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My Friend Pedro Comes to PS4

Action-packed bullet banana shooter My Friend Pedro hits PS4 next week, including Code Yellow content. Picking up a strange title was just a beginning for shoot 'em up title My Friend Pedro by developer DeadToast Entertainment and publisher Devolver Digital , which saw release for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 2019. A port for Xbox One console arrived on December 2019 and after many request from player community, a PlayStation 4 version has been confirmed to launch on April 2, 2020 to help you alleviate boredom during self-quarantine period. My Friend Pedro Comes to PS4 RELATED: Death Stranding Getting Photo Mode for PS4 MFP lets you violently unleash a deadly storm of bullet-hell upon enemy crowds on behalf of a sentient banana. It allows you to create unique action sequences using aspects like slow motion, split aiming and window breaching at times. If jumping and running around seems not enough for you, then hop onto a motorbike or use some ska