delayed

The first Gravity Rush was an action-adventure title of 2012 from Project Siren and Sony Entertainment for PlayStation Vita. Then the sequel Gravity Rush 2 came in 2017, based on a prequel anime of the same series. For some time, Sony has been meaning to shut the Gravity Rush 2’s online servers down which were set for the end of January. Back in September 2017, Sony announced to pull the plug off the servers on January 2018.

gravity rush 2 ps4 online server
Gravity Rush 2 Online Server Shutdown Delayed

However, there's been a change of plan (or heart) now, as Sony Entertainment has most recently notified the players through a pop up announcement that they are not shutting down the online services within the previously marked deadline and in fact, they are extending the period to July 2018. The original date was exactly after one year and a day from the day of the game's release and now six more months been added to that.

Upon closing of these online services, players will not be able to invite each other on challenges or able to collect special contents, costumes and Dusty Tokens. Even without the online features, the story-driven single player mode is engaging enough to keep the players going though. Now, if Sony is withdrawing online support for the game it may also suggest that they will not be interested for a sequel either, much to the dismay of the fans.

gravity rush 2 ps4 online
Online Server Shutdown Notification

A small band of Gravity Rush community was in line to request to Sony with tweets containing #DontForgetGravityRush hashtags to keep the online servers alive and apparently, their request has been honored even if it is for a brief extended time-frame. This of course is a huge achievement for the dedicated PlayStation 4 fan-base of the game and they are thankful for this honor because this shows that SIE Japan Studio actually saw this and cared enough to take this step.

Gravity Rush 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive from SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren that is available to play even though the online servers are eventually going down after a few months. Still, that should not a reason for you to stop from enjoying the other aspects of the game. Besides, some of the die-hard fans of the game still believe that the right kind of persuasion can lead Sony to reconsider their decision.