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Left 4 Dead 2 Free-to-Play This Weekend

Valve announces free weekend for Left 4 Dead 2 to celebrate release of massive community update "The Last Stand". A follow-up sequel to 2009 first-person shooter Left 4 Dead and pioneer to co-op shooter genre of games, Left 4 Dead 2 from developer/publisher Valve Corporation has received its first major content patch " The Last Stand " in years. Celebrating release of a massive update made by L4D community, Valve has made Left 4 Dead 2 free-to-play on Steam for this weekend and offering a whopping 80% off for next three days, so anyone can jump into action right now. Left 4 Dead 2 Free-to-Play This Weekend RELATED: Doom Eternal Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon The Last Stand introduces a host of changes, extended campaign, improvements and necessary tweaks to L4D2 . Players can explore 26 new Survival Maps while look into four newly added Scavenge Areas to experience more action. It has been more than two decades since L4D2 is launched and despite lack of new

Left 4 Dead 3 Was Going to Be an Open-World Game

Geoff Keighley reveals in Half-Life: Alyx documentary that Valve had plans for Left 4 Dead 3 to be an open-world game. Over past few years or so, acclaimed video game developer/publisher Valve Corporation has cancelled more ongoing projects than they released so far and for any old-school fans of their games, it is extremely frustrating to realize that. Development for awaited sequels like Half-Life 2 , Left 4 Dead 2 and more were closed down mysteriously. Recently, details behind cancellation of highly-anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 are being talked about in a documentary by Geoff Keighley. Left 4 Dead 3 Was Going to Be an Open-World Game RELATED: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Box Art Revealed for Next-Gen Renowned video game journalist and The Game Awards host, Keighley made a documentary on development of Valve 's newest VR project Half-Life: Alyx , where he revealed vital information about now-cancelled Left 4 Dead 3 game. Keighley says, Valve wanted to move a

Zombie Army Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Rebellion Developments announces Zombie Army Trilogy to get a Nintendo Switch release on March 31, 2020. Following success of Sniper Elite series, developer/publisher Rebellion Developments worked a third-person tactical shooter spin-off series of Nazi Zombie Army , which recently got its third sequel, Zombie Army 4: Dead War last month. An undead revolution lead by a zombie Hitler is currently marching over to arrive on Nintendo handheld console as Zombie Army Trilogy is announced for a Nintendo Switch release by end of this month on March 31, 2020. Zombie Army Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch RELATED: Zombie Army 4: Dead War Overview Trailer An announcement trailer from Rebellion briefly highlights on all of its contents and brand-new features. RELATED: Bloodstained Cancels Roguelike Mode Stretch Goal for Randomizer There are three apocalyptic campaigns covering a total of 15 intense missions to complete your Zombie Army collection. You can choose to t

Classic Valve Titles are Backwards Compatible and Xbox One X Enhanced

Classic Valve Titles from Xbox 360 platform are now Xbox One X enhanced and backward compatible. Fans of classic titles from developer/publisher Valve Corporation have been yearning for so long to get a sequel for their favorite games from old days for too long but at this moment they are busy with projects like Artifact and In the Valley of Gods . However, some of those notable fan-favorite classics from Xbox 360 era are returning to modern day Xbox One console with astounding 4K enhancements for Xbox One X , courtesy of the backward compatibility feature of the Microsoft gaming platform. Classic Valve Titles are Xbox One X Enhanced Backwards Compatible RELATED: Crysis Trilogy is Backwards Compatible on Xbox One An anthology collection Half-Life 2: The Orange Box , Left 4 Dead , Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal: Still Alive have been added to a list of enhanced games for Xbox One X along with 17 other that has been updated for the platform to run at higher resolution.

Job Listing Suggests Left 4 Dead 3 in Development?

Teasing to return in 2017 and having players hope crushed, Turtle Rock Studios is probably working on Left 4 Dead 3 for real this time. Developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher Valve Corporation have introduced a new horror-movie themed first-person shooter Left 4 Dead back in 2008, which led to a sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 the next year because of immense popularity and has since been on departure for over a decade. Dedicated fans still wonder if a second sequel is going to happen and according to a recent job listing from the developer studios, the long-awaited Left 4 Dead 3 seems like a possibility. Job Listing Suggests Left 4 Dead 3 in Development? RELATED: Jim French of Left 4 Dead Dies at 89 Apparently, the studio is hiring animator, character concept artist and senior level designer along with a few other categories to work on a "globally known game franchise" . They wanted the applicants to have "experience working on competitive FPSs” and “workin

Jim French of Left 4 Dead Dies at 89

If you are a gamer who played first-person survival horror shooter Left 4 Dead , then you will know him as the person who has voiced the grumpy ol' survivor of "Green Flu" outbreak William "Bill" Overbeck or just simply Bill. He was one of the few remaining voice actors producing full-time radio theater for commercial stations. This promising voice actor from Seattle and a World War II veteran Jim French has passed away today for natural causes when he was 89 year old. You might not know him as the producer of a radio drama program by the name of Imagination Theater that is being broadcast over 120 AM/FM radio stations over America and Canada from 1980. You can also hear his programs on XM Satellite Radio if you are in North America. He started his career as a morning DJ on KIRO (AM) back in 1959 before starting his own company. He has been credited for over 803 shows including his notable appearance on The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures